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Mega Man X, Zero and Battle Network have their own pages.

The Classic Series

  • Roll giving Mega Man her medicine so he can stop Wily in 10.
  • In Bass' story mode, Treble brings him the antidote, showing that even this fight-happy warrior has someone who cares about him.
  • After Wily is revealed to be very sick, Mega Man elects to get him to a hospital instead of arresting him. Wily escapes, but repays the mercy he was shown by leaving behind enough Roboenza medicine to cure a population.
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  • A meta one: In the period in which the NES games were being made, most people who worked on games used pseudonyms (for example, "Inafking" being Keiji Inafune), when they got credit at all, because it wasn't considered a prestigious job. One of the sound designers used the name "Yuukichan's Papa". If you know about Japanese Honorifics, you realize that the designer's paying tribute to his daughter, in a form that has lasted decades.
  • Another Meta moment: After years of nearly shunted, the Blue Bomber made his return in this anniversary tribute by Capcom. It seems after years of ignoring the franchise, Capcom saw it to bring back one of their beloved franchise.
  • It has to be said here, but it connects to the Mega Man Zero series; despite everything he did, and all the people who mocked and belittled him, Dr. Wily ends up creating the hero who ultimately saves mankind and robots alike, making the Mega Man ZX series a possibility. Additionally, Zero is aided in this endeavor by Mega Man X, Dr. Light's greatest invention. It turns out that their gears really can grind together, even centuries after they die.

Cartoon series

  • Rock and Roll's activation and first meeting.
  • Dr. Light hugging Mega in the Bad Future episode. Mega Man had been gone for about 30 years due to a time travel mishap, and the city had been taken over by Dr. Wily. Having found that Roll and Dr. Light were imprisoned, he broke in to break them out. Light, who had been scribbling equations on the cell walls, turns at the sound of his voice.
    Dr. Light: Mega! [hugs him]
    • It even gets a callback when they hug again at the episode's conclusion after Mega returns to the present.
  • Mega hugging Roll at the end of "The Incredible Shrinking Mega Man."
  • Roll hugging Mega Man at the end of "The Strange Island of Dr. Wily."
  • Any time Rush goes jet mode by himself to save Mega.
  • In one episode, Proto Man threatens to shoot the Lincoln Memorial. Megaman proceeds to dive in to take the shot to protect it.


Fan Film

  • Proto Man saying that he'll always have Mega Man's back is arguably this.
  • Roll wanting to teach Mega Man about life and having fun.

The Archie comic

  • Dr. Light's fatherly love for his creations is present in virtually every adaptation of the series, but the comics bring just how much his Robot Masters mean to him to the forefront, especially Rock, Roll and Blues.
    Dr. Light: I constructed two advanced A.I. robots. You would call them models DLN-001 and DLN-002, but I call them my children. I may have built them by hand, typed their coding myself, but as my children...they have enriched my life and helped me grow as a person.
    • When Mega Man suffers a breakdown from destroying the reprogrammed Light Robot Masters and scares Roll off with his actions, Light holds him close and convinces him he isn't "evil". Later, when Rock wakes up from Ra Moon's EMP, the first thing Light does is scoop him up and comfort him.
    • After seeing Roll's heroics on television following the shipwreck, he rushes to the site and gives her a So Proud of You embrace.
    • The entire flashback to Blues' upbringing and running away, while simultaneously a Tear Jerker, counts, from Light welcoming his first son into the world with a joyous hug, to the montage of him teaching Blues of the world, including sharing a night at a concert, showing him around an art museum and buying him his trademark scarf.
  • One sweet moment, after the EMP field hit, Break Man checked on his offline brother and injured sister. And then what he says, is an attempt to apologize to both.
  • The segment in Blues' backstory where Dr. Wily drops by to cheer up Dr. Light after Blues runs away. Their relationship may have fallen apart later on, but it really comes through that they used to be good friends as well as colleagues.
  • Rush and Mega Man's relationship gets off to an adorable start when Rush is introduced. Dr. Light tells Mega Man that he made him a friend, and the next panel we see is Rush leaping into frame. You can hear the excitement in Mega Man's voice when he exclaims "You made me a dog?!" The next panel of Rush licking Mega Man's face just makes it even better.
  • The fact that after Mega Man nearly destroyed himself to take down Ra Moon, that it wasn't just his brothers, but Wily who was hysterical in begging Light to fix him as fast as possible.
  • In one of the Short Circuit strips, Roll feels left out seeing Mega Man and X fighting evil together. Zero notices this, so he gives Roll a replica of his helmet so they could join in.
  • Quake Woman/Tempo promising Dr. Lalinde that they would heal together after the tense confrontation with Blues/Breakman.
  • After Mega Man defeats Gamma, there are quite a few moments of heatwarming. The most poignant, however has to be when Mega Man mentions Break Man. Mega Man apologizes for not being able to bring him home, but Dr. Light says it's okay. The entire reason that Blues ran off was because people forced things upon him. Light doesn't want to force him to change anymore, and says that if Break Man does ever come back, they'll accept him with open arms. The best part? Blues hears it all. Maybe our red hero will get a happy ending in this continuity after all...
    • Not only did Blues hear everything, but after a moment of thought he responds by whistling his trademark leitmotif, so they'd know he did.
  • Though it ends as a Tear Jerker moment, the notion that half of Wily's Robot Masters are happy and more than accepting of being reprogrammed to better serve the world. Even Shadow Man, who questioned his own loyalties after Ra Moon's fall before, was interested in this deal.
    • Subverted, in Shadow Man's case. He, in his own words, went to Light's side so it would be easier to stab him in the back.

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