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What's Mega Man without some mega music? It's called "Rock Man" in Japanese for a reason, guys!

    Original Series 

Mega Man

  • Bomb Man is one of the most underrated tracks in the series.

Mega Man 2

Mega Man 3

Mega Man 4

  • Toad Man himself may have been hilariously weak, but his music isn't... especially that bassline.

Mega Man 5

Mega Man 6

Mega Man 7

  • Opening Stage (and its Mad Grinder remix from The Power Fighters). This theme is fitting for a city in ruins being sieged by a big robot, and a robot saving the city.
  • Wily Stage 1, one of the best Wily stages in the series, with its melancholy harmonies. Not only does it work for Castle themes, but also shows the rage of being betrayed by Bass and having enough of Wily's attempts.

Mega Man 8

  • Duo's theme, sounding like a mixture of a victory fanfare and a Mecha battle. And Duo Appears, a cutscene variant.
  • Intro Stage. It's tranquil and melodic, befitting of the backdrop.
  • The American intro theme surprisingly fits the intro like a glove.
  • Handsome Guy, er, Aqua Man's stage.
  • Wily Stage 2 is very refreshing to hear after the infamous Wily Stage 1. Very suitable for the Rush Jet sequence on the last half of the stage.
  • The Wily Machine 8 Theme: The Sony PSX & Sega Saturn renditions have subtle differences but both nicely emphasize Dr. Wily's madness, summing up the character in these chilling soundtracks. Good candidates for Wily's Leitmotif.

Mega Man 9

  • Mega Man 9 brings brand new 8-bit beats to a not-so-8-bit world:
    • Splash Blue, from Splash Woman's stage. Suitably aquatic-sounding and easy-going for the game's underwater level.
    • Galaxy Fantasy, from Galaxy Man's stage. One of the most frantic-sounding stage themes, and the ascending figure just before it loops around is a delight.
    • Concrete Jungle, from Concrete Man's stage. The percussion solo at the beginning really helps to hook you on the song before transitioning into a somber, yet fast-paced tune that manages to mix both an industrial and natural feel for a stage set in a dam in the forest.
    • Thunder Tornado, from Tornado Man's stage. It's the song they used for the trailer for good reason.
    • Jewel Temptation, from Jewel Man's stage. It just oozes a sense of fabulousness, especially at the beginning of the song, making it very fitting for a Robot Master like Jewel Man.
    • Hornet Dance, from Hornet Man's stage. A melodic, incredibly moving piece for the trek through the gardens in Hornet Man's Stage.
    • Plug Electric, from Plug Man's stage. True to the name, it's got a very mechanical, Techno-style feel to it, making it a perfect fit for the game's electric style stage.
    • Magma Burning, from Magma Man's stage. It's definitely a fire robot theme, with a somewhat dramatic air to it.
  • The Dr. Wily levels collectively have some of the best Wily music in the series:
    • Flash in the Dark, from the first stage. Some have even referred to it as the modern-day successor to "Wily's Castle 1/2"!
    • We're the Robots, from the second stage, has a real drive to it that keeps you powering through one of the longest levels in the game.
    • Strange World, from the third stage, features a fragmented-sounding melody that complements the ever increasing stakes of this level - complete with two vertical autoscrollers - very well indeed.
    • Castle of Evil, from the fourth and final stage. The music keeps looping itself perfectly and it sounds appropriately "chaotic", just like you expect when you're near the end.

Mega Man 10

  • Against The Pressure, from the second Wily stage. It starts with one of the most wicked sounding intros in Mega Man music's history, before transitioning to a very heroic and determined track, giving a sense that you're here to put a stop to a truly villainous plot.
  • Deep In Space, the final Wily stage, is an otherworldly sounding tune that remixes the game's opening song, Future World. A great way to build up to the final showdown with Wily.
  • The Image Soundtrack also has some gems, such as For You, Roll's Theme with added instruments, which has been boosted so much by just the violin that it sounds like a character theme from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Another great song from the Image soundtrack is
  • The Stage Select theme for Mega Man 10 is by far one of the best yet for this series.
  • Wily Capsule, considered to be the sequel to Mega Man 9's Wily Machine theme.
  • Strike Man, playing ball. It was also the theme for Capcom's website at one point.
  • Pump Man, strangely relaxing.
  • Chill Man gets a stage theme in which the two top voices alternate between playing in near-unison to create an echo effect and providing a driving rhythm sure to keep Mega Man charging through the frigid air to confront the game's ice-based Robot Master.

Mega Man 11

  • Fuse Man's Stage theme gets you really pumped, and it's no wonder why it was used for the game's trailer. Its instrumental version manages to evoke the nostalgic feeling of an ending theme, with piano solos that make traversing through Fuse Man's stage an intense and powerful experience.
  • Blast Man's Stage theme is a tune that's both fitting with the movie set motif and energy-filled enough that it fits in with the rest of the game. The instrumental is also extremely bombastic with the drum beats, with more of an urban feel to it.
  • Acid Man's theme is a dreary song that fits really well with the lab the stage is set on. The instrumental version turns the theme into a film-noir or ragtime version that's just as soothing for the ears.
  • Tundra Man is a cold-sounding yet beautiful theme ready to get your blood pumping in the icy museum you're traversing. The instrumental version is a slightly slower and elegant piano-filled remix of the original.
  • Fittingly for the Robot Master it's based on, Impact Man's theme is heavy and mechanical. The instrumental version makes it seem more like a day-to-day construction site, which is apt for Impact Man.
  • Bounce Man's instrumental version feels like something you'd hear in a child-like amusement park, being joyful sounding with awe-inspiring violin sections.
  • Dr. Wily's delightfully diabolical Leitmotif, "Evil Machinations", and its remix for the Gear Fortress Stage Select. Bonus points for the Musical Nod to 4's boss theme.
  • The arranged versions of the tracks in the official album are all really great.
    • Block Man is a very chill remix that brings to mind Search Man & Aqua Man's themes.
    • Fuse Man is a slow-paced orchestral piece that makes it feel like it's part of an official movie soundtrack.
    • Blast Man is a jazzy-techno mix that's like an explosion to your ears. It even devolves into a dubstep breakdown at the end!
    • Acid Man, while hardly sounding like the original, provides a neat-sounding electronic song that's distinctly "liquid-like".
    • Tundra Man has a song reminiscent of 80's workout songs with female vocals.
    • Torch Man is a haunting song that makes it feel like you're on a dangerous forest at night.
    • Impact Man is a very-urban sounding song that makes it feel like a jazzy construction site.
    • Bounce Man is a slow and whimsical piece that's very "aerial" sounding.
  • On the official album, we have "RM11", sung by Mega Man's seiyuu, Ayaka Fukuhara. That's right, Mega Man himself is singing this.

Mega Man & Bass

Mega Man I-V

Mega Man: The Power Fighters/The Power Battle

  • The Slash Man remix from Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters is pretty darn catchy.
  • Midboss Battle from The Power Battle, which was reused for the Yellow Devil in the sequel and as a replacement track for Wily's stage in the original Mega Man.
  • Bass Theme from the credits to Power Fighters is probably the best rendition of his theme yet.
  • The second part of the Blue Bomber's ending theme. Of all the remixes on Megaman's theme, this one may be among the most epic.

Mega Man Soccer

  • Proving even the less popular games in the series don't slouch on the music is Wood Man's Theme.

Mega Man: Battle & Chase

  • The opening, "Over The Top". Even if it's just a kart game, it's a Mega Man game; it has to open with epic music! An equally epic remix is also available when you win a race with Mega Man.
  • Roll's theme, "Wind, Carry My Words" ("Kaze Yo Tsutaete" in Japanese). It's so pretty and catchy! Gotta love her!
  • Quick Man's theme, "Through The Air", is seriously upbeat and enjoyable — with a nice jazz bridge between an epic overarcing rock guitar/organ riff — and overall gives an epic sense of speed. Certainly befitting of the fastest Robot Master around!

    X Series 

Now has its own page.

    Zero Series 
  • Another iconic theme for this series that needs to be mentioned is X, The Legend, as well as its other version, The End of Legend used only in Zero 1 when you defeat Copy X. Combine it with Copy X's broken apart body and the scene borders on terrifying.
  • Promise- next new world, the end theme to Zero 4, is both bittersweet and hopeful. The song that precedes it, Ciel d'aube, is even more of a Tear Jerker.
  • And with the release of the Zero Colection, Inticreates saw fit to release the Mythos Remastering, giving new life to some of the series' best tracks. Have fun.
  • Combustion, the face-meltingly awesome theme of Elpizo.
  • The awesomely sinister Curse of Weil.
  • The ending theme of Zero 3, Everlasting Red, or the vocal version by Toru Itoga, Everlasting. What makes the vocal version even better is the final lines (in lovely Gratuitous English that doesn't sound bad at all): "Welcome the new world, no need to fight....goodbye, yesterday, with all of my heart..."
  • Deep Blue (Tech Kraken Stage) from Zero 4 and its Physis album remaster is diving made rockin' epic.
  • Volcano (Flamin' Flizard Stage) from Zero 3 features addictive, head-bangin' guitar work with an equally powerful baseline, with its Telos remastering kicking it up to eleven.
  • Crash IV (MMZ4 miniboss theme) from Zero 4 is an exicting mash up of various themes, with awesome guitars and bass lines.

    ZX Series 
  • Snake Eyes, the final stage theme for ZX. A fitting climax.
  • Pallida Mors, the heavy-sounding theme for Serpent's second form.
  • Soul Ablaze from Advent. Divine Hammer also counts.
  • Anything from the Sound Create Unit at Inti Creates (called III) is made of win. Cases in point, and these merely several examples:
    • Green Grass Gradation, (Gigamix version here) best "green level" song EVER. And as the very first stage theme of the game, it really sets the more optimistic tone of the setting after the post-apocalyptic Zero series.
    • Then, there's Cannon Ball. One of the single most epic battles in Mega Man history, given one of the single best themes in the series. And then? Mega Man ZX makes it BETTER. Hard Revenge, baby!
    • The theme of Prometheus and Pandora from ZX, Trap Factory. The redone version of this theme, Trap Phantasm from ZX Advent, is so good that it got remixed twice: the Zero/ZX Collection remix and finally the glorious Gigamix, Trap Fanatics.
    • They also gave Brilliant Show Window the same treatment. Shooter Trance mix, and of course, the awesome Gigamix. It was good enough on its own.
    • They also like vocalizing certain tunes. Be One, the theme of Ashe, is one such example. Also, Gigamix.
    • Rockman a. This one is mostly 8-Bit style.
    • And the last song in the Gigamix is a gloriously awesome medley of every boss theme in the game, sans Trap Factory/Phantasm/Fanatics. Battle Giga Mixture.

    Legends Series 

    Battle Network Series 
  • Rockman.EXE/Mega Man Battle Network has plenty of awesome music to offer. For example, ALL of the main themes! The main theme gets a new rendition in the We are Rock-men! 2 album here.
    • For most entries, their title theme gets a remix for the final dungeon's network areas, motivating you to work towards the final encounter. Listen to them here: 2, 3, 5, 6.
  • Each game had their own variation on the ACDC town themes, from the original, to the bright chiptune of 2, the ever-memorable 3, the slow and casual 4, the mellow and introspective 5, and a modern retake on the original in 6.
  • EXE 2:
    • The Boss theme conveys a sense of danger that fits the many annoying bosses you fight in the game.
    • And You Will Know The Truth is an intense remix of the first game's theme, fitting for the WWW Area, the toughest area in the game.
  • EXE 3:
    • The Internet theme in this game is an especially soothing track accompanying most of your journey online.
    • Great Battlers, the theme for N1 Grand Prix battles in Battle Network 3. It's one of the most intense, triumphant battle pieces in the entire series.
    • The final boss theme builds up as the enemy materializes into view, and maintains a menacing tone as you square off with an alien-looking foe.
    • "Shine in the Dark," the secret area theme, is a very calm piece for a place populated by some of the deadliest viruses in the game.
  • EXE 4: Battle Pressure, The boss theme for Battle Network 4's Tournament Navis. An intense, almost warlike theme that's incredibly good at getting the blood pumping for the tournament fights.
  • EXE 5:
    • Be Somewhere - Game Edit The anime and the games usually remain separate from each other, both in continuity and in music. But the opening theme for Stream was so awesome that they added it as the opening for the DS version of EXE 5.
    • Since you're going to be spending a lot of time in Liberation Missions, the game makes sure that the Liberation theme is not too tiring to listen to.
    • The Final boss theme starts with a simple buildup as it materializes into battle, then the main melody kicks in as you gain control and prepare to fight.
  • EXE 6:
    • "Digital Strider" is another calm Internet theme that accompanies most of your travels online.
    • Battle Field, Battle Network 6's Virus Battle theme. A heroic, yet somewhat somber sounding song more than fitting for the series' climax.
    • Surge of Power, Battle Network 6's boss theme. A more wild sounding boss theme than the rest of the series, which makes it go perfectly with using Beast Out and unleashing hell on the enemy Navi.
  • Network Transmission may have too many to count, but the boss battle theme is simply amazing.

    Star Force Series 
  • The Wave Road theme from 2 gave off this "you can do anything" feeling.
  • Star Force 3's wave road theme has a "MegaMan the hero" feel to it.
  • Sky Wave was pretty uplifting. And the We are Rock-men 2! version is positively soaring.
  • Rivals Unite, aptly-named for the awesome Rivals Team Up between Geo and Solo in 3.
  • Ace's Theme, "Go, Satella Police!" (Real World ver., Wave Road ver.)
  • Not strictly a Star Force song, but used in the advertising for SF 3, Stellar, by Kick Chop Busters (KCB).
  • Sometimes, when you enter an area as Mega Man in Star Force 3, the music changes to something sinister in order to alarm you about a lurking Omega Boss, aka superpowered Bosses from the other games of the series, regardless of where you are in the story. This particular music also overrides the normal battle theme, so you won't forget about the danger lurking somewhere on the Wave Road. This means that you could encounter someone crazy like Wolf Forest right at the beginning of the game. Way stronger than usual. The music in question is here.
  • The theme that plays in the Noise Wave areas in Star Force 3. It starts off sinister enough (seeing as you're in the nest of corruption, basically) then escalates into an intense pounding theme that slowly drops back down to sinister again.
  • The Meteor Server theme at the end of Star Force 3 gives a sense of finality to The Very Definitely Final Dungeon of the series.
  • The themes for right before you confront a boss. SF1's gives the impression that you should've saved, and SF2's is far more severe, giving one the impression they're about the get majorly hurt.
  • The boss themes, all titled Wave Battle. SF1's version is calm yet gives the impression that you're trying to save someone. SF2's version is much more fast-paced and gives the impression of a tough opponent. SF3's version is chaotic and gives the impression of fighting not just an enemy, but also The Corruption.

    Street Fighter X Mega Man 

    Rockman Xover 


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