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Mega Man (Classic)
  • Mega Man's original crowning moment of awesome was defeating the six robot masters and Dr. Wily for the very first time. To make it even more awesome, this was before Energy and Weapon Tanks. Mega Man was, like his sister Roll, originally designed as a housekeeping robot.
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  • The intro for 2.
  • Beat being able to take down everything with ease in 5 and 6note , so much so that his function was completely changed from 7 on.
  • In the ending of Mega Man 5, Wily's Fortress begins to collapse as Mega Man frees Dr. Light. When the ceiling starts to cave in on them, both doctors panic. What does our favorite robot do? He holds up the entire freaking mountain-sized fortress with pure strength and willpower alone! When there wasn't a large enough gap left for Dr. Light and Rock to escape, we hear a certain iconic whistle before a hole is blasted through the fortress for the two to escape through. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.
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  • In Mega Man 7, if you time it right, you can defeat Turbo Man and Spring Man with Noise Crush as their health bars begin to fill up.
  • Mega Man: I am more than just a robot. DIE, WILY!
    • The Japanese version of 7 goes quite differently. In both versions, Wily reminds Mega Man/Rockman that, as per Asimov, robots can't harm humans. In the American version, Mega Man says the above line. In Japan, he obediently powers down to silently question himself, making this Wily's Moment of Awesome instead.
    • Bass trumps them both right afterward by compressing a Breaking Speech into a single phrase:
      Bass: He who hesitates is lost!
    • After that is Mega's badass Unflinching Walk home from Dr. Wily's self-destructed fortress. Sadly cut out of the Anniversary Collection due to emulation issues.
  • The moment in 8 where Duo takes out a huge mech Wily built singlehandedly, made even better when he cuts the freaking robot's face off, was awesome in its own right. Keep in mind that this robot was busy electrocuting a helpless Mega Man when Duo showed up, and had punched Rush into a wall when he tried to stop it.
  • In Mega Man & Bass, Proto Man gets a moment when, after being chopped in half in the opening level, and then getting his own laser shot back at him, takes off the kid's gloves and shoots King with a Hadouken. Eat your heart out, X.
    • The Hadouken was a translation joke, it's still badass and awesome, of course.
      • The real name of his attack is even more so: Big Bang Blast.
      • To make things a bit more awesome — this scene is a direct Shout-Out to Big Bang Punch.
  • 8 has the helper robots show up to help you in the two aerial stages. Eddie drops bombs. Beat does a bird missile. Auto, the item maker, shoots a freaking bazooka. And you can have them all on the screen at once, with Rush and Mega himself shooting their own brand of plasma goodness. And one of these is in a Wily Stage, where you even face a boss with this possible setup.
  • Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters has Mega Man's ending, where Wily drives him into questioning his motives and existence by calling him a hypocrite who destroys robots to bring peace. He's in such a state of navel-gazing that this is what lets Wily escape.
    • The same game has Bass's ending, where Wily reveals his ultimate creation, Zero.
  • Wily has a CMoA in Mega Man 9 when he talks Light's robots into rebelling. Yes, you read that right, he talks Light's own robots into rebelling against humanity, simply by giving a very valid and true argument about their being arbitrarily destroyed after a set time despite still being very much useful as human servants. It's a shame Capcom didn't follow up on it, because it would've been an awesome twist to the entire Mega Man series.
    • However, it should be clarified: Wily did not convince them to rampage. He convinced them that they were still useful, and that they should let him repair them so they could continue helping people. Presumably, while he was "repairing" them, he installed their murderous programming. Still, Wily does get major points for even that subtle rebellion, since they are 3-Laws robots, and second law was in effect.
  • Mega Man himself gets one in 9 upon defeating Wily, with the Mad Scientist begging at his feet once again. He then proceeds to use Rush to show him a montage of all the times he's had to beg for mercy in the previous games as a brutal Humiliation Conga. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Wily's plan in Mega Man 10 was to infect robots with a virus, banking on Mega Man coming down with it just before he could stop him. It was ultimately derailed by Roll.
    • The moment in question where Roll gives her medicine to Mega Man for him to take and be able to stop Wily counts as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • The introductions of Wily's castles have never been as awesome as the one seen in Mega Man 10. The castle gradually emerges from the darkness as the screen slowly pans it into view. It just makes storming it all the more epic.
  • This playthrough of Mega Man 10’s Mr. Perfect Achievement on Hard Mode.

Rockman X Over

  • It reached third place in the iTunes store days after its release. More significantly, it's #63 and climbing in iTunes' Top Grossing Apps. Of the 1,136 ratings, 889 of them are five star reviews; while most of those are referral codes, it shows a lot of people have the game and care enough to rate it.
  • Kalinka being seen again for the first time since Wily and Light's Rockboard. She helps out Over-1, too, and is older than she was in Mega Man 4.

The Mega Man Cartoon

  • In "Electric Nightmare", Mega Man steals Pharaoh Man's power. Instead of being cowed, he punches him in the face, and then tries to crush his head with a torn-off chunk of debris from a nearby fountain; making him one of only two Robot Masters — the other being Crystal Man, seen below — who actively and effectively fights back against Mega Man after having their power copied.
    Dr. Wily: PHARAOH MAN! (Pharaoh Man enters) Destroy Mega Man!
    Pharaoh Man: So you command. So it shall be done!
  • Of all people, Dr. Wily got one in "The Mega Man in the Moon". When a human girl, Tina, stows away on the rocket ship to see her father, Wily promptly holds her hostage. When Mega comes to save her, Wily physically grabs Tina and tells Mega to take a hike or else he'd activate her jetpack, which would blast her off into space. Mega is accordingly forced to retreat to avoid hurting an innocent, and Wily is free to continue his plan.
  • Roll got one in "Terror of the Seven Seas" when she successfully infiltrated Wily's base, defeated Cut Man, avoided Elec Man and Bomb Man, and got out safely. Given her track record in season one you might be waiting for her to get caught, but it doesn't happen, establishing her as a proper action girl.
  • Near the end of "Mega-Pinocchio", Mega Man pretended to be evil to get close enough to steal Magnet Man's power. How did he accomplish this? With a high-five.
  • Proto Man got one in "Bro Bots". When Mega Man found out that he was only pretending to be good, he was understandably angry. However, Mega couldn't act to stop him and Wily because of a 'scrambler chip' Proto had planted on him earlier. Protoman offered to remove it if his brother would join him. When Mega refused...
    Proto Man: Whatever you say, bro. (shoots Mega Man, sending him flying into the wall)
  • Proto Man got another one in "Showdown at Red Gulch". Wily had his robots powered up with meteorite fragments, and Proto warned Mega that he was out of his league. Mega Man ignored his warning and tried to get him anyway. Proto Man's response?
    Proto Man: I hate to say I told you so, but... (shoots him) ...I told you so!
  • Eddie got one in "Mega-Pinocchio". When Mega Man jumped in front of Proto Man's shot to protect the statue of Abraham Lincoln, he was unable to move. Proto Man went to finish him off... and Eddie charged up the stairs, knocked Proto Man over, and gave Mega Man an Energy Can to power him back up.
  • The mayor of the city got one in "The Big Shake". Dr. Wily invented an earthquake machine that, well, created earthquakes. After an attack on Light's lab, Wily believed he'd killed them all. Wily then threatened the mayor, telling him Mega and Light were out of commission permanently, to submit, and to be quick about it as he had other cities and countries to deal with. The mayor refused and told him to shake the city to the ground. They wouldn't surrender. He'd rule nothing.
  • "Master of Disaster" was one of the... stranger episodes, but it had an awesome moment from Proto Man. When Wily found a genie and ordered him to destroy Mega Man, he ignored the robots. After the genie tried and failed several times, Proto Man told him to stuff it and let the robots give it a shot.
    • Granted, the 'bots failed, too, but he talked back to a genie.
  • In "Ice Age", Iceman defeated Mega Man, Roll, and Rush about 3 times in the span of a single episode. And he kicked Rush while he was frozen, breaking him into pieces.
  • Metal Man got one in "Future Shock". After pinning Mega Man under a pipe, he tried to saw his head off. Hardcore!
  • "Mega X" was one for just about everyone involved, animators included, but special mention goes to Dr. Wily, who saved Vile and Spark Mandrill from X.
    • On the heroes' side of things, it had been shown that none of the present-day tech could affect Vile and Spark Mandrill; Mega Man experienced this firsthand. But it didn't stop him from standing in front of the time portal to stall them until X could get at them. When Vile retaliated, Mega and Rush pulled X out of the way of his shot, and when Spark Mandrill attacked them, Mega Man was able to stop his shot with a blast of his own.
    • Roll vacuuming up a plasma shot and firing it back out.
    • Vile and Spark Mandrill are completely unstoppable until X arrives to even the odds—and even he has trouble with them.
    • X was attacked by Cutman's Rolling Cutter. He caught the blade.
    • X copied Snake Man's weapon and destroyed Wily's superlaser with one shot.
  • Roll got another in "Bot Transfer" when she beat up Snake Man — technically it was Mega Man in his body, but still — with a lamp.
  • Rush got one in "The Strange Island of Dr. Wily," where he was instrumental in helping Mega fight the giant Stone Bot, even distracting him when Mega was briefly captured. As bonus points for those who didn't much like Rush, he stayed relatively silent during the fight.
  • Dr. Light got one in "The Mega Man in the Moon" when he interrupted Wily by cutting into his transmission screen; generally Wily did that to the good guys.
  • Light got another in "Cold Steel" when, after being freed of brainwashing, said this in response to Wily's tirade.
    Wily: Why!? Why am I surrounded by fools?
    Light: Maybe because that's all you know how to build, Dr. Wily.
  • Proto Man got one in "Campus Commandos," as he donned a jetpack and silly-looking goggles to see Mega when he was in stealth mode. The resulting aerial fight had Proto doing a midair somersault while vaulting down the side of a building, shooting at Mega Man mid-roll.
  • Any time Rush goes into jet mode by himself to save Mega Man.

Fan Film

  • Proto Man not taking any damage from Elec Man, and then one-hit-killing him by punching his head off.
  • Mega Man stopping Wily.
  • Proto Man enters. *whistle*


  • Mega Man is about to finish off Wily in Issue 4, but he runs out of ammo. Wily takes advantage of the situation to fly away. Rather than let Wily escape, Mega Man runs towards a piece of metal left behind by the fight, jumps off of it, and proceeds to blast Wily's machine at point blank with a charged shot, keeping Wily from escaping. Also, this is the very first time Mega Man has ever fought Wily. Can't wait for the Wily fight in the Mega Man 2 arc!
  • The fight with Fire Man in Issue 3. It basically amounts to Fire Man starts taunting Mega Man, Mega freezes him before he finishes his sentence, Fire Man gets punched in the face.
  • Wily's buried under the remains of his Wily Machine, complaining that Dr. Light's robot had beaten him, but "at least I'll die with the satisfaction of knowing I was the better man." Cue Rock digging Wily out to save his life.
  • During the "Wily Fortress" phase of the first story arc, Mega Man is forced to confront the Robot Masters again, but manages to avoid lethal blows this time. However, this sequence wears him down a bit for the Copy Robot, who proves to be more ferocious than his template, and nearly overwhelms him. In comes the Robot Masters, who completely annihilate the Copy Robot. This not only saves Mega Man some trouble, but frees them from the programming Wily put in them through a simple loophole: If Copy Robot is an exact duplicate of Mega Man, he must be fair game to satisfy the parameters.
  • When the human terrorists Emerald Spears attack the robot convention, they are fully aware that the robots are Three Laws compliant, and that attacking the Emerald Spears would only prove their point that robots can run amuck. So Mega Man, Rush, Quake Woman, Pharaoh Man, and Elec Man take down the Emerald Spears nonviolently. Mega Man takes advantage of being a Ridiculously Human Robot by posing as an innocent boy running away from a rabid robot dog (Rush), and leading the sympathetic terrorists into locked rooms.
  • After Wily reveals his double-cross in issue 45 and forces Light and Roll to power up and release Gamma for him, Wily makes the mistake of assuming Light's anger is from being just as much a conniving attention hog as he is. Light's responses to his prodding are merely assurances he can leave at any time, but after Wily continues to rub salt in the wound and dares to say he's the more talented one after everything he's done, especially to Thomas's daughter and sons, Light immediately grabs him by the collar and instills genuine fear in his old colleague as he is inches from going full Papa Wolf.


  • In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, the 'Days of Future Past' stage features a poster of several missing characters from the previous Marvel vs Capcom games. All characters appearing on the mugshot poster are tagged with either 'Apprehended' or 'Slain'... Save Megaman. Overlaps with Fridge Brilliance when one realises that in a bad future where Sentinels have gone on a Terminator-esque rampage against Mankind, only Megaman would continue to fight on, for Everlasting Peace.
  • From an album promotional trailer. You know shit just got real when X and Zero start duking it out ANIME STYLE!
  • Mega Man vs. Street Fighter. FREE. Need we say more?
    • Even better, Version 2 was released, which fixed complaints fans had and added a bonus character.
  • Mega Man is in Super Smash Bros. 4 with a slew of Robot Master weapons. His Final Smash summons other Mega Man incarnations to fire a huge beam of energy, a la Pokémon Trainer's Final Smash.
  • Rockman Xero by fGiMr part one and two is pretty much distilled Zero awesomeness.


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