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Fully Charged

  • In Episode 46: "A Man Man for All Seasons", When Aki is unable to transform into Mega Man, he tries to put together a Man Man-inspired costume with a leaf blower in place of his Mega Buster. All this is set to a low-budget version of his normal transformation theme, which eventually peters out as the tape around the leaf blower falls off.


  • The 30th Anniversary video that would lead up to Mega Man 11 celebrates the franchise by showcasing every entry in the series through the years. In a bout of self-deprecating humor, the Series Hiatus after the 2010 mark is depicted by Mega entering Wily's fortress and traversing over a corridor of spikes, and the poorly-received Rockman Xover is barely acknowledged.
  • On August 15th, 2018, Dr. Wily borrowed a page from his portly counterpart and hijacked the Mega Man Twitter. This no doubt brings about a bunch of gems, like...
    Dark Throwback: Why haven't you made a Spiked Wall Man yet?
    Dr. Wily: Even genius like mine runs into budget setbacks every now and then. You wouldn't believe how much spikes cost.
    Ethan Miley: Are you ever going to change your outfit?
    Dr. Wily: I've got a new shirt and tie, thank you! I'll have you know that lab coats and belt buckle skulls never go out of style.
    I'm Not Seth Rogan: Any secret projects we should know about?
    Dr. Wily: WHO TOLD Y- absolutely none! None at all!
    • Right before he left the account, he mentioned that his previous schemes for world domination have "faild", which itself is a Shout-Out to Mega Man 6.