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As fate spins a thread without end
New life draws its first breath
Blossoming in a soil reclaimed from the past
Where destiny holds fast
Here where we stand, hand clenched in hand
Everyone caught in the struggle
This is the day we finally find our way
Stepping into our tomorrow
Lifelight, the theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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  • Everyone is here. Every fighter from every previous game is here. The Wii U/3DS DLC characters, The Ice Climbers, Pokemon Trainer alongside Ivysaur and Squirtle, Young Link, Pichu, Wolf, Snake. Everyone is here.
    • On that note, Charizard is fighting alongside Red, Squirtle, and Ivysaur again. If that doesn't warm your heart, we don't know what will.
    • The Ice Climbers in particular are just happy to be back. And Pichu just happily waves to the camera as if to say "I'm back too, everyone!"
    • Just look online and see all the reactions to the trailer. The fact that so many people were overjoyed to see their favorites return for the latest installment, especially if they were cut from an earlier one, is just a sight to behold. Even Pichu had people who were happy to see him return, self-damage and all!
  • Ridley being playable. After over a decade of speculation and many a Flame War about how that could or couldn't happen, Nintendo found a way.
  • The first third party character seen in the E3 Direct was Sonic, who was shown before not only other third party representatives, but also first party veterans such as Peach and Pikachu, highlighting how much of a staple he is of the franchise, and how far Nintendo and Sega have come since the console war days.
    • Similar for Mewtwo. He's shown very early in the trailer, before even Pikachu. During the Brawl and pre-DLC 3DS/Wii U days, he was one of the most widely missed characters. This time they leave almost no room for doubt that he's here to stay.
  • After being replaced by Kiefer Sutherland as the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, David Hayter took it rather hard. Suffice to say, he was more than happy to return for this game.
    • Snake's return is doubly heartwarming because despite all of the turmoil going on amidst Konami's divisions (including what happened with MGSV, Hideo Kojima's subsequent departure from Konami, and the infamous Metal Gear Survive), Konami still gave Nintendo their OK to put Snake — with Hayter's voice and all — and Shadow Moses Island back into Smash.
      • Actually, it's triply heartwarming, since Snake only came about in the first place because Kojima requested Sakurai to put him in there. He's probably really happy right now.
      • It's quadruply heartwarming when you remember why Kojima requested to have Snake be in the game: His kids were fans of Smash and they wanted to play as one of their dad's characters.
      • Also quintuply heartwarming, Sakurai (or if you're feeling generous, Konami as well) still remembered one of Kojima's decisions to have Roy Campbell not having any other voiced out of respect of the death of his Japanese voice actor. As such, the fact that all of the available CODEC calls in Ultimate were the ones pre-recorded during Brawl means that they still honored Kojima's decision after so long.
      • To say that the Smash fanbase missed Snake is an understatement.
  • Leaf, the female protagonist of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, finally returns to the video game scene after Nintendo seemingly forgot about her for over a decade.
  • Daisy's appearance as a fighter. Yes, she's revealed to be an Echo Fighter of Peach, rather than being distinct, but to say that her loyal fanbase was overjoyed at her inclusion would be an understatement.
    • With Daisy's inclusion, people have noticed a slight alteration to Peach's moveset: Namely that the Toads are more active participants instead of helpless pawns. The Toad block is now a deliberate interception and counterattack, and they assist in their throws. The Toads are no longer being used by their princesses, but actively serving them.
  • Ness and Lucas have PK Starstorm once again, but this time they're respectively joined by Paula and Poo, and Kumatora and Boney. In the case of the latter two, that marks their first ever official appearance outside of Japan.
    • On that note, Shulk's Chain Attack is the same as before with Dunban and Riki helping out. But this time, he's also joined by none other than Mecha Fiora! Just... d'aww!
    • Mega Man is now joined by not only his counterparts from the future and an alternate timeline, but also his big brother, Proto Man, and his rival, Bass.
  • Previous games mainly took Zelda character designs from one or two games. The Zelda designs in Ultimate are taken from four different games, making the Zelda cast of this game a love letter to the franchise.
  • Dark Pit's character trailer ends with him and Pit doing a victory pose and flying off. And if you look closely, Dark Pit still has Viridi's aura when he flies. Vitriolic Best Buds, indeed!
  • Roy's trailer has a cute moment, as Lyn jumps in near the end to smack Kirby away from him. Worth noting that in one timeline, Roy is her son.
  • A bit more of a minor one, but the Inkling applauds quite enthusiastically even if they don't win. Inklings are known to be very sore losers in Splatoon, but in Smash they're just happy to be here, win or lose.
  • On Zelda's page in the official website, you can see a picture of her and Pichu just relaxing. It's pretty cute.
    • All of Pichu's non-fighting images just portray it with the same big smile it had back in Melee. It's even shown flying with a Rocket Belt alongside Pikachu.
    • Ryu training alongside Knuckle Joe is another adorable moment.
  • Pit's new Final Smash involves him using the Lightning Chariot. According to Dark Pit's Palutena's Guidance conversation in 3DS/Wii U, said chariot is in the possession of the Forces of Nature. If Pit is using it, and the Dark Pit guidance remains unchanged, that means Viridi is letting Pit use the chariot. Considering her status as Pit's Friendly Enemy (possibly even tsundere for him), this is apparently a given. Either way, the Chariot Master's legacy continues to live on.
  • Meta, but the amount of support for Waluigi after it was revealed that he was cut yet again shows that while he may still not be a fighter, he's far from forgotten and not cared about. A long shot from the character who was at first nothing more than an "anti-Luigi".
  • In another meta moment, the inclusion of Bomberman as an assist trophy, especially after his original character designer, Shoji Mizuno, passed away only two days before Ultimate was revealed. Hudson Soft finally gets some representation despite the fact that it went defunct in 2012.
  • Krystal finally makes a physical appearance in the Smash series as an Assist Trophy! While undoubtedly some fans would've preferred she be playable, it's still nice to see her get recognition from Nintendo after she was unceremoniously excluded from Star Fox Zero due to its reboot status.
    • Her appearance in Fox's character trailer shows her fighting alongside her boyfriend/possible future husband again. It's genuinely sweet to see them together again.
  • There's something endearingly nostalgic about the starting roster being the cast of the original game. Not only is it a reminder of the humble beginnings of the series, it shows just how much Smash Bros. has grown over the years as you unlock characters from Melee, Brawl, 3DS/Wii U, and Ultimate.
  • Another Meta one, previously Clone fighters received quite a bit of hate, despite Sakurai's explanation on how they don't take spots from other potential fighters. Now, the renamed Echo fighters are received with more love and understanding of how they work. Bonus points for allowing Daisy to make her Super Smash Bros. debut, giving potential guesses on what other fan-requested characters could get in.
  • This image from Moray Towers is pretty cute.
  • Cappy's return as Mario's cap. Given the true ending implies that Mario managed to fix his original cap after Bowser destroyed it, it still wouldn't stop this duo from fighting together.
  • Chrom finally gets his chance to fight as an Echo Fighter.
    • One scene in Chrom's reveal has him deliver a gift box to his daughter Lucina. However, he falls over while delivering the box, so Lucina checks on him to see if he's okay.
    • The fact that he gets to fight alongside Lucina and Robin again is inherently heartwarming by itself.
  • The appearance of Simon Belmont had been expected by many due to a leak/lucky guess. What they didn't see coming was Richter Belmont as an Echo Fighter, Alucard as an Assist Trophy, a Castlevania stage, a special boss battle against Dracula himselfnote , and a whopping thirty-four music tracks from across the series! Given the series' troubles with Konami as of late (which have been nearly as bad as Metal Gear's), Castlevania has been given the open-armed welcome it and its fans have sorely needed. If you thought the series was given a disservice by not appearing in Smash Bros. before, Nintendo has decided to make up for lost time.
    • Most of the Castlevania references and material in Ultimate are based off the earlier "Classicvania" games on the NES, SNES, and other systems of the time. While this is mostly because those games are more closely associated with Nintendo, it's also heartwarming considering that said games are often forgotten in favor of the later "Metroidvania" games that started with Symphony of the Night on the PlayStation, and are now finally getting their due respect in a Smash game. It's also nice that Richter is getting attention considering that his game of origin was Japan only until 2007, and even then it's a title only Castlevania fans love.
    • How does Richter get introduced? Saving his ancestor from a possibly fatal attack from Dracula. Not only is this sweet by itself, but Simon also gets to see the fruits of his labor in full force as his descendant heroically stands up to the vampire.
  • Let’s not forget about King K. Rool finally getting in due to fan requests. Not only that, it’s his first physical appearance since Mario Super Sluggers back in 2008!
    • His moves are also based on his boss fights in the first three Donkey Kong Country games and Donkey Kong 64. It's a real love letter to the fans of the series.
    • The original creator, Rare, retweeted K. Rool's reveal trailer. Gregg Mayles (who named K. Rool), Steve Mayles (who designed K. Rool's appearance), and David Wise (who composed K. Rool's theme "Gangplank Galleon") are among those who have directly commented on K. Rool's long-anticipated return. It is heartwarming for the original Donkey Kong Country developers that their character made it into Smash as a playable fighter.
    • Consider what King K Rool being included in the roster means for the Donkey Kong Country fanbase. After the first game was released, the series got tons of promotion, games, and spin offs similar to Sonic the Hedgehog back in the 90s. However, after Rare was sold off to Microsoft, the series slowly got less and less focus over the years until Returns. But both Returns and Tropical Freeze lacked the Kremlings and K. Rool seemingly to distance the games to the original trilogy, which made them to seem like a thing from a past. Seeing him in the flesh just shows that the legacy the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy had is not forgotten by Nintendo.
    • Meta example relating to King K. Rool, but the fans gave Sakurai a thank you card for putting him in the game.
    • According to Sakurai on why King K. Rool made it in Super Smash Bros Ultimate was because of the ton of votes he got from the Smash Ballot according to this article. Meaning that the votes of K. Rool's fans weren't in vain and also giving fans hope that characters they voted for could still make it after all.
  • Shovel Knight appears in Smash... though not in the way people were hoping. However, that's still a huge honor for an indie game character and one from a Western developer (Yacht Club Games) no less. This could also mean a playable appearance in a future title.
  • As expected with the return of Snake, Gray Fox also appears again in Assist Trophy capacity.
  • The fact that Pit, Mega Man and Simon can be together again in Ultimate.
  • You could even call the fact that the Arcade Bunny is in the game as an assist one of these, given that the bunny is a total Nintendo fanboy who always gushes about his favorite characters and is now able to co-exist with and even help his heroes/heroines in one game.
    • Even better, one of the later assist trophies that was announced was Nikki, the mascot of the Swapnote service. And Arcade Bunny has a huge crush on her...
  • In a twisted way, it's sweet thinking that there are a substantial amount of villains in this game. Bowser and Ganondorf may hate each other's guts, but they wouldn't be accepted by anyone who knows better. Now they're being accompanied by people that have done as bad stuff as they once did, and can actually bond with them — especially since some of them, such as Ridley, King K. Rool, and Dark Samus, have been missing in action for so many years that they'd love to hear about someone as cruel as them.
  • It's a small touch, but seeing Classic Mode in the style of the first three games is nostalgic and makes you think that these characters are going back to their humble beginnings. Playing through Classic Mode with one of the original 12, it makes you feel like you're playing your first Smash Game again. And how each match has a unique subtitle is a detail that adds to the charm of the mode.
  • Speaking of small touches, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it detail in one of Young Link's new taunts: When he pulls out Navi and she rests on his hand, the Hero of Time has a small, brief smile.
  • At the center of the new menu are the original 8 Smashers together with their new artwork. It's a small thing, but a reminder they were the ones who made this possible.
  • Isabelle's trailer is in stark contrast to the Darker and Edgier ones where characters get Family Unfriendly Deaths. Instead, we see her go about her day-to-day duties until she receives an invitation. You really get the impression that she's incredibly excited to be in the game. It looked like she's lonely whenever Villager is busy fighting in Smash Bros., which shows that she really cares about them.
    • Then the very end has Isabelle telling the viewers that she hopes that they’ll cheer her on. Daaawwww.
    • At the start of the Animal Crossing Switch announcement that came directly after Isabelle's Smash reveal, Tom Nook is watching the reveal trailer, and comments that he's happy when he sees his friends doing new things. He talks about how wonderful it would be for us to have a home after we're finished with this game and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Such a nice thought about knowing you'll have somewhere to settle down once your time with Ultimate has wrapped up.
  • Who are some of the characters depicted in the game's Spirits? Tethu. Henry Fleming. Alex Roivas. Tsubasa Oribe. Nintendo is really going that extra mile, showing that even their less popular or successful franchises still have a place in Smash.
  • During Piranha Plant's reveal, there's a moment where Villager waters a tiny Piranha Plant, which then grows larger and defeats Donkey Kong. Villager and the Plant then celebrate together joyfully. It's only natural that Villager — who spends a lot of time caring for the environment in his home series — would make friends with a sentient plant, and Piranha Plant seems to appreciate the gesture.
    • In a meta sense, after the WTF factor settled down, fans welcomed the plant with open arms. Anyone is allowed into the Smash family.
  • In Joker's reveal trailer, his fellow Phantom Thieves are talking with him the whole way through, just like they do in their home game. They're all close friends through and through, and hearing just how psyched they are to see Joker's invitation drives that fact home.
    • How does Morgana describe Nintendo and their characters? The best of the best. He’s just beaming with pride and honor (if you can call it that) at Joker’s opportunity to steal things from Nintendo!
  • One of Incineroar's photos on the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website shows it having fun with several Pikachu and Pichu (it is stated to be great with children, after all).
  • In an interview about the music, Sakurai said that he did try to avoid music that would cost money and be harder to get the rights to. Although Sonic didn’t get any new remixes, the team still made an exception for Sonic and tried to get back the music in Brawl that was skipped out in Wii U, likely for this reason (as the music from Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 is no longer owned by SEGA).
  • Banjo and Kazooie returning to a Nintendo system after over 15 years? Heartwarming in and of itself. But what seals the deal is the Kongs' (and even K. Rool's) reaction to their arrival in their reveal trailer. They're downright thrilled to see their fellow Rare alumni come home.

  • This video has a number of Smash Bros. attendees at EVO 2018 sending Sakurai a Happy 48th Birthday. Sakurai later made a heartwarming reply.
  • Chris Taylor, a Nintendo fan terminally ill with osteosarcoma, feared that he would die before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be released, so his friends and many Smash fans persuaded Nintendo to let him play early. At last, he received a Switch containing the E3 demo and it was the time of his life. Then just days after getting his wish, he passed away.
  • In an interview found in Making of Fire Emblem: 25 Years of Development Secrets, Sakurai stated he didn’t give a Call Back to Hikaru Midorikawa to voice Marth in Brawl and Wii U/3DS because he felt Marth’s lines were already good. The interviewer notes how Hikaru once stated he to do it again to match his cooler look. Sakurai said he would keep it in mind if he made another game. Come Ultimate, Sakurai kept his promise and Hikaru has given new voice clips for Marth in the Japanese version.
  • In a small case of Character Rerailment, there was a big outcry for Sonic the Hedgehog in particular being one of the victims in the World of Light opening. Fans were quick to note that Sonic may have managed to escape if he didn't slow down to try and save Pikachu. This ended up making people realize that Sonic is more than just a Mascot with Attitude, and many admire it as a beautiful example of Sonic's true personality, one that Sega and Sonic Team have struggled to show for years, in all of three seconds.
    • Indeed, a popular AU is Sonic escaping the beams with Pikachu in townote , and joining Kirby as a sort of "main trio" in World of Light. In fact, some have even admitted to bringing Sonic, Pikachu, and Kirby to the True Final Boss, claiming it just felt right.
  • Kirby received overwhelming support from the fans who watched the World of Light opening at the Nintendo NY event: not only do they cheer when he escapes Galeem's beams of light, but they chant his name as he lands back on earth and overlooks the journey that awaits him. It goes to show that the fans love the little puffball just as much as Sakurai himself does. One could almost call it magical.
  • Sakurai meets Morgana. D'aww.
  • In a fancomic, Ridley of all characters comforts Waluigi by saying that not getting included actually has a silver lining. Ridley states that once a previously-hyped character is actually in the roster like him, the internet fame will fizzle out and the character will just be one of the many to choose from and tells Waluigi to cherish his time in the spotlight until his inclusion.
    • A comic before that has all the Smash charactersnote  receive Christmas gifts. Kirby's gift is a giant trophy with the words "thank you for saving us" on it. And the smashers even signed it.
    • This comic dub deserves a mention too.
  • This fancomic reveals that Little Mac knew Incineroar before he evolved, taking care of him when he was a Litten and never seeing him again until they were reunited through Smash. He even gave Incineroar a proper name- Jalapeno!
  • These two tumblr posts present a rather heartwarming theory that Waluigi is the caretaker of the Piranha Plants, and is so proud of one of them making it into Smash...possibly even gave the Piranha Plant his invitation.
  • When Banjo and Kazooie were revealed, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer broke his silence over the matter with a simple tweet: YES.
    • Furthermore, the news was also met with two responses from Grant Kirkhope; One of elation, saying "It's hard to type with eyes full of tears." The other was a revelation that he personally got to compose the Spiral Mountain arrangement used in the trailer, ending the video with a heartfelt statement to a plush of the duo.
  • This sweet image done by Tetsuya Nomura in honor of Dragon Quest's inclusion.

    World of Light/Spirit Board
  • The opening cutscene of "World of Light" has almost every character in the game's playable roster obliterated by Big Bad Galeem's beams of light. Within the opening is a brief shot of Sonic and Pikachu running almost side-by-side with Pikachu lagging behind, but what makes it heartwarming is that Sonic holds his hand out towards Pikachu in an attempt to grab the Pokémon, perhaps believing he can save him from certain doom with his Super Speed. The attempt is made in vain, as Pikachu is consumed shortly after with Sonic immediately following, but it's still a touching gesture that shows the Blue Blur's heroic desire to help others, no matter the consequences; he could have easily shifted into max speed, left Pikachu to his fate, and saved his own skin (or at least bought himself a few more seconds of freedom), but in his mind, that would never be an option.
    • When Wii Fit Trainer, the Duck Hunt duo, and Villager are about to be disintegrated, the Duck is clearly flapping his wings as fast and hard as he can as he tries to lift the Dog so they can escape. It's really touching to see the bond of friendship between these two as the Duck clearly doesn't want to leave his canine companion behind.
    • Palutena tries to save Pit and Dark Pit from the beams of light by using Reflect while pushing the two away with the Power of Flight. She may always be teasing Pit, but she really cares about him to the point of sacrificing her own life. Doubles as Tear Jerker as it does nothing from getting to them mere seconds after she's caught.
    • Unlike The Subspace Emissary, Bowser is on the heroes' side from the very beginning. The same likely holds true for the other playable villains. In fact, King K. Rool is also against Galeem.
  • The Golden Ending: Galeem and Dharkon are defeated once and for all. After a World-Healing Wave, every single spirit rises up in a spire of flame to head back to the real world. Keep in mind that this was their lifetime goal, but Galeem's attack removed them of their bodies and ability to do so. There's nothing stopping them now.
  • The majority of the time, the path to the captured fighters are blocked by spirits placed right in front of them. In most cases, there is no relation between the spirits and the fighter they guard, but there is one notable exception: Azura is the spirit placed in front of Corrin. Her battle is against a default female Corrin who receives two Final Smashes, a callback to her Songstress class ability to grant two turns, while the original version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone is playing. The entire fight is structured in a way that it looks like Corrin is the actual person fighting and Azura is assisting her. It's sweet to see that even when Brainwashed and Crazy, her loyalty to them remains intact, and keeps watching over them.
    • Instead of guarded by any spirit, Young Link is stuck in an area resembling the Lost Woods that is blocked by a tree trunk. A specific spirit is required to find in the same area for the trunk to disappear: Saria.
    • The Flying Man spirit (as 5 Mii Brawlers in Flying Man outfits) also guards Ness, who is also the only fighter in a pink cloud area reminiscent of the Magicant from EarthBound Beginnings and the Magicant Stage.
    • Snake is locked in a base that the player can't access without someone who can crack electronic locks; if one sticks exclusively to World of Light, their Spirit of choice is Hal Emmerich. In the Metal Gear series, Hal is Solid Snake's partner and dearest friend.
    • Pit and Viridi can both be found in the World of Light, and if you play your cards right, it's entirely possible to save Viridi with her own Morality Pet. This also means they can go through the entire World of Darkness together, working to save Palutena like they did before.
    • You can also use Pit to save Bayonetta, in spite of the massive thrashing she gave him in her reveal trailer.
    • You can also save Bowser Jr. with Bowser.
    • Pikachu can save Sonic, seemingly repaying him for trying to save him in the opening. On that note, so can Mario.
      • In addition to that, Pikachu can be saved by Pichu or vice versa.
    • Speaking of Mario, he can save both Luigi and Peach.
    • Likewise, Link can save Zelda. Any of the three Links, for that matter.
    • Depending on who you rescue first: You can have either Robin, Lucina or Chrom rescue one another.
    • In fact, if you don't think that fighting a spirit with a fighter connected to them is Video Game Cruelty Potential, it certainly counts as Pet the Dog instead if you see beating a spirit as rescuing them. And it isn't limited to fighters, just about any spirit counts. Fox can save his father James and Krystal (especially after their breakup in Star Fox Command). Lucas can save his family Hinawa and Claus (noting that they died during the events of the game). Donkey Kong can save his Animal Buddies as well as Cranky and Diddy, even his Disappeared Dad Donkey Kong Jr., Link can rescue any the Champions for a second time. There are plenty more cases!
  • Once you save Master and Crazy Hand, they'll look around a bit before realizing that they were being manipulated. They'll immediately convert to your side and assist you in getting to the True Final Boss. Not only that, you get to play as Master Hand, and it feels so, so good as you wipe out waves of Puppet Fighters with ease.
  • For the Spirit Board, one of the battles you get is a fight against Paula. However you don't just fight Paula's spirit (Which is a female Villager), instead Ness assists her in battle and you fight him first, as he even uses his Final Smash right at the start of the fight. This fight is as awesome as it is cute.
  • Some Spirit Enhancements are badass, others are a bit heartwrenching, but one stands out as a tender reminder. Dracula's enhanced form is not Dracula's monster form; that one is an augmentation Spirit. No. Dracula's evolves into Soma Cruz. Even in Smash, even as a boss under Dharkon's thrall, Dracula's soul finds freedom from his life of suffering.
  • Generally any spirit battle where you are fighting a team, but a few stand out in particular, as you first have to defeat characters similar to other spirit battles:
    • Breath of the Wild Zelda, where she is teamed up with the Champion spirit battles and Link.
    • The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts, where you have to take on most of the Phantom thieves. Even after you beat them, Joker appears and they come back for a rematch via his Final Smash. For an added bonus, Haru will always be the background Phantom Thief, since she otherwise does not get to participate in the battle. So as far as the Phantom Thieves go, everyone is here... except Futaba.
    • Geno, who's backed up by Spirits representing the full party from Super Mario RPG. The fact that they made him a Legend Spirit and how they worked the entire party in there shows that even if Geno might not be playable, Sakurai and the team know that he's beloved by fans and paid tribute the best way they could.

  • Several of the images shown at the end of each character's Classic Mode fit this bill:
    • Ness's is a group shot of him and his three companions, much as if the photographer from EarthBound had taken the shot.
    • Peach's has her and Mario getting married with Robin conducting the ceremony.
    • Daisy is proudly posing next to Mario and Peach (and Luigi), finally sharing the spotlight with the other Mario characters.
    • In Zelda's, she's happily sitting atop the Great Plateau Tower and looking out over Hyrule, taking a well-deserved rest after defeating Ganon.
    • Roy is posing next to Roy Koopa with a little heart between them, their past animosity forgotten... until you complete a challenge to get a picture of Roy shoving Roy Koopa over the edge of a stage.
    • Chrom's entire Classic Mode will put a smile on your face. The theme is "Fight as One," so after an initial sparring match with Lucina, the rest of the battles will be 2v2 matches with Lucina or Robin at Chrom's side. The ending picture is of a shocked Chrom falling onto his rear next to Mario underneath a shower of confetti, while all the other Fire Emblem characters stand around him applauding - presumably congratulating Chrom for finally getting into Smash Bros.
    • Lucas and his Claus Palette Swap hang out in the clouds of Magicant with a Mr. Saturn.
    • Duck Hunt's has the dog and duck taking a nap with a Nintendog.
    • Wolf's is sitting down in the company of Fox during a starry night, seemingly burying the hatchet. Might not look like a big deal, but these are the same people who constantly try to kill each other during their respective games, and Wolf, who used to taunt Fox about his deceased father.
    • Pichu's looks like Snake is keeping it safe in his box.
    • Link's has him and Zelda guarding each other's backs.
  • More than a few Challenge Mode images evoke this as well:
    • Ganondorf stopping a Thwomp from falling on a sleeping Duck Hunt. A weird combination of awesome, heartwarming, and (this being Ganondorf) funny.
    • A Villager watering some Pikmin.
  • The picture shown in the Background Matchmaking of Online play is one of Palutena playing with a frisbee and a dog in the Living Room stage.
  • Viridi gushing about Piranha Plant.
  • Piranha Plant in the mural is watering a red Pikmin in a pot for it to grow.
  • Any Classic Mode that is a love letter to a character’s game or franchise. Examples include:
    • Mario, which (based on the Japanese title) could not only be Super Mario Odyssey with Nintendo franchises, but also shows why Mario is still the face of Nintendo. Also makes it a moment of Awesome.
    • Ness, which is basically Earthbound in reverse, showing Ness’s journey back home.
    • Pit, which re-enacts boss battles from Kid Icarus: Uprising.
    • Mr. Game and Watch and PAC-MAN, which are love letters to classic gaming.
    • Mega Man and Ryu’s Classic Modes are re-enactments of their second games.
    • Sonic and Simon’s are love letters of their respective entire series! Sonic’s even has some obscure games like Sonic R and Sonic & the Secret Rings.
    • Young Link, Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer, and Lucina, which show off every fighter in their respective series.
    • Joker recruits every fighter he defeats for his next fight. He defeats their Shadows, and then they're his friend. Even sweeter is that this is how getting new party members tended to work in Persona 4, making it a nod to the rest of the franchise.
  • The picture for the Movies section of the Vault shows Link and Zelda eating popcorn while watching movies. Especially heartwarming if you ship them.
  • There's a sweet little fan-made comic suggesting that Master Chief was the actual recipient of the Smash Bros. invitation to represent Microsoft, but turned it down and gave it to Banjo and Kazooie instead because they deserve it.
  • The 2019 E3 reveal in general. For the longest time, there has always been a discrepancy between the Western and Eastern sides of the community with one side accusing the other of being heavily favored over the other in terms of fighter/franchise representation that it felt like certain characters specifically from the West (like the aforementioned Banjo-Kazooie above) were considered lost causes due to Smash's origins being rooted in Japan. E3 2019 proved to end up throwing both sides a bone with the reveal of the Dragon Quest Hero (a character from a franchise considered to be the grandfather of all JRPGS with a massive legacy over in Japan) for the East, and Banjo-Kazooie (a duo of characters from a franchise that has not seen an actual game in over a decade and was heavily anticipated by fans to make some sort of comeback) for the West.


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