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Heartwarming / Max Steel (2013)

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  • Max and his relationship with Steel both are now strangers in their own bodies, Steel because he has no memory and Max due to his TURBO energy and still they make the best of their new situation.
  • Anytime Forge comes to Max's aid, whether it is superhero situations or normal life troubles. He acts as a surrogate father since Max's died when he was young.
  • Max understanding Steel's desire to emulate superheros as a way of coping that he is an outsider to the rest of the world.
  • Meta one for the fans by bringing back bio-constrictor and Dragonelle to remind fans they haven't forgotten the old show. (Fingers crossed for Psycho and Electrix)
    • And Vitriol!
  • His Teacher telling Max to head home after his TURBO energy starts acting up along with Steel and he having flashbacks to the battle of Tachyon, should defintely count, especially with the tone of voice he used.
  • The Reveal that Max's father is alive having been imprisoned by Makino and his forces. After two seasons, Max and Molly finally reunite with him and Earned Their Happy Ending