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Funny / Max Steel (2013)

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  • Max calling out the whole "bully cliché" in the first episode.
  • Max and Steel's banter can be pretty funny at times, like when they're lamenting having to be together with no way of separation.
    Max: Nah that can't be right! You can get him off of me...right?
    Forge: Nope.
    Max: So I'm married to this toaster?
    Forge: Yup.
    Max: My life is ruined.
    Steel: Tell me about it.
  • Forge and Steel's reunion.
    Forge: Well, it's good to have you back, Steel.
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  • Max's Unplanned Crossdressing in episode 2. Just what was Steel doing scanning the clothes in Max's mom's closet anyway?
  • The look on Forge's face when Max tells his mom that he promised Forge he'd keep his powers a secret from her.
  • Steel hitting on the candy machine.
  • Supermania is a big one. Especially with Steel's hero speak, and the Hero Man show.
  • Scary Black Man Jefferson drinking from a juice box during "Elements of Surprise, Part 2".
  • They get really used to fighting crime together later on, too:
    Steel: I think it's another knife-wielding mugger.
    Max: I think it's an out of control school bus.
    Steel: Bet'cha a soda.
    Max: You don't drink soda. You don't drink period.
    Steel: You take the fun out of everything!
  • As they are falling, Steel points out the rapidly-approaching ground to Max, who does his "Go Turbo, Flight!" bit in a fast and panicked manner, transforming just in time to slow below terminal velocity.
  • Forge trying to pilot C.Y.T.R.O. in "Split Decisions". The results are...less than helpful.
    • Though Earth Elementaur seems impressed.
    Earth Elementaur: Run, it's some kind of new cutting edge N-TEK attack strategy!
    Water Elementaur: Honestly, sometimes I wish we were just a threesome.
  • Dredd using Naught as a human shield against one of the Elementaur's lightning bolts.
  • "Thanks, I Think" has the writers trying to cram in as many Steven Spielberg Shout Outs as possible in 20 minutes.
  • Chomp is watching a video of Max's band taking part in a competition, and was actually enjoying it. Metal Elementor however, was not amused and smashes the screen, leaving Chomp simply looking confused.
  • Max throws some of his school cafeteria food at Chomp who swallows it. He immediately vomits it back out and wonders how people could eat this stuff. The fact that it was a simulation doesn't lessen how funny that scene was.
  • Max pulls a I Have to Go Iron My Dog by saying, "I have to take Kirby to the vet." Immediately lampshaded by Forge who says, "Oddly enough, that makes sense..."
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  • In "Making the Grade", when Kirby shows his diorama of the solar system to Max and Steel says "It looks diarrhea to me".

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