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  • Capcom are on record stating that the series was based on Astro Boy. Rock himself looks similar to Atom during the first game's ending.
  • The implementation of Rush was inspired by Neo Human Casshern's robot dog, Friender.
  • Speaking of Friender, that's the original Japanese names of the fire-breathing robot dog enemies in Wood Man's stage in Mega Man 2.
  • The Wily Fortress Boss Mettonger Z in Mega Man 6 is a Mettaur-piloted shoutout to Mazinger Z. The Hyper Mega Man super in the Marvel VS Capcom series is one to Great Mazinger, and Roll's counterpart super is one for Aphrodite/Venus.
  • In Mega Man 7, hold the B button when entering the Shade Man stage for the first time, and the music will change to a remix of the music from the first level of Ghosts 'n Goblins.
  • Mega Man 9 features a shout out to the original in Dr. Wily's Swiss Bank Account number (19-871-217). December 17, 1987 is the release date of the first game.
  • In Mega Man 11, one of Block Man's pre-battle quotes is "You're just another brick in the wall!"
  • One of Blast Man's Pre battle quotes is "Explosion... is ART!"
  • Another shout out appears in The Wily Wars for the Sega Genesis, to of all things Sonic the Hedgehog. During the outside portions of Mega Water S's stage, a green, grassy island with waterfalls can be seen in the distance, which bears a suspicious resemblance to Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic game. More blatantly, you have the bosses (referred to as the "Genesis Unit" in later Capcom materials) of the Wily Tower section themselves, Hyper Storm H, Buster Rod G, and Mega Water S, who are a combined shout out to Journey to the West.
  • Starting from the fourth game, Mega Man Battle Network also had a close relationship with Boktai, from optional quests in the Battle Network game to actual crossover mini-games obtained by linking the Battle Network game with the Boktai game. This material was stripped from the US translation of Battle Network 6 after the relative flop of the Boktai games in the US, leading to fan outcry (to give you a scope — two secret chips, six Navi (summon) chips, an optional boss, and an semi-secret area with accompanying Side Quest were cut out of the game).
    • The "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" meme was referenced by one of the altered programs in ElecMan's area in the first game.
    • After a certain plot event in Mega Man Battle Network 4, a visit to the haunted house in the real world results in a meeting with a stubble-bearded man with a sun-themed bandanna, who gives the player the code for the Battle Chip "Gun Del Sol EX". The man is actually intended to be Hideo Kojima, creator of the Boktai series (and the Metal Gear series, hence the impromptu Solid Snake cosplay), where the Gun Del Sol functions as the main character's weapon.
  • Mega Man Star Force has an Easter Egg where if you put a Mega Man Battle Network cartridge into the GBA slot, then an event with MegaMan.EXE would occur. Complete with Time Travel (Star Force is 200 years after Battle Network).
  • One sidequest in Mega Man Star Force 2 involves an elderly woman worried by the fact that her long-distance boyfriend, [[Series/Jeopardy Alec Tribec,]] has stopped writing. Mega naturally wonders if Alec stopped because he's in some sort of jeopardy.
  • In Mega Man Star Force 3, Geo's class has pet earthworms. The name of Geo's earthworm is James.
  • Fans have noted that the wing bits on the Black Ace form from Mega Man Star Force 3 superficially resemble those of the Freedom, and during its Limit Break attack, it sprouts energy wings that are identical to those found on the Destiny.
  • The Street Fighter Easter Eggs in the first two Mega Man X games. X could get the Hadouken (MMX) and Shoryuken (X2) from a gi-clad Dr. Light by performing certain feats. These move were executed the same as in their game of origin (with Fire substituting for Punch), and could kill anything in one hit. X had to be at full power to use them.
    • Then there's Magma Dragoon, who wears humongous prayer beads around his neck, has a "tien" symbol on his body, can perform the Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Tenma Kuujin Kyaku, and did some pretty questionable things just to fight X. Why hello there, Akuma.
      • He can also fire his projectiles both high and low, not unlike Sagat.
    • The Ultimate Armor in X4, X5, and X6 has the Psycho Crusher as its Giga Attack.
    • The Gaea Armor's Giga Attack in X5 is pretty much Chun-Li's Kikoushou Super Art.
    • In X8, Burn Rooster's Enkoukyaku also mimics Akuma's Tenma Kuujin Kyaku, whereas Avalanche Yeti can unleash a Shoryuken after burrowing in the snow. In the same game, equipping the K-Knuckle turns Zero's (or Layer's) Enkoujin and Hyouryuushou (techniques gained from the aforementioned bosses) into these same moves (albeit with the respective bosses' elemental affinities), and additionally replaces Rasetsusen (obtained from Dark Mantis) with Senpuukyaku, a stationary version of the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. X can also perform the Shoryuken if he has the Ultimate Armor equipped.
  • In Mega Man ZX Advent, Vent and Aile's grown-up appearance is a dead ringer for Shishioh Guy and Mikoto.
  • One of the members of the Resistance in the first few Zero games is an elderly reploid named Andrew, who married a human woman and ended up modifying his body so he could age with her. Sound familiar?
  • The comic book features an anti-robot terrorist group named the "Emerald Spears", a reference to the company that produced the cartoon, Ruby-Spears.
  • The comic book series also contains numerous references to the popular fan-made rock-and-roll group, The Megas:
    • While comforting Rock in issue 3, Dr. Light speaks the chorus of "The Message From Dr. Light", almost entirely word-for-word; bonus points go to the writers for actually managing to work the iconic phrase "robot hair" into the conversation without ruining the moment.
      Dr. Light: I made you in my image. I built your heart and gave you eyes. I gave you power and a sense of justice beyond any compare. I gave you hands, a child's face... Heh... Robot hair. But this burden, the burning in your heart, I did not put there.
    • Needle Man's personality in the comic appears to be almost entirely based on The Megas' interpretation of him in their song "The Haystack Principle".
    • In issue 46, when Rock and Blues are fighting and Blues confronts Rock about his relationship with Dr. Light, he yells "Then what am I supposed to be?!", a line from The Megas' song "I'm Not The Breakman".
  • Similarly to Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, Protectos the Goreroid in Mega Man ZX has an attack that's avoided by standing in his shadow to avoid getting fried.