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What's Mega Man without some mega music? It's called Rockman in Japanese for a reason, guys!

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    Zero Series 

    ZX Series 

    Legends Series 

    Battle Network Series 

    Star Force Series 
  • Mega Man Star Force's main theme - which is even given lyrics in the third game, as well as remixed for the final boss battle.
  • ALL of the boss battle songs, but especially the final boss theme for the second game, Face of a God.
  • All of the standard battle themes are a pleasure to listen to:
    • Ride On (SF 1), which is probably the more well-known battle theme of the series.
    • Ride On (SF 2), which is so bouncy and full of energy that you can't help but feel pumped.
  • The boss themes, all titled Wave Battle. SF1's version is calm yet gives the impression that you're trying to save someone. SF2's version is much more fast-paced and gives the impression of a tough opponent. SF3's version is chaotic and gives the impression of fighting not just an enemy, but also The Corruption.
  • The Wave Road theme from 2 gave off this "you can do anything" feeling.
  • Star Force 3's wave road theme has a "MegaMan the hero" feel to it.
  • Sky Wave was pretty uplifting. And the We are Rock-men 2! version is positively soaring.
  • Libra Balance's stage theme, "Now Study!", uses the Double Team DS soundfont to create a subtle but intense theme that matches the time pressure that the level gimmick imposes on you.
  • Rivals Unite, aptly-named for the awesome Rivals Team Up between Geo and Solo in 3.
  • Ace's Theme, "Go, Satella Police!" (Real World ver., Wave Road ver.)
  • Not strictly a Star Force song, but used in the advertising for SF 3, Stellar, by Kick Chop Busters (KCB).
    • The theme of Spade Magnes's stage is also widely hailed as the best stage music in the series. It manages to be energetic and intense without being over the top. Considering the limits of the DS sound card, this is saying a lot.
  • Sometimes, when you enter an area as Mega Man in Star Force 3, the music changes to something sinister in order to alarm you about a lurking Omega Boss, aka superpowered Bosses from the other games of the series, regardless of where you are in the story. This particular music also overrides the normal battle theme, so you won't forget about the danger lurking somewhere on the Wave Road. This means that you could encounter someone crazy like Wolf Forest right at the beginning of the game. Way stronger than usual. The music in question is here.
  • The theme that plays in the Noise Wave areas in Star Force 3. It starts off sinister enough (seeing as you're in the nest of corruption, basically) then escalates into an intense pounding theme that slowly drops back down to sinister again.
  • For the final dungeon of the first game, you are treated to Last Battleground, which captures the emotional weight of finally reaching the ruined space station where Kevin Stelar disappeared.
  • The Meteor Server theme at the end of Star Force 3 gives a sense of finality to The Very Definitely Final Dungeon of the series.
  • The themes for right before you confront a boss. SF1's gives the impression that you should've saved, and SF2's is far more severe, giving one the impression they're about the get majorly hurt.
  • The credits theme of the first game is a heartwarming, slower version of the main theme that wraps up Geo's journey, showing off his Character Development as The Power of Friendship that he's learned to embrace helps guide him back to Earth.

    Street Fighter X Mega Man 

    Rockman Xover 


Music from the Ruby-Spears cartoon series.

Music from the Megaman.EXE anime: