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Heartwarming / Mega Man Zero

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  • At the beginning of the second game, a lot of La Résistance soldiers overjoyed to see Zero back with them once more, especially Ciel. They can all be seen running straight for the infirmary, calling out his name.
  • In Zero 4, after defeating Craft for the second time, Zero finally showing where his true loyalties lie. And this was before his immortal "World of Cardboard" Speech.
  • From Zero 4, Zero keeping his promise to X up to the very end.
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  • Andrew's backstory. He's a reploid in the Resistance who looks like an old man, despite that fact that reploids don't physically age like humans do. It turns out he did originally look younger, but then he fell in love with and married a human girl. As she grew older, he would periodically alter his appearance to look the same age she did. When she finally passed away, he kept his elderly appearance as a way to always remember her.
  • The ending of 3 after Zero's Tomato in the Mirror moment: "I am Zero."


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