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Nightmare Fuel / Mega Man

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.........Dro...Drop dead...!
The Nightmare Fuel page for all incarnations of Mega Man.

The following entries have their own page:

The Video Games:

Mega Man Legends series
  • Some of its nightmarish songs. "The Sub Gate of the Clozer Woods" almost sounds like it was out of a Silent Hill game...
  • What happens to the Servbots in so many battles (especially the first game) could really horrify people. The best example being the battle on the submarine (can't remember the name of the battle), when you're blowing up Bonne subs. With Servbots inside. Sure, they're "immortal" and we do see that they're okay later on, but until you do...
  • If you play Legends and stay on the title screen then Servbots walk past. Sometimes they're paper-thin!
  • The dungeons in the Legends series. You're isolated, wondering through dark places swarming with dangerous robots waiting to ambush you when you least expect it.
  • The first boss in the game can be pretty scary for a kid. Not the boss design itself, but how you're at the end of a long dark hallway, and you can just barely see a Reaverbot shooting you with rockets, and slowly inching its way closer with absolutely no room to get behind him. You can kill him before he gets close, though, but still.
  • The sequel is not to be underestimated either. Forbidden Island has Reaverbots that suddenly grow giant skull-shaped heads when they attack you, and one of the dungeons has a giant skeletal Reaverbot menacing you, even suddenly crashing through a wall several times.
  • One of the final rooms in one dungeon of the second game is a massive cavern with several extremely dangerous Reaverbots skulking about, including at least one aggressive giant. Intimidating enough on its own, but the low draw distance makes it tough to detect them before they're close enough to rip you apart.

Mega Man ZX series

  • At the end of ZX, you realize the basic plot stems from Japanese horror. Then early in the sequel ZX Advent, there's the Tower of Verdure mission; you're trapped in a tower with a haywire security system while also being assaulted by a variety of weird plant monsters. This is only slightly creepy, but it leads up to the boss, Rospark the Floroid. Pretty much everything this guy says, along with his voice, is seriously freaky. Of special note is "Come and cry in my bosom. Cry out in terror and pain!" And then, immediately after that fight, you have yet another encounter with the soul-sucking Artifact of Doom from the end of the first game.
  • Siarnaq. He is so not trusting of everything and traumatized by his past that he speaks in a monotone robotic voice. His personality, emotions, and empathy have been completely removed just by whatever happened to him, leaving just his intelligence. Well, it's not entirely gone. He still has a little emotion left, only shown after he kills you.
  • The final sequence of the first game. People Jars, Was Once a Man...and all of them more or less killed to power Model W. And then you get to kill it...and possibly them, too.
    • And to top it all off, Dr. Weil may have had a hand in it as well.
  • The warning message for ZX 1 is the most frightening warning message of Mega Man's catalogue, with the sound being this horrible droning noise, that can make for a great jumpscare if you can't expect it. It's alarming and it's disturbing.


  • Novas Aventuras De Megaman
    • Holzenbein specializes in robots. Said robots are made from homeless girls who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with them; they're held in a dark confinement area until it's their turn to be roboticized. Roll, or whatever her name was before Dr. Light saved her, was tricked into thinking that she'd simply be brought back to the park, this time among people who wouldn't smack her face off for playing with their kids. The next time we see her, she's been ripped apart and decapitated, her head (brain now exposed) sitting on a table as Wily talks about how she's the prototype for their newest humanoid computers. It would merely be "Persocoms, but horrible" if it weren't explicitly stated immediately afterward that most of these robots are forced into slavery — either in the Amazon as workers, or the "Suspended Cities" as prostitutes. Later on, we see more victims of this process, one of whom seems to be fully aware that she's de-limbed and floating in a culture capsule.
    • #12's cover and conclusion. Forget the nudity; those wires look rather invasive...Oh, and the gang is now at the mercy of this continuity's version of Proto Man.