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Video Games

"My scheme for world domination has fai... fail... faild... But I still have enough power to destroy proper spelling!"


Cartoon series

  • In "Electric Nightmare", Mega Man is locked in the bathroom and submerged in acid. He only has a few seconds left! Then Dr. Light walks by.
    Dr. Light: Now why would anyone bar the outside of the bathroom door? ...OH NO!
    • Earlier in that episode, we have Wily and Proto Man determine today's nefarious plot... by acting it out with action figures. Then Proto Man throws a temper tantrum and destroys them.
    • Later, Dr. Wily takes control of all electrical appliances in the city, making them murderous and mobile. At one point, Mega Man and Roll gets chased by a hot dog wagon which isn't even electrical!
    • Roll's over-the-top reaction to a cosmetics robot giving her a bad facial.
    • "That sounded like an explosion!"
    • After arriving at the power plant, Mega Man orders Rush to switch to stealth mode. He proceeds to stick sponges to his paws.
  • Mega Man steals Magnet Man's power...with a high-five. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Pharaoh Man's succinct response to Mega Man stealing his power. See it here.
  • In "Campus Commandos", Wily is stealing a building with an anti-gravity ray. Then Mega takes control of the ray.
    Dr. Wily: Mega Man, that's my building! Give it back!
    • What's even funnier is when Wily reacts by smashing the Skullker's control panels, causing it to fly everywhere.
    • When Roll takes revenge on Top Man, we get a top-view with him crashing through the park, complete with pinball sound effects.
  • The Big Shake:
    Dr. Wily: Submit, or I will destroy the city.
    The Mayor: I can't do that... That's slavery!
    * Music Stops*
    Dr. Wily: Sounds good to me.
    • Then, when the mayor gives in and announces his surrender to Wily in a press conference, Wily runs in, while the mayor is mid-sentence, and starts ranting while the mayor audibly crashes to the floor off-camera.
  • In "The Incredible Shrinking Mega Man", Mega's forced to use a pay phone to contact Dr. Light. This on its own is funny, but what sells it is Light's reaction.
    Dr. Light: A collect call from Mega Man!? ...Yes, I'll accept the charges!
  • In "Master of Disaster", Wily awakens Lotos the genie, who asks him what he wants him to do.
    Wily: *gets the happiest tone in his voice* can start by destroying those meddling robots.
  • This exchange:
  • "Let's see how you do against...KUNG FU CUTMAN! HYAAA!"
  • One perfect line from "The Day the Moon Fell".
    Cutman: LOOK OUT! It's the blue dweeb!
  • In Terror of the Seven Seas, Wily thinks he's managed to finally kill Mega Man by strapping him to a torpedo and then watching it explode. When Mega Man returns to Wily's floating fortress/super-ship, however, his reaction quickly goes from surprise to an evil chuckle and an attempt at complete and utter overkill. Apparently he has learned his lesson. His delivery of the line is what sells the moment.
    Dr. Wily: Mega Man? Impossible!
    Proto Man: Looks like nothing you got can stop him, Doc!
    Dr. Wily: Oooh yesss? How about... eighty laser cannons, fifty missile launchers and - hehehe - two thousand pulse power photon neutralizers?
    He fires them all at once, but they fail. Prompt the Villainous Breakdown as Mega Man begins cutting his way through a steel door.
    Dr. Wily: Guts Man! Bomb Man! It's Mega Man! Punch him to pieces! Blow him to bits! Pulverize him!
  • Cut Man is incompetent.
  • Megaman's solution to dealing with complicated machinery.
    Megaman: No time to be scientific! I need to shut this thing down! ( repeatedly punches and kicks the control panel)
  • Ring Man's pissed off face after Megaman gives an Incredibly Lame Pun in Peril Park.
  • Mega Man, you patriotic doofus. To quote a comment on the video:
    "So megaman is a japanese robot that is in a cartoon made in canada that protects presedent lincon[sic] who's from the usa. Makes sense"

Fan Film

  • The reporter and her camera man arguing right before Dr. Light's interview, then turning to him, pretending like nothing happened.
  • Wily gets many of these.
    • "Asshole."
      Olga: Are you addressing me?
      Wily: Nooooo, I am monologuing to myself out loud... yes, I am talking to you.
  • Rock punching out his alarm clock.
    Rock: ...Oops.

Archie Comic Book

  • When Mega Man takes his first steps into combatting Robot Masters, he asks why Dr. Light couldn't create robots named Origami Man or Pillow Man.
  • In Short Circuits #3, when Roll imagines how she would react if she had Mega Man's powers:
  • When Crash Man boasts about how advanced he is, Mega Man asks him where his hands are. Baffled, Crash Man realizes this and actually concedes to the question's logic.
    • The lack of hands becomes a minor running gag, such as when Dr. Wily asks Needle Man to help him move rubble, and in Spark Man's profile, which claims that he is stronger than Elec Man, but is jealous of Elec Man's hands.
  • Flash Man is defeated because he is jealous of Mega Man having hair, and wonders why Wily didn't give him any (a Shout-Out to his data card from Mega Man & Bass).
  • The "battle" with the "Alien" in issue 12.
    Wily: P-pay no attention to that man behind the hologram...!
    Mega Man: Evil invaders from space? How ridiculous can you get?
    Wily: You still fell for it! I saw you! You were scared!
  • When Dr. Lalinde tells Quake Woman she "would like [her] to meet Drs. Light and Cossack and their creations", Kalinka protests that she's not a robot. Cossack clarifies that that's not what Lalinde meant - but she is still his greatest creation, and he'll... explain when she's older.
  • When Needle Man is created, he stares at the cannons where his hands should be. Crash Man sympathizes.
  • Worlds Collide #1: Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman attempt to settle what to name their new headquarters ("Death Egg III" or "Wily Flying Fortress") with Rock–Paper–Scissors... only to tie every time.
    Eggman: Wily Egg?
    Wily: Wily Egg!
  • After the crossover, Wily wonders why he wants to stomp on a cartoon of eggs.
  • In Issue 32's Short Circuit, Ice Man dreams of himself as a prince and Roll as Sleeping Beauty.
  • The Short Circuit comic in Issue 33 had Mega Man playing a guitar. Because the issue is called "Unplugged", thus he'd be "Acoustic Rock".
  • In Issue 37, after Dr. Wily pushes Dr. Cossack's Berserk Button, Cossack tenses up in pure rage and squeezes the handle of the mug he's holding so tight the mug breaks off the handle, with Roll dashing in to catch it.
  • Mega Man's plan to escape an ice cavern does not impress Ice Man:
    Mega Man: But it worked!
  • Top Man reacting to Mega Man going through his "stage."
    Top Man: That's not how you're supposed to do it! (Mega Man uses Rush Jet to pass a section) You CAN'T bypass those! You're missing the entire point!
  • When Mega Man reaches Gemini Man in Issue 42, he walks through the door Covered in Gunge and thoroughly confused about the area he just fought through.
    Mega Man: The eggs! The walls! This place! What's going on?!
    Gemini Man: Honestly? I couldn't tell ya. Experiments on growing algae or something.
  • Short Circuits #52 directly mocking the old Mega Man cartoon, The Lion King (1994) and Captain N: The Game Master with normal old Mega Man reminding himself to remember to get some basic quality control on his shows.
  • In one of the Short Circuits, Dr. Wily discovers that Crash Man crashed his car and his servers, so he tries to use him to crash the stock market.
  • According to the Short Circuits, Break Man, Proto Man's alias, has the power to take 15-minute breaks, as mandated by Union Man. He also had the power to make a four-month break for the Sonic Crossover.

Fully Charged

  • In Episode 46: "A Man Man for All Seasons", When Aki is unable to transform into Mega Man, he tries to put together a Man Man-inspired costume with a leaf blower in place of his Mega Buster. All this is set to a low-budget version of his normal transformation theme, which eventually peters out as the tape around the leaf blower falls off.



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