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Chris is infected with some sort of virus in Resident Evil: Revelations.
This is heavily implied in the trailer.
  • Jossed

The mansion portion of the Resident Evil: Revelations trailer is a dream.
More specifically, Jill's dream. The sequence that involves the mansion ends in Jill and Chris being swept up in water.
  • Jossed

HUNK is not the Australian that's in the chair in Revelations.
He's got a Midwestern accent in 2, Umbrella Chronicles, and Darkside Chronicles. Unless he moved to Australia for several years, I doubt his accent would change, unless he's just screwing with Chris and Jill. His hair is also a different color and style, so he either dyed his hair or it isn't HUNK in the chair.
  • He really isn't, and he was italian, not australian.

Jessica shoots Parker in Revelations.
She's in the casino room, holding a smoking gun, breathing heavily. Earlier in the trailer, Jill and Parker are in the same room. And, since Jill lives given the timeline...
  • Actually, in that scene, Jessica shoots Raymond Vester, disguised as the Veltro agent. However, when her true role as Lansdale's agent in the BSAA is revealed, and she tries to shoot Vester again, Parker takes the shot. So confirmed!

Ooze Rachael is still alive
Even sustained fire from small arms can only drive her off or knock her unconscious, so she is clearly tougher than the average ooze. And while the Queen Zenobia did explode, it is worth noting that she was likely under water when it happened. The water may have protected her from the heat and force of the explosion, and the aquatic nature of the T-Abyss virus means that she could probably breath under water as well.
  • If she is still alive, because she seems to retain some of her humanity and personality (for a vicious mutated monster, she's quite bubbly and playful), she'll return to the mainland and follow some instinctual call to find Gina (who may or may not be her sister, but they share the same last name).


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