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Shout Out / Resident Evil 6

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  • When performing a melee attack on a lone zombie from behind, Leon will occasionally break out a Frank West Face Crusher. Wrestling fans might recognize this move as the "bulldog."
  • In another Dead Rising reference, you can spot a Colombian Roastmasters coffee shop in Lanshiang.
  • Completing Chapter 4 of Leon's campaign earns you the Achievement/Trophy "Big Trouble in China".
  • The underground catacomb-like system beneath Tall Oaks Cathedral is seemingly a one-to-one remake of the Trinity Church tunnels from National Treasure
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  • Exploring the empty university in the beginning gives the feeling of Clock Tower and Haunting Ground.
  • Piers' sacrifice in Chris's campaign ending is reminiscent of the ending in Armageddon.
    • This gets even lampshaded by the Let's Players Cry and Cox who start singing the Armageddon song after witnessing Piers' final sacrifice.
  • One of the bosses is a huge reptilian invisible BOW — a snake with stealth camouflage.
  • Sherry apparently takes fashion cues from Nathan Drake with her Lanshiang outfit. Scarf Of Asskicking? Check. Dark brown pants? Check. White dress shirt in a half-tuck? Check.
  • Many of the Eastern European mercenaries in Edonia wear blue tracksuits with a white stripe, almost certainly inspired by Olek Krupa's character from Behind Enemy Lines.
  • Zombies on a plane? A direct shout-out to Flight of the Living Dead which is also a homage to Snakes on a Plane.
  • Simons becomes a Tyrannosaur-like theropod in one his boss fights. Particularly, one segment involves Leon and Helena utilizing two Miniguns on a back of a Humvee being chased by the theropod!Simmons is similar to the T-rex chase sequence in Jurassic Park.

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