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Tear Jerker / Max Steel (2013)

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  • When Max looks at a picture of his father and mother. His father being dead before the series began.
  • Forge's Flash Back to the accident counts as one.
  • In "Earth Under Siege" when Steel pretends to side with the Mechano to get Dredd to lower his guard, Ferrus genuinely believes the act. This angers Steel to the point he nearly quits N-Tek, only for Ferrus to sacrifice himself to save Steel. He survives, but loses an arm.
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  • Oddly, Toxzon has one when he has to sacrifice Fishy so that he could live. Especially when you hear Fishy's genuine words to him.
    Fishy: Toxzon, time to let go...
  • In "Turbo-Charged", when Steel sadly reveals to Max that they won't be capable of linking once again, yet he confirmed he will work on a way to do so.