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     When in the world are the events of Resident Evil 5 
  • If the promo materials for Resident Evil 6 are correct, then 6 takes place ten years after the Raccoon City incident in 2008. So when does Resident Evil 5 take place? Also, according to Degeneration, the standing President during the incident resigned over what happened, so assuming that happened in 1998 after the bombing of the city, and his vice president took over but lost to President Graham (since he was President in 2004 when 4 takes place), does this mean that Graham was about to leave office when he died, and thus we can put retirony on that page?
    • Seems like a moot point, since it's a new president named Adam Benford who dies, not President Graham.
    • RE5 has been specified as taking place in 2009. Whether that will be Ret-Conned or RE6's date will be changed before release remains to be seen.
    • Resident Evil 5 does take place in 2009. Resident Evil 6 has been confirmed to take place in 2013.
      • Which logically would imply that President Graham won the 2008 election and President Benford won the 2012. This would also go a long way to explain the absence of Ashley who is probably a long way from the White House by now (assuming she didn't follow in her father's footsteps and enter politics.)
      • Actually no. President Graham would have had to have won the 2000 election, as he is the current President in 2004 and not President-Elect, meaning that he would have had to have been the sitting President for that year as the winner of an election (if it's the challenger) doesn't become President until late January the next year. We know whoever was President during the Raccoon City incident resigned because of the backlash, meaning his Vice President took over, so either Graham was that Vice President and won 2000 and possibly 2004 (as he would still be eligible as he would not have been President for more than 10 years), or he ran against the Former-Vice President in 2000 and won. Either way, he would not be able to run again in 2008 due to term limits, and according to the files in 6, Benford established a specific agency as President in 2011, so he would have won the 2008 election. and would have been in his second term by the time of his death.

     Jake has super powers because he's Wesker's son. How? 
  • Something that bugs the crap out of me. How the hell does Jake have such high strength and agility just because he's Wesker's son? Remember that although Wesker was revealed to be some sort of test tube science baby, he only got his enhanced abilities after injecting himself with Birkin's virus. Now unless my time line is really messed up, Jake was conceived BEFORE said injection happened. So...what's the deal?
    • Jake got his powers the exact same way Wesker did. Part of Wesker's test tube baby powers are antibodies and/or very specific DNA that reacts well to the various viruses. Where most people infected with T/G viruses turn into zombies or monsters Wesker remains largely in control of himself. Jake at right out the gate injects himself with the C-Virus. His entire unit mutates but he feels no effect because of his anti-bodies/DNA reacting well.
      • Did you read the RE 6 files dedicated to him? ( I recommend Project Umbrella site. ) They mention that one of the reason why he's so good at combat using his fists and like, acrobatics etc. is due to his training. Hell, at one point; he and his friend got surrounded by mercenaries who decided to kill them using their knives and Jake survived before reinforcements came and saved him and his friend.
    • Presumably, he got the basic enhanced physiology and mental capability of the Wesker project children, and the rest is the result of him training his entire life.

     Congratulations, Wesker! It's a boy! Wesker? Wesker? WESKER!! Oh well. Do you like the name "Jake" ma'am? 
  • Something that confused the hell out of me after watching the newly released Resident Evil 6 trailer... how did Wesker find time for a son during all of his Lex Luthor style plotting? Why would he? And who exactly would want to mate with a sociopath besides Excella (although I may have just answered my own question.) The only other alternative is that Wesker Junior is one of Spencer's genetically engineered Wesker Children despite the former outright claiming during Resident Evil 5 that Albert was the only survivor.
    • Given the timeline, Albert would have been in his 20s when he fathered Jake. Jake looks to be in his late twenties or so, which would put his birthday being long before the events of the first game. It would be before Albert had revealed he was a traitorous, lying sociopath. Even then, according to other promo material, Wesker abandoned Jake's mother. It's entirely possible he had a one-night stand with someone and she ended up pregnant, but they'd parted ways before she found out. *shrugs* And there were only two Wesker children who survived the program, Alex and Albert. (Alex ran off after 2005, leaving his/her fate unknown.) The Wesker Children project may have included genetics (such as using a virus to weed out candidates), but there was also the matter of indoctrinating the children with Spencer's beliefs. Jake didn't have that indoctrination, though he is a child of a participant in the Wesker Children project, as far as we can tell from what information has been released.
    • Given Capcom's utter refusal to let villains die, I'm just assuming this is a clone, or perhaps being dumped in a volcano and shot with rockets takes years off. It's not like M. Bison, Dr. Wily, and "you had to kill me on the moon so I couldn't body jack" Sigma haven't come back from ridiculous things. It's best not to stress on why a Capcom villan has a get out of hell free card in their back pocket in case the heroes get lucky.
    • For the record, Lex Luthor found time to have a daughter. And get hitched 9 times. And become his own son. Lex Luthor-style plotting leaves a lot of room for family time.
    • Jossed, 'cause Jake is revealed to be only twenty years old. He's really Albert's son. Probably a one night stand when he visited a European Umbrella facility.
    • I recommend checking the files on Project Umbrella site. They explain info about Jake's past.

     Hmmm, I sure wish there were guns and ammunition in this shop full of guns and ammunition! 
  • Here's something that's incredibly headscratching. Why, when they are IN A GUN shop, does Leon ignore all the new weapons? He's perfectly happy to pick up an assault rifle from a grave, but not from a gun store where the stock would be maintained? Why is there also no amunition down there to grab despite there being literally BOXES of the stuff around?
    • The owner of the store locked himself away upstairs and the store itself looks like it's been looted well before you get there, which would make sense. By the time Leon and Helena show up, the zombie outbreak's a few hours old and everyone within a twenty-block radius would've gone straight there.
      • Except you see guns in glass cases, and you pick up some hand gun ammo while you are there. There is no excuse for such a blatant error.
      • What makes this a hundred times worse is that Capcom realized this problem all the way back in Resident Evil 2 and emptied the Kendo Gun Shop of all but a couple of boxes of handgun ammo and whatever the guy happened to be armed with. Sloppy work there guys.
      • Cause he didnt need them? I mean other survivors are all armed with weapons. ( A woman gets unarmed later on due to her asshole boyfriend stealing her gun and she probably doesnt pick up anything due to being scared. She later picks up a handgun though. ) Plus you can acquire the shotgun ( Not Hydra ) from the gun shop if you miss to pick it up from its original location somehow. And the grave can be missed if one isnt careful which spawns the assault rifle next to a stone. ( It's at the area where Leon and Helena fall to. )
    • Another question: If the guy who owns the gun shop can drop heavy metal shutters over all his windows at any moment... why didn't he do that earlier? Why weren't the shutters already down when Leon and company came in?
      • It's likely he was waiting for any other survivors to show up. He was pretty helpful, and wanted to save the people below. Those shutters are built to resist riots, but the infected would've broken through them eventually. They could also get hung up on them, preventing the shutters from being retracted. He was probably going to use it as a final move before the group left on the bus.
      • When you get up to the second floor, you can see that the security system has bad wiring, which the Japanese guy is doing his best to fix. It's entirely possible he didn't drop the shutters earlier because he couldn't.

     I killed Wesker and I alone, even though Sheva was there too! 
  • Why does Chris insist on taking the blame solely for Albert Wesker's death to Jake when technically Sheva played an equal part? Chris may have fought the guy for a lot longer and had a far greater personal stake, but ultimately both of their RPG's impacted at the exact same time after a prolonged and bloody battle that they both participated in. On that note, I fail to see why he is taking the blame at all, considering Albert was Chris's mortal enemy and was responsible for very nearly destroying the world. I am absolutely certain that nearly everyone reading this would also have apologized for leaving the kid without a father... and then immediately afterwards pointed out what a gigantic douche the man was, how much he deserved it, and how he will just have to learn and live with it. Remember that the fate of the world was currently in their hands and he was standing there prattling on about how Jake has the right to seek revenge. What an Idiot Ball.
    • After whatever happened between 5 & 6, Chris has a serious death wish. Look at how carelessly he charges forward, not just after Ada Wong, but after anything and everything; while he's strict about not leaving anybody behind, it's clearly more about revenge than anything. How many men would have survived if Chris hadn't gone after the giant snake and had kept after Ada? Then he meets the son of Wesker and practically admits to murder. He doesn't defend himself at all or point out anything about Wesker or draw his own gun and tells his own subordinate to stand down? He's even willing to lock himself in a small escape pod with an infected Piers! Chris clearly wants to die and he's just doing a poor job of it.
      • Well, I was about to post something like that, but got ninja'ed. Anyways, Chris getting his entire team slaughtered is pretty much a running gag. There was the STARS team(s), that dude in Revelations, his team in Edonia, then again in China. Don't forget Jill being MIA for four years. During the intro of RE5, Chris says he is getting tired of those bioterrorists and assorted BOWs popping out constantly all over the place. He may have had a bit of a Hope Spot after Wesker's death, but then it is only getting worse by the time of RE6. Mix that with a fair of built-up survivor guilt, and while he may be back on the rail by RE6's ending, who knows how long that will last? So yes, long story short, Chris is a Death Seeker, and he was probably subconsciously going for a Suicide by Cop via Jake. As for the "kid had the right to know" stuff, make a handwave for Piers' sake. What was Chris gonna say? "Sorry Piers, I wanted to die but I cannot self terminate."?
    • Maybe Chris is just overly chivalrous and wanted to shoulder the share of the blame that Sheva would have probably taken if she were there when Chris and Jake met. But even that arguably has Death Seeker overtones. Chris better be careful that his chivalry doesn't get him killed someday.
    • Or maybe B-squad characters don't just get Put on a Bus, but instead literally disappear from the series once their role is done. There's no need to bring up Sheva because she no longer exists. Perhaps Sheva, along with Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, Carlos Oliveira, Ark Thompson, [maybe] Steve Burnside, Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat, all boarded the same ship and sailed off the edge of the Earth like the Crimson Permanent Assurance.
    • Because Jake doesn't know Sheva, and likely wouldn't care anyway since his beef was with Chris?
    • Maybe Chris didn't want Jake going after Sheva too? Just because he has a death wish doesn't mean he wants to take other people down with him to.

     Where's Chris? Oh, he's probably fine and not out being a drunken mess! 
  • So what were Jill and Claire doing while Chris was a lost, drunken mess for six months? They might be busy with important anti-bioterrorism stuff, but they always went looking for Chris when he went missing.
    • They presumably showed up, couldn't snap him out of it, and went back to whatever else they were doing.
      • Jill has the explanation that she may still have been recovering from her mind rape — realistically, given the amount of physical and emotional scars that Wesker inflicted on her, it would take a good few months/years for her to desire/be able to return to the BSAA (she may not have known Chris was even missing, depending on where and how she is spending her recovery time.) I fail to see that Claire has any reasonable excuse, considering just how much she went through the first time to find him.
      • It could be possible that Claire thought Chris has perished as well, and so she didn't even think about looking for him.
      • To be fair, he ran out and nobody knew where he was; he didn't even know who he was. Chances are, others did try to look for him but failed. Surely Claire would have gone looking for him; she went looking for him the last time he didn't pick up his phone, and that was only a couple of weeks... max.
      • The Stinger in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 shows that Claire was looking for him, or at least keeping tabs on the search, and didn't find out until Piers had already found him.

     Transformers: Viral Mutants In Disguise! 
  • Am I the only one who was bothered by Simmons becoming an organic Transformer? It just seems to break all the rules established by the series so far.
    • Not really. Nothing Simmons does after his mutation hasn't been seen in one way or the other previously in the series. Remember that the C-virus is pretty much the fusion of the G and T-Veronica virus. We've seen the G-virus giving physics the middle finger, and we've seen individuals infected with T-Veronica shifting between mutated and not, at will in Alexia's case. Bottom line, you combine the two and you get a virus that can pull mass out of thin air while allowing some degree of control over the mutation. Simmons simply does that on an epic scale, and even then, he does absorb zombies to fuel his megafly form. As for the "transformer" thing? Well, it does look cool and is a nice change from the various blobs of mutated flesh we got so far (Marcus, Birkin, Nemmy, Alexia, Ouroboros, Morpheus and pals...)

     Curse these selective mutations! 
  • Why is it some C-virus infected just become zombies, but others become J'avo?
    • It probably has to do with how the virus enters the body. Entering from a syringe into the bloodstream results in J'avo, while being breathed in causes zombies. It also heavily implied that breathing the C-virus first causes death, then reanimation, thus explaining why clearly long-dead corpses are still affected (IE: that was a known characteristic of the G-virus; it can repair and mutate dead cells, while the less powerful T-virus needed something living to begin with to work on). Note that everytime we see zombies, we know that a gaseous form of the virus is present (being expelled by a bunch of Lepotisa in the case of Tall Oaks as confirmed in the extended video on, from the missile in Leon\Chris chapters 4). Furthermore, when Ada encounters zombies in her Chapter 3 in China, a dead Lepotisa is seen nearby (implied to be the one that Leon & Helena threw off their plane). As also explained in the extended files, some of those things have an internal clock that kills them off after a while, thus preventing the virus from getting out of control, and explaining why none are encountered in Tall Oaks midtown: they died in a corner after starting the epidemic.

     Who was that sunglasses wearing man? 
  • Who is that mysterious man in sunglasses who shoots Ada through the chest in Chris' campaign?
    • Just one of Simmon's Mooks, Avenging the Villain. Or maybe not avenging him: after all, they were also present when Simmons was getting his ass handed to him by Leon & Helena on the train battle, and they decided to leave him to his fate. They probably work for Simmons: specifically, the Simmons ''family'' which the files reveal were most likely behind the entire Resident Evil series.

     Selective memories? 
  • How is it that the now-mutant Deborah somehow still recognized Helena (as shown when she, who is just emerging from her Chrysalid shell, apparently reached out to her sister, considering that the same did not happen with the mutant Finn (who just proceeded to smash Chris around anyway)?
    • Different strains of the C-Virus have different effects (which we see with Carla turning into a white blob monster, whilst Piers gains electricity powers and Simmons becomes the boss that refuses to die, with a throwaway line when Piers finds the needles that it looks like a different strain).
    • We also can't be sure she did recognize Helena, anyways. She might have, she might not — the implication seems to be that she's operating largely on psychotic instinct. Retention of the self seems very chancy with C-virus, especially once the chrysallis forms and essentially consumes the original body. And admittedly, getting an arrow to the brainpan wouldn't have done wonders for her reasoning mind anyways.

     Captain, permission requested to allow me to show my respect for you by beating you into a pulp, sir! 
  • Considering that Finn highly respects Chris, bordering on Hero Worship, why did he (as a Napad) go for a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on their captain? It's just odd that someone would just beat up somebody they hold in high regard.
    • As stated above, the C-virus basically takes over the victim most of the time. J'avo evidently retain their sapience in some form (though that doesn't mean they wouldn't attack humans just because they're humans), but there's no reason to suspect that Finn's consciousness survived. Piers only just holds onto his sense of self and is very clearly having trouble, which is why he chooses to remain aboard the collapsing station.
    • It should be noted that intelligence and sapience are two different things. J'avo are very intelligent as far as B.O.W.'s are concerned, but they still are not sentient, and cannot develop a sense of individuality. The only people in the entire series who have actually been able to maintain their individuality have all been cases of very special mutations. As mentioned, Piers was able to hold onto it with great effort, but it was slipping, and sooner or later, he would have lost it. Hence why he stayed behind to finish of Haos and then die with the facility; he knew that sooner or later, he'd completely lose his humanity, become just another J'avo, and attack Chris. Simmons was able to suppress his transformations for lengths of time, but he could not stop them. By the time of his final form, he was quite clearly losing even that much, and would probably have lost his mind had he not been killed at that point. Carla was a very special case, as her genetics were tuned just right to work almost perfectly with the C-Virus, but I suspect that even she wasn't immune to the mental degradation. For others in the series, the same holds true more or less. Birkin's genetics worked well with the G-Virus, but he still lost control of himself almost immediately. Alexia was of an especially advanced genetic makeup, allowing her to control the T-Veronica virus, but she was killed not too long after her initial mutation, so it's unclear whether this would have held true over time. Steve's throwing off the same virus, regaining his mind to protect Claire, and returning to human form was a major exception, but it's unclear exactly how he managed to do this. Really, the only person in the entire series able to fully maintain their original personality after infection was Wesker, and that's only because he was specifically chosen by Umbrella for being the pinnacle of human genetics, and had a virus tailored specifically to work with him. Even then, the virus was still unstable, it was just easily controlled. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that Finn, being a normal human, was unable to maintain himself through infection, and became a beast without a true mind (or soul if you will). So, while the C-Virus creations were unusually intelligent, that doesn't mean that there was anything left of who they were before mutation. Therefore, that Napad was not Finn. It was just created by infecting his body.

     Who made who? 
  • Considering the points stated regarding Deborah and Finn, does that mean that Carla as fake Ada is not necessarily the Carla Radames (the blond in the photo) who originally worked for Simmons?
    • Debatable. Files describe her having flashes of lucidity and confusing recovery of her old memories. I think we can presume that Carla's sense of self has at least somewhat returned by the time of the game.
      • Even if she recovers her memories the C-Virus has definitely changed who Carla is. The sheer fact of losing her memories and what Simmons did to her would mean that the end result is almost certainly a different person. So even if you manage to recover yourself after being infected you're still going to be permanently impacted by this.

     "Virus = "Magic"? 
  • About the Chrysalid mutations: 1) What is with the C-Virus that causes victims to burst into flames before becoming goo-coated statues? 2) Why do the victims have to "flare up" before turning into the said statues? There doesn't seem to be any logical explanation for the sudden burning except to make the transformation more dramatic - immediately releasing the strange goo would have been fine. 3) How does a single human (read: mammal) victim end up transforming into a humanoid swarm of wasps/bees in practically no time? It's easier to justify the victim transforming into a single human-sized insect.
    • There are some implications in the game that this is brought on by the cellular regeneration. Essentially the cells, in an attempt to heal the wounds you've suffered, cause the body to heat up to such a degree, and so suddenly, that it appears as a burst of flames.

     Leon and Helena? Nope, we aren't them, no sir! 
  • In the aftermath of Tall Oaks, Hunnigan helps fake Leon and Helena's deaths. So then how in the world were they able to not only fly to China (false identities?) .......but able to do so while open carrying on the flight? Even the cutscenes show that they are obviously armed, and giving orders to the civilians on the plane as though they were still acting as Federal Agents.
    • It's possible they were using their real identities on the flight to China, but Hunnigan kept that information from reaching Simmons. Alternatively, Leon was Crazy-Prepared enough to have fake identities ready in case he needed to move around without alerting anyone looking for him.
    • Note that in the intro to Resident Evil 2, Claire comes to Raccoon City because Chris dropped off the face of the earth after 1, and his apartment was tossed by Umbrella goons after he left. Leon very likely knows that he has enemies and keeps some off the books travel funds/id cards for this exact purpose.

     It's clonely at the end. 
  • At the end of Ada's campaign, she discovers that Carla had her own cloning project going on without Simmons knowing about it. Ada then finds the cocoon and eliminates it before the clone could hatch out of it. Who did Carla want to clone, and why did Ada want to kill him? Who would be so dangerous?
    • Probably herself. But ultimately it doesn't matter the who and why, Ada just wants to wipe out the last traces of what happened.
    • Given that one of the test subjects in the audio was a man, it could have been an attempt to clone Simmons. Given all of Carla's plans seemed geared to infecting the world with the C virus (maybe to replace the order she associated with the Family with her own chaos), one of the cherries on top of her plan was to create her own subordinate Simmon's clone. It could have been poetic justice to her, given her own relationship with him after being transformed and trained into Ada's clone.
    • Or it could have been Leon.
    • Or possibly Wesker?

     I must stop the President from revealing facts about Raccoon City that everyone knows already! 
  • What more could the President reveal about Raccoon City that would cause any unrest? Everyone knows Umbrella was responsible for everything, that's why it went bankrupt.
    • ...Is that true in-universe, or just beyond the fourth wall?
      • It's described in the opening to 4 and the basis for the final level of Umbrella Chronicles.
    • He was going to reveal the U.S. government's past involvement with Umbrella. Part of the reason that the Raccoon City outbreak happened was because William Birkin was trying to sell a sample of the G-virus to the U.S., which was what led Umbrella to send HUNK's team after him.
      • For whatever it's worth, that's the Operation Raccoon City plot, which isn't canon. In the core franchise, no such thing occurs.
      • William Birkin Profile File in umbrella chronicles: A world-renowned scientist working for Umbrella. He is the primary figure responsible for the development of the G-virus. He was also a core component in continuing research on the T-virus where Marcus left off. However, some unpleasantness arose between him and Umbrella, prompting him to approach the U.S. military. Umbrella responded by sending in their special forces.

Shortly before his death at their hands, he injected himself with the G-virus and transformed into a monster. He is survived by a daughter, Sherry, from his late wife, Annette.

  • As a further question, why did Simmons cause a big and highly noticable viral outbreak to kill the President instead of just assassinating him conventionally?
    • Having the President assassinated would have political repercussions he'd like to avoid, and it would certainly open an investigation of which he might become a target, seeing how they'd look for who would have a reason to assassinate him. But, if the President just happened to be one more victim in a big scale terrorist attack, no one would even consider it was all just a ploy to kill him, everyone would believe Tall Oaks was the target. Of course, Simmons didn't count on the only person who could point the blame at him (Helena) surviving.

     I hate my dad, but I hate you even more for killing him! 
  • Why did Jake care so much about the fact that Chris killed Wesker? Jake is, literally, a bastard and he assumed that his father was just a deadbeat that walked out on him. He then finds out that his father was a psychopath that wanted to wipe out all of humanity with his Uroboros project. Then Chris reveals that he killed Wesker and then Jake becomes furious and nearly kills Chris in anger. Why the hell does he care so much?
    • Jake wanted to be the one to kill him.
      • This also seems to be a "thing" in Japanese media, bordering on its own trope really. Basically even if my father was scum of the Earth who I wanted dead, I'm going to act belligerent towards the person who put that mad dog down because reasons.
      • Just because Jake hated Albert doesn't necessarily mean he lacked the capacity to care about him. As Chris said, 'He was still his father.'. If you didn't know much about a family member and gleefully used them as a scapegoat, you'd still be pissed someone killed them. It's a familial instinct.
      • To paraphrase a quote from Die Hard "There's a difference, you know, between not liking one's father, and not caring when somebody drops him in a volcano and rips his head off with a rocket launcher."

     Antibodies as the plot demands. 
  • According to the game Jake is immune to the C-Virus because his daddy Albert Wesker had antibodies which could fight off any virus, and he inherited those. But if that is the case, how did the T-Virus and Uroboros do anything to Wesker?
    • The Uroboros was just that volatile. Remember, it took Jill's t-virus antibodies to make it not insta-kill a host. The viral injection that Wesker had did provide resistance, but it could only go so far. Jake's anti-bodies were good against the C-virus.
    • Uroboros was also a parasite, not a virus.

     An explosive mercy kill? 
  • This crosses over to Real Life territory. We have seen in the games (mostly in Chris' campaign) that people turning into Chrysalids first burst into flames. So how come that two particular victims - Finn and Marco - did not literally explode when they burst into flames, thus putting them under a Mercy Kill instead of turning them into monsters? This is considering that they have explosives in their person (Finn being a demolitions soldier, and Marco explicitly having a C4 charge with him.), and that explosives, well, explode upon contact wih fire.
    • Most modern military explosives are pretty stable. C4, for example, will burn when set alight, but won't explode - it requires a lot more energy than just being on fire to make it detonate

     Shooting down friendly helicopters 
  • When Ustanak is hanging from the other helicopters in Jake's campaign, why does Sherry even consider suggesting to shoot down the (friendly) choppers to limit his options? Why doesn't Sherry tell the pilot to radio them and say to break formation? Why don't they do that on their own? I know Resident Evil has it in for pilots, but this is ridiculous.
    • Friendly might not be the right word for the helicopter pilots, you know, since they start shooting missiles at Jake and Sherry.

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