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Nightmare Fuel / Max Steel (2013)

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Despite the series began with a softer and lighter tone, the show got considerably darker as the story developed, mainly on the ongoing films.

    Season 2 
  • The evil Ultralinks are an example of this, mainly the linking scenes of when they are bonding with humans, as the characters are shown screaming in agony while being weaponized. They are parasitic entities and once they find a potential host they link with it and if it is a living being, it forces it to fight. If their bond isn't broken in time, the Ultralink will permanently take over the entity.
    Animated Films 
  • Morphos, the main antagonist of Dawn of Morphos and Maximum Morphos is a good example too. Out of Max's enemies, he is probably the strongest (probably stronger than Makino, as he was initially cancelled because N-Tek thought he could become a stronger threat than him), presents the ability of shapeshifting, allowing him to copy any ability from anything or anyone he is fighting with, and he is completely indestructible and immortal. To make things worse, the Official Website states that he will be the future ruler of the wold. Basically, Dread, his creator, doomed everyone on the Max Steel universe.
    • Also, Morphos' clones have a pretty scary design resembling the Regenerators from Resident Evil.
  • Mortum. After his mutation, he goes from a genius scientist from a insane robot zombie with a hunger for brains. All of his forms are based on creepy animals, such as scorpions, bats, centipedes and spiders. Besides, Mortum is immortal and cannot be destroyed thanks to his Connect-Tek armor, which allows him to regenerate himself into endless combinations.
  • Turbo-Warriors has a brief moment when Terrorax decides to show to Max how a world dominated by Nexus would be. In this vision, the world fell in anarchy and chaos, Max's friends were killed by Nexus soldiers and Maxwell, the main protagonist of the show, is rulling the humanity alongside with Terrorax and lord Nexus while many Nexus agents are gloryfing them. It's not simply scary, but heart-breaking, as you never expect the heroes to lose the battle against villains, no matter what happens.
    • The aforementioned Terrorax also has macabre designs used for the toy line. His main form is a cross between a clown, a gargoyle and a demon, besides, he also has a permanent slasher smile revealing his mouth of spiky teeth. His mini Dark Dragon form used by the end of Turbo-Warriors also has a disfigured human skull for its face.
  • Snare, the "lethal assassin robot". As he stated on Turbo-Charged, he has killed many persons over the years and nobody ever managed to escape from his hands. He has access to many dangerous weapons that he uses to torture and kill people. Worst part is that he wasn't dealing with any superhuman individuals, meaning that he was killing innocent and defenseless people who had the bad luck of crossing paths with him.