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Ultra Links were intended to be power limiters
Steel bonds with Max, both live in a symbiosis. Steel feeds of off Max Turbo-energy, he can't survive without it. Without Steel Max is unable to control his Turbo-energy.Obviously someone must have created those symbiotic robots to bond with those that have too much energy.Somehow Steel was one of those who gained conscience (notice how the others with ultra links do not (seem) to have the same bond Max has with Steel).

Also; the ones who have created them must have a ridiculous number of people with too much Turbo-Energy (Max's Uncle tells them that there are MILLIONS like Steel).Therefore Ultra links were not created for fun, but because there's an alien race somewhere out there who is not able to survive without those Ultra Links.

  • Actually, Ultra Links are more of weapons, able to bind with anything(Living, dead, inanimate) and turn them into a super soldier.

Sydney knows about Max being Max Steel
She's just pretending to not know.
  • That could explain why she just shrugs off anything weird he does as him just being peculiar.

Max's body converts normal wastes into Turbo Energy.

Omega-class Ultralinks.
  • Steel is mentioned to be an Omega-class Ultralink. The only other Omega-class is X376. The Elementaurs are at least an offshoot or a predecessor to the Omega-class. The reason why Omega-classes are so rare is because they were programmed with a much higher degree of freedom compared to the standard. This, of course, probably made most of them bail on Makino, like Steel did.