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Mythology Gag / Resident Evil 6

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  • Leon and Ada's campaigns are full of gags towards 2 and 4.
  • The Ustanak is pretty much a moving Mythology Gag to all the Implacable Man bosses of the franchise.
  • Helicopters and their pilots still have a hard time. Main character driven or not.
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  • Jake and Sherry can pick up a revolver called Elephant Killer.
  • When you FINALLY kill Derek Simmons, it ends with him impaled on a spire and oozing blood into a floor mosaic. When seen from above, the four massive puddles, interspersed with still-white tiles, creates a giant Umbrella Corporation symbol.
  • Simultaneous bioterrorist attacks and outbreaks both in the U.S. and China was the original plan by Morpheus D. Duval of Resident Evil: Dead Aim in-universe 2002. Although by coincidence, Carla Radammes launches it eleven years later using a similar tactic Morpheus planned: airburst missiles armed with the virus and let it infect an entire city.
  • Neo-Umbrella J'avo are inhuman monsters wielding guns and wearing armor and gas masks, just like the real Umbrella's Under Takers.
  • Chris Redfield having PTSD mirrors the "It Came from Kijuju" ad campaign for Resident Evil 5, which focused on Chris suffering flashbacks to his time in Kijuju.

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