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  • Why is every bloody thing a robot? Why do half the robots look like animals? What exactly is the point of a penguin robot, or a bear robot? Is Dr. Wily just trying to recreate the entire animal kingdom in robot form?
    • I'm guessing God Complex.
    • Quite frankly, because anything that's not a robot wouldn't hold a candle to a robot in combat, as all these robots are pretty darn superhuman, and the games and plots tend to focus on combat involving the protagonist robot. As for why there's robot-penguins and monkeys, well, I suppose we'll just chalk it up to the Rule of Fun.
    • I don't remember Dr. Wily being in any of the Mega Man X games.
      • Technically, he wasn't. But at the end of X5, Sigma states that he's found "an old man who hates [X] almost as much I do". Considering that the final boss immediately after is a blatant ripoff of Gamma from MM3, it's not a stretch to think it's Wily. Then there's the whole Black Demon boss three levels before... Basically, Wily somehow survived until X5, and then the plot thread was dropped.
      • Prior to X5, most of the time this could be attributed to the fact that the Sigma virus makes reploids insane. Most of the mechaniloids in most of the levels could serve some kind of useful function. I just have this image of Sting Chameleon in his new forest bouncing around between various barely functional machines going "BUNNIES! WE NEED BUNNIES FOR A REAL FOREST!" After the events in X5, there's so much Sigma Virus in the atmosphere that it can start to put cybernetics in anything organic still on the surface (remember, Nanotech does whatever the story needs it to do.)
      • The Virus isn't nanotech. But the machines might be needed just to make the surface habitable again. After all, a piece of the colony still hit the earth.
      • Doesn't Wily have a cameo in silhouette at the start of Zero's story in X4?
  • What happened to the original Mega Man prior to the X series, and why did Light feel the need to replace him with a near identical counterpart?
    • Nobody knows anything of the sequence of events there, because Capcom's never said anything. For all we know, "what happened" was that Dr. Light quietly lived out the rest of his life and Mega Man was decommissioned when he got old and too costly to keep repairing.
    • X isn't a replacement to Rock. Rock was originally built as Light's personal lab assistant, X was built to be able to think and feel like a human. As for Mega Man's disappearance, he likely was set to expire as per events prior to Mega Man 9.
    • During the events of Mega Man II, Wily kidnaps Mega Man from the future and remakes him into Quint, who is destroyed by present-day Mega Man.
    • It's unknown exactly what happened, but with a little analysis you can get close. In the Original timeline there are lots of robots, high tech and the like, and Dr. Light is a well known scientist, but in the X times no one really remembers either Dr. Light or Mega Man (who saved the day several times), also X happens to be a really impressive discovery to Dr. Cain, and it's tech is used to made the reploids, why is all this? how such an important scientist is forgotten in just a century? why the name of "Mega Man" or it's aspect is unfamiliar to everyone? how an 100 years old robot is a Super High-tech machine? Technology advances quickly, and in a world were robots are self conscious this is really weird, so the only possible explanation is that some sort of catastrophe wiped out a good part of population, leading to a technological recess and the lost of the collective memories of important events and persons. In this catastrophic scenario Dr Light hid himself in a subterranean lab where X was created (this can be seen in the OVA "The day of Sigma"). Also in that OVA we only see Dr. Light alone, there is no Roll and no Rock which is strange cause his original purpose was to be the best lab assistant, so why he is not helping the Dr? Maybe he perished in the catastrophe, so Dr. Light made X as a new savior to humanity. Also in the same ova Dr. Light doesn't seem too Happy about his new creation, he seems rather worried about something, and we see him coughing, and his lab is rather dark, so is possible that this lab is also a bunker to protect himself from whatever happened, and his health deteriorated due to his age and the condition he is now. Anyway what's seems to be clear is that something big happened so humanity stuck for a century and forgot about a lot.
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    • That is far from the "only possible explanation." The Mega Man X series does not establish that nobody remembers Light or Mega Man. It's simply not a thing that's brought up. You know what else the X series never makes reference to? Some apocalyptic catastrophe that wiped out a chunk of humanity. Dr. Cain knows enough about Dr. Light to recognize his name and his work. X is so much more advanced because Dr. Light was just that good and was experimenting with a system that he invented and nobody else had.
    • There's an interview from when Mega Man X4 was released where the developers state that the X series isn't the actual future of the original series, but a possible timeline.
  • Did Capcom steal the idea of a human looking, robotic robot hunter named Rock from Metropolis?
    • Quite probably not. Rock is the English translation, the original name for the Metropolis character is Rokaku (or at the very least, the Metropolis character himself is based on Tezuka's Boy Detective Rokaku character), and Rockman is a music reference (Rock&Roll, Bass&Treble, etc). And besides that, Metropolis' Rock is human, albeit adopted.
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    • The Tezuka character's name is indeed Rock — the character started out as a detective, and "Rock" cam from "Sherlock". When the character appears as a villain (as in Metropolis) sometimes Rock is lengthened to Rokuro, but normally his name is simply Rock. He appears in many of Tezuka's works and while he DID play a villain in the anime remake of Metropolis, he was not in the original 1950's manga.
    • Rock is to Mega Man what Clark Kent is to Superman.
    • Actually, the general consensus is that the idea was stolen from Astro Boy.
    • A lot of cues are also taken from Neo Human Casshern as well.
    • This explains certain aspects of the story, although there are plenty of holes and no insight into the fate of the original cast: Everything related to Mega Man is, apparently, canonical, except X6 through 8 and Battle Network.
      • X6 is referenced in Mega Man Zero 2. Cyber Elf X mentions how Zero sealed himself away, also, much of the backstory to Mega Man Zero 3 requires that Zero's body was sealed and not destroyed. Although, I believe ZX Advent pretty much confirms X7 onwards as non-canon.
      • Word of God says it's all canon.
  • This is pretty trivial, but there's something that's kind of strange: Mega Man Battle Network has zenny, a currency that existed in Mega Man Legends before it. Battle Network is supposed to have branched off from the Mega Man Classic timeline when the research of the Internet superseded the research of robotics, so it stands to reason that they both contain the same currency. My question is this: How does Legends, a series that takes place 5,000 years after the Classic series still have the same currency?! We're talking about post-extinction of humans and Reploids, for goodness' sake! Why would the everyone still be using it?
    • Translation Convention. They probably aren't actually speaking English/Japanese anymore by that point, but the game is 'translated' into it for our convenience, and apparently that translation includes the name of the currency.

  • Why is it that Mega Men can replenish Health in the transition between Fortress levels, but not Weapon Energy?
    • My best guess is, said Weapon Energy isn't accessible to Dr. Light (Wily usually makes the weapons), who's probably the one replenishing Mega Man's health somehow (assume that in-between Fort stages, there's a weakness in the EM field surrounding the forts that prevents Mega Man from just beaming straight to the final boss, which Dr. Light takes advantage of and sends Mega Man energy).
  • Why doesn't Dr. Light/MissionControl just skip over the eight Robot Masters/Mavericks' stages and go right to the boss? Better yet, why not skip over all of the flunkies and go right to Dr. Wily/Sigma? I mean, it seems like they can teleport Mega Man wherever, so it'd be more logical (though it'd make a shorter game) to just skip past the perfunctory bits and go for the head.
    • Mega Man 3 the point was to recover the power crystals from the Robot Masters so they could build Gamma, before Dr. Wily betrayed them and stole everything. You got me at the rest, but since it involved getting all the really useful powerups and stopping the rampaging robots...
      • These robots weren't even rebelling. Mega Man murdered his own kind that were just doing their jobs.
      • According to the wiki, they did go crazy, of course, this information should probably be taken with a grain of salt...
    • Well, they have decent teleportation technology by that point, so I assume that it's to take down his forces, like in the Red Ribbon Saga. Otherwise, Wily could teleport every single robot, including all eight robot masters, into his chambers the moment you came in. Basically, so you don't have to defeat an army single handed.
    • The whole point of killing the enemy bosses is for Mega Man to grow physically and/or mentally, so he'll be strong enough to survive whatever Wily/Sigma/boss of the month can throw at him. Otherwise, he wouldn't survive for long.
    • This troper had always thought of it as the area having some kind of anti-teleport scrambler, and Mega Man would have to teleport as close as he could get without going inside the scrambler field. As for why he still does the teleport animation on the second level of the fortress stages, I'd say it's probably due to either him weakening the field after killing a boss, or just lazy programming. (probably the former, since Mega Man 7 allowed him to go back to Auto's shop inbetween fortress stages)
    • Most of the games required use of a weapon or item obtained from a boss or stage; in Mega Man you needed the Magnet Beam from Elec Man's stage to pass through the first Wily level, in 2 the Crash Bomber was necessary to destroy the Boobeam Trap and the Bubble Lead against the Alien, in 4 you needed the Pharaoh Shot or Ring Boomerang to destroy the Wily Capsule, and so on. Among other reasons, Mega Man needs to tackle the Robot Master stages to prepare as much weaponry as he can before he takes on Wily's Fortress.
    • Besides, it's implied those robots are in some way attacking the public from their fortresses/stages, so Mega Man would need to take them out afterward anyway.
    • The logical explanation for this, supported by later games in all franchises via maps on the stage select screens, is that the general area of the Robot Master or Maverick is known - but not his or her exact location. Mega Man teleports to the area to locate the boss, and after dispatching him or her, leaves. (The fact that the level is linear and that there is a "boss room" is just a holdover from the original game technology and design, except for the fortress levels.)
  • The Metool. It's like the cockroach of the Mega Man universe This little guy has been around for some 700 years. It's seen many wars, and apocalypses. It's escaped obsolencense despite the introduction and evolution of Reploids. Amazing isn't it?
    • How do you know they're exactly the same? After all, the Mega Men have all looked more or less the same except for some cosmetic differences for the seven hundred years, and even beyond to Mega Man Legends. They're probably being upgraded regularly, but we can't see it because all the changes are internal. The shield on the top itself is still perfectly good, being invulnerable and all, and it blocks us from seeing any other cosmetic changes.
    • The database entry for the VMettaur in Mega Man ZX Advent states that Mets have been proposed for amusement park mascots. Maybe people just got really attached to the adorable little mooks.
  • What's with the Exties? This one's confused me ever since the NES games: why set the date as "200X" or "20XX"? Even with the X, there's a limit to the date: the "X" digits can't be more than 9. So if it's to stave off I Want My Rush Jet once the real dates come up, then it's no better than just saying the highest possible numbers (like 2009 or 2099); the setting will be dated either way after that. There are more games that do it than Mega Man, but Mega Man's so famous for it that I thought I'd bring it up here.
    • It's basically because the gamer only needs a rough idea of when the games take place. There are actually specific dates that can be found at the MMKB, if you really must know.
  • Is there any given explanation for what exactly that beam teleportation that's used by the protagonists of the series is or how it works?
    • In the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series, it's implied that it was Trans Servers all along. While the respective protagonistsnote  get a unique teleportation effect in those series that you don't see the other characters using, the other characters have a teleportation effect that is extremely similar to how Mega Man/Proto Man/Bass and X/Zero/Axl did it in the X and Classic series, and everyone in the Zero series doing this are stated to have been using Trans Servers. As for how it works, this franchise is pretty far into the softer side of science fiction; the explanation is probably some barely meaningful technobabble.
  • A lot of fan theories state that Zero killed Mega Man and friends while also cauing tons of property damage and destroying lots of lives while under the influence of the Maverick Virus. My major question here is this: If Zero really did go on that rampage in 20XX and caused all that destruction, how come everyone in 21XX is more than happy to accept him into the Hunters' forces? Are you telling me that nobody deemed it important to take any pictures or document this at all? Even ignoring how the theory was confirmed to not be true (at least when it comes to killing Mega Man and co.), it's really a stretch for these theories to say that Zero would just be forgotten after becoming probably the most feared robot of the 21st Century.
    • Because they're fan theories, and not well thought out.
  • You know what's a little odd that I'm surprised more people haven't brought up (although this could double as Fridge Logic)? People say that Duo being some sort of bizarre Omnicidal Maniac is the major case of confusion for Battle Network being a For Want of a Nail of the Classic series. However, there's another major difference: Where are all of the real-world countries? In Mega Man 6, there are eight countries represented that exist in the real world (those being the U.S., Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, England, and China). At least four of these have Fantasy Counterpart Cultures in Battle Network. What happened to all of them? Have they ever existed? Surely, the history must've diverged at some point earlier than just Dr. Light's research branching off into two different fields.