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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

     Raymond is a teleporter? 
  • In Resident Evil: Revelations, how the hell did Raymond get into the emergency communications room? Jill had to go fight Skagdead in another part of the ship to get the key to that room; yet he's already sitting in there when she arrives.
    • Presumably there was another copy of the key.
      • Which would explain the discrepancies in Resident Evil 2: there were copies of every item and two items in the puzzles. After Claire solved them, they reset for Leon.
    • Raymond was also the "Veltro Agent" working for O'Brian since the whole thing was part of his plan to bring out the truth of Morgan Lansdale's involvement with Terragrigia Panic. So it would make sense for him to have access to everything on the ship.

     And now, for the revelation of the revelations in Resident Evil: Revelations 
  • So, what was the Revelation exactly? Did we found out anything worthwhile in this game?
    • The story of the game is mostly self-contained (with a Sequel Hook at the very end), but most of the second half of the game consists of the truth coming out about a Gambit Pileup.

     Rachel, you're so unique? Who does your Ooze form? 
  • Why was Rachael so much stronger and unique looking for an Ooze?
    • Rule of Cool and Ruleof Scary.
    • We also don't know how long the other Ooze had been around and if their shapes degraded to what they were. It's possible they all looked something like Rachel did and were stronger not long after mutating...and simply degraded over time.

     On Veltro's return 
  • If Veltro's return was a charade orchestrated by O'Brian, then who were the masked men killed by the Hunters at the Valkoini airport? And where did those Hunters and wolf packs come from?
    • Lonsdale hired the masked men. As for the Hunters and wolf packs, they might have come from Tricell...
      • But Lonsdale didn't have anything to do with the alleged Veltro takeover of the airport by the masked men, it was orchestrated by O'Brian.
    • The game doesn't do a great job of explaining it, but if you poke around long enough as Keith and Quint, you can figure it out. Raymond gathered up what little of Veltro remained to give Chris and Jessica a valid target to search for, which would keep them off the grid long enough to justify O'Brian's fake distress call, and might also incidentally kick dirt in Lansdale's face. What nobody was expecting was for Lansdale to still have the ability to remotely activate Veltro's surplus BOW stash, which wipes out the base in a seemingly typical bioweapons accident. It's only once Quint starts hacking into the computers that the BSAA figures out there's more going on than that.

     The purpose of the Terragrigia attack 
  • Okay, so unleashing bioweapons on Terragrigia turned out to be a false flag operation meant to give the world a wake-up call about how serious the threat of such weapons is. My question is, what could they hope to achieve that the Raccoon City outbreak already did not? Everyone seems to know what went on there and the city was nuked to help contain it!
    • Very few people got out of Raccoon City alive, let alone with actionable intelligence about exactly what happened there, and Umbrella had a lot of influence in the U.S. government, which later goes on to be a plot point in Resident Evil 6. If you read the FBC's original charter in one of the early flashback levels as Parker, the organization appears to be essentially powerless, which suggests the government response was watered down by politics, and possibly by officials who didn't want their involvement with Umbrella to become public. Lansdale wants a small, seemingly insignificant terrorist organization to be empowered by their possession of bioweapons to strike at a massive, highly publicized target, which will cause a public backlash that his superiors can't possibly ignore.
      • This point is valid, but in addition, recall Morgan's discussion with O'Brian during the first flashback episode, and Lansdale essentially comments the FBC and BSAA "can exist thanks to groups like that", which is pretty heavy foreshadowing that he believes their groups are only necessary because of the terrorist groups. As a result, the Terragrigia Panic is meant to cement their position, especially his own.

     Instant City! Just add water... 
  • Be prepared for one of the most boring Headscratchers about a game with viral mutants and god complexes. In the Exposition cutscene about Terragrigia, the reporter mentions it took 11 years to build it, my question is, How? it took 5 years to build the Burj Khalifa, it takes at about six months to build a single family house,and thats on solid ground, how in the name of all hell did they build a fully green, fully functional city on the waters of the med (which of note has alot of typhoons, no way they went 11 years without a single storm)in 11 years?
    • Presumably building the "city of the future" on a floating artificial island involved a lot of R&D.

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