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The following games have their own pages:

Video Games

  • Mega Man 3
    • Gemini Man was a tough boss, being able to create a clone of himself and fight you in perfect synch. But his weakness? He's afraid of snakes.
    • Hard Man. Taking it even further, his weapon consists of him using projectile fists.
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  • In Mega Man 6, when Wily reveals himself, he says that his "scheme for world domination has faild!" While this was fixed in future copies (like the Anniversary Collection), Lets Player GeminiLaser made an amusing comment on it during his Mega Man 6 playthrough.
"My scheme for world domination has I still have enough power to destroy proper spelling!"

Fully Charged

  • In Episode 46: "A Man Man for All Seasons", When Aki is unable to transform into Mega Man, he tries to put together a Man Man-inspired costume with a leaf blower in place of his Mega Buster. All this is set to a low-budget version of his normal transformation theme, which eventually peters out as the tape around the leaf blower falls off.


  • On August 15th, 2018, Dr. Wily borrowed a page from his portly counterpart and hijacked the Mega Man Twitter. This no doubt brings about a bunch of gems, like...
    Dark Throwback: Why haven't you made a Spiked Wall Man yet?
    Dr. Wily: Even genius like mine runs into budget setbacks every now and then. You wouldn't believe how much spikes cost.
    Ethan Miley: Are you ever going to change your outfit?
    Dr. Wily: I've got a new shirt and tie, thank you! I'll have you know that lab coats and belt buckle skulls never go out of style.
    I'm Not Seth Rogan: Any secret projects we should know about?
    Dr. Wily: WHO TOLD Y- absolutely none! None at all!
    • Right before he left the account, he mentioned that his previous schemes for world domination have "faild", which itself is a Shout-Out to Mega Man 6.