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Nightmare Fuel / Mega Man

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The Nightmare Fuel page for all incarnations of Mega Man. Even the cartoon.

The following entries have their own page:

The Video Games:

Mega Man (Classic) series

  • The end of Mega Man 2 with the final Wily stage. A creepy cavern with what looks like blood, lava, or acid dripping from the ceiling, no music, and Dr Wily turning into a holographic alien, with only one weakness and the ability to kill you in 2 to 3 hits.
  • 2's Wily Stage 3 has a very spooky feel, with the tense music, dark and grimy sewer-like environment, and the deep underwater shafts lined with One-Hit Kill spikes. Those enormous Shark Bots don't help, either; especially when they suddenly leap out of underwater gaps to ensnare you.
  • A lot of younger players were freaked out by the fast, screen-crossing laser beams and the lights going out in Quick Man's stage in 2. Even more so when they found the aforementioned lasers could kill you in one hit regardless of your health; and if you were just a bit too slow to dodge them, they more often than not render the screen impassable without having to commit suicide just to try again.
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  • In Mega Man 3, the music that plays in Wily Stage 5-6 has a scary feel. Combined with a lot of power-ups, you know this will be one tough fight.
  • Mega Man V has Terra, who is the only being to canonically defeat Mega Man. If that wasn't bad enough, the final boss, Sunstar, has no weaknesses and three forms.
  • The overly darker and edgier Super Adventure Rockman's game over scenes. In the normal one, you watch helplessly as Roll dies, and Mega and Dr. Light hug in their last moments before Wily takes over the world. In the ending you get if you lose to the final boss, Ra Moon, it electrocutes everyone, including Wily, to death.
  • Frost Man's ultimate goal in Mega Man 8 is to turn Mega Man into an ice pop (or a Kakigori in the Japanese version) and eat him.
  • In Mega Man & Bass, King proves he's not messing around by bisecting Proto Man with an axe.
  • Bass's solo ending in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. As he mocks Dr. Wily, saying that he must have only created him by accident, Wily states that he's right; Bass was a fluke. He then, with that same eerie calm, reveals a silhouetted Zero, outright telling Bass that he made a special robot to kill all of his enemies — Bass included. Bass retorts by saying that such a "girly-looking robot" has no chance of beating him. Wily just tells him to prepare himself and departs, cackling maniacally. Bass is actually frightened, or at the very least very unnerved, at just how unhinged his creator is becoming. This is emphasized when you remember that, the last time Wily told Bass this, he didn't dare show him the robot in question; he just threw a tantrum like he usually did. The implication here may be that Wily's well aware just what kind of monster he's making here, and just what he was capable of. And he is positively giddy about it.
    • Mega Man's solo ending, where Wily drives him into questioning his motives and existence by calling him a hypocrite who destroys robots to bring peace. He's in such a state of navel-gazing that this is what lets Wily escape.
  • Mega Man 9 has the fact that the game's Robot Masters were still active when Wily finds them in the scrap heap.
  • Mega Man 10's Endless Stage music; the echoes in the music sound eerily similar to what happens if Mega Man dies in the games.
  • Mega Man 8 has the cutscene following the intermission stage. Mega Man and Rush find Wily's latest fortress, but as he drops down to it, he's caught by a humongous robot guardian. Rush tries to help out... and is promptly knocked away, before the robot guard electrifies the hand it's holding Mega Man in, resulting in a scream of pain that is downright horrifying as much as it is annoying. That's not the end of it, however. When Duo saves Mega Man from it and goes up against it himself, his first attack promptly slices half of its face off before turning into a comet and smashing a hole through its body. There's no blood, but it is extremely jarring to see when all the other robot enemies simply exploded into pieces.

Mega Man Legends series

  • Some of its nightmarish songs. "The Sub Gate of the Clozer Woods" almost sounds like it was out of a Silent Hill game...
  • What happens to the Servbots in so many battles (especially the first game) could really horrify people. The best example being the battle on the submarine (can't remember the name of the battle), when you're blowing up Bonne subs. With Servbots inside. Sure, they're "immortal" and we do see that they're okay later on, but until you do...
  • If you play Legends and stay on the title screen then Servbots walk past. Sometimes they're paper-thin!
  • The dungeons in the Legends series. You're isolated, wondering through dark places swarming with dangerous robots waiting to ambush you when you least expect it.
  • The first boss in the game can be pretty scary for a kid. Not the boss design itself, but how you're at the end of a long dark hallway, and you can just barely see a Reaverbot shooting you with rockets, and slowly inching its way closer with absolutely no room to get behind him. You can kill him before he gets close, though, but still.
  • The sequel is not to be underestimated either. Forbidden Island has Reaverbots that suddenly grow giant skull-shaped heads when they attack you, and one of the dungeons has a giant skeletal Reaverbot menacing you, even suddenly crashing through a wall several times.
  • One of the final rooms in one dungeon of the second game is a massive cavern with several extremely dangerous Reaverbots skulking about, including at least one aggressive giant. Intimidating enough on its own, but the low draw distance makes it tough to detect them before they're close enough to rip you apart.

Mega Man ZX series

  • At the end of ZX, you realize the basic plot stems from Japanese horror. Then early in the sequel ZX Advent, there's the Tower of Verdure mission; you're trapped in a tower with a haywire security system while also being assaulted by a variety of weird plant monsters. This is only slightly creepy, but it leads up to the boss, Rospark the Floroid. Pretty much everything this guy says, along with his voice, is seriously freaky. Of special note is "Come and cry in my bosom. Cry out in terror and pain!" And then, immediately after that fight, you have yet another encounter with the soul-sucking Artifact of Doom from the end of the first game.
  • Siarnaq. He is so not trusting of everything and traumatized by his past that he speaks in a monotone robotic voice. His personality, emotions, and empathy have been completely removed just by whatever happened to him, leaving just his intelligence. Well, it's not entirely gone. He still has a little emotion left, only shown after he kills you.
  • The final sequence of the first game. People Jars, Was Once a Man...and all of them more or less killed to power Model W. And then you get to kill it...and possibly them, too.
    • And to top it all off, Dr. Weil may have had a hand in it as well.

The Animated Series

  • In a flashback during the first episode detailing Rock and Roll's creation, Dr. Wily had them strapped to an operating table to reprogram them. Via an electric drill to their heads. While they were awake. Complete with both of them struggling. It's the robot equivalent of a lobotomy, and we see the drill approaching from Rock's point of view.
    • Wily's line as he approaches Rock and Roll with the drill is unsettling.
    Wily: A little tuck here, a little slice there, and you'll soon feel differently about this!
  • Also in "The Beginning", Wily warned Light not to follow him after he kidnapped Rock and Roll. If he did, Ice Man would freeze him and Cut Man would slice him up.
  • Wily's plans in "The Big Shake" and "The Day The Moon Fell" both involve causing extreme natural disasters, via earthquakes in the former and pulling the moon out of its orbit in the latter. They're played completely seriously.
    Wily: I will create chaos! Destroy everything! Mankind will beg me to take over!
  • In "Electric Nightmare," Roll is battling a female cosmetics robot who gave her a bad facial. It's a fast fight, and cartoony until the end. Roll uses a buzzsaw to slice the robot in half across her stomach, her upper half falls to the floor, and then Roll vacuums her face off.
  • The episode "Curse of The Lion Men" were not well-received, but they have one moment of genuine scariness. After zapping Dr. Light with his mind controlling lionizing Eye Beams, Tar turns his attention to Wily and turns him into a lion man as well. He then frisks him for his reprogramming device and zaps the Robot Masters with it, including Proto Man and Roll, turning them all loyal to him.
    Proto Man: *strained* You...are...our leader...Tar!
    • Mega and Rush are about to be ground up at a salmon-canning company. They actually show the salmon hitting the saw blades.
  • The image of Rock/Mega on a lab table as a Terminator-esque endoskeleton in the intro is a little unnerving, even though it only shows up for a few seconds before dissolving into an image of Mega from that same position but with his "skin."
  • And there's the first nightmare in "Mega Dreams"; while the idea of Guts Man and Cut Man pretending to be a couple may amuse you, that moment comes after a shot of a stuffed dino with what looks like blood on its muzzle.
  • In "Brain Bots", Wily places Mega Man in a Death Trap. The trap consists of a Descending Ceiling with spikes. Unlike some death traps, Mega was bound to the floor as it descended. What pushes this into nightmare fuel is what Wily said about it; he uses it to recycle robots he no longer needs into scrap metal. Meaning he's done this to his own robots.
    • What makes it worse is that some robots, like Fire Man and Star Man, were only in one episode and never seen or mentioned again.
  • Some of Cut Man's lines fall under this. His Peter Lorre-esque voice makes it worse.
    Cut Man: Open it nice and slow. I'll give them haircuts...from the neck up!
  • In "Mega X", the amount of destruction caused by Wily's superlaser. It vaporizes the surrounding landscape and makes Wily think he did the same to both Mega Man and X.
  • Vile and Spark Mandrill are pretty scary, as they're completely unstoppable until X arrives to even the odds — and even he has trouble with them.
  • In "Bro Bots", Proto Man's revelation as the Heel–Face Mole is met with resistance. How does he control the heroes? By threatening to shoot the governor in the face.
    Proto Man: Power down, or I'll give Deacon a plasma shave!
  • Sometimes the Robot Masters (and Rush) are literally blown to pieces. This isn't too bad until one episode showed Roll in pieces, invoking the Uncanny Valley as Mega Man picks up her head to talk with it.
  • The show often used acid as a weapon, one time weaponizing acid rain; some kids became convinced that they'd die in an acid rain storm.
  • While the episode involving Mega Man and other robots "devolving" may be ludicrous (robots don't turn into caveman-like robots), it was still freaky seeing their gradual transformation.
  • "Bot Transfer" has Mega Man and Snake Man swapping bodies, with an appropriately panicked reaction from the former. Their voices aren't mental, so Mega Man is stuck with a snake's hiss as well as his body, and completely unable to get help; worse, his family doesn't suspect the "real" Mega Man until the last second.
  • A lot of bad guys get broken into pieces, usually along the torso joints. This includes Fire Man being pulled apart by Roll's vacuum in The Beginning, or robots getting bitten apart by Snake Man's weapon. Crystal Man gets his arm blown off at the elbow in The Mega Man in the Moon, and is still walking around like that until the end of the episode. And at one point Dark Man is reduced to a torso, half an arm, and his head, and he's still completely aware of this- even having to drag himself around because no one will carry him when they run away at the end. Imagine if they did this to people for a second.

Comic Book series

  • Issue 28. You've just come off of a major, multi-part crossover with another blue hero and saved the day. Time for celebrations, right? WRONG. We pick back up where we last left off with Break Man and Mega Man ready to slug it out. It gets worse, though. Ra Moon note  takes over and unleashes a powerful EMP wave. At the same time, Roll tries to save her brother from Break Man and ends up getting shot through the chest. As the wave hits, everything that wasn't built or rebuilt by Ra Moon goes dark. Even Mega Man, grieving for his sister, falls to it. Congratulations, Blues, you wanted to be Light's only child. You got it: you're an only child in a world that's greatly growing with death and destruction as all electronics go dark.
    • Adding to this are the small shots showing the full implications of a worldwide blackout. Examples shown are appliances and handheld devices failing, a ship being stranded at sea, cars crashing, an airplane diving out of the sky, and power going out at a hospital in the middle of surgery. It's safe to write off anyone who was on life support devices at the time.
    • Before that happens, we see Ra Moon invading Wily's mind and showing him how he came to Earth 20,000 years prior to the present. Manipulating a primitive society into seeing him as a god, which included, among other things, human sacrifices to him. Even worse, he caused the civilization to constantly go to war with other nations that wouldn't worship him, and eventually wiped out the society altogether. Why? They weren't suiting his needs quick enough. He planned to shut down the technology mankind had grown dependent on and predicted that any humans left after that will turn on and kill one another, so he'll leave them with guns and explosives so they can kill each other off as they struggle to survive. Oh, but wait, it gets better. He reveals to Wily that he'll make his EMP so strong that it'll soon be able to affect humans and melt their brains to kill off any survivors. And he's doing all this just because he can. Just...damn!
    • What happened to Sonic's world after the crossover; there's the thought that the very SAME could've happened to Mega Man's world if he was interrupted.
    • Pedro's flashback of his exploration team heading to the pyramids where Ra Moon lied. They figured it would just be a quick excavation, in and out. However, once they were in range, the EMP field crashed their helicopter. Pedro lived but lost an arm, and the rest of his team presumably were killed when they tried to investigate the pyramids.
    • Nothing ambiguous there, there are a lot of bodies with white sheets over them visible.
    • Several of the scenes of Robot Masters crashing and shutting down. Splash Woman's scene shows her washed up on a beach, with a lifeguard running up to save her — he can't see her tail and thinks she's a drowning victim.
  • Also mixed in with Tear Jerker, following Ra Moon's death, Blues — sorry, Break Man, goes to Quake Woman to try and get some answers as to why on Earth she would forgive Dr. LaLinde for taking her emotions. Unfortunately, she doesn't tell him what he wants to hear. When she begins to question him in turn — asking if he can't forgive Dr. Light for what could have happened rather than what did — we finally see what's really eating him, in a frankly terrifying burst of unbridled fury.
    Tempo: Is the problem that you cannot forgive him for nothing?
    Blues: (drives his fist into a nearby picture of Dr. Light, barely missing her head) HE REPLACED ME!
  • Dr. Cossack is becoming quite the hindrance to Dr. Wily's plan to trick the world into beliving he's innocent. Wily uses Kalinka's trauma of the Ra Moon events to make him mad. Anyone who's played the games knows that it will end in kidnapping; that can't be good for the little girl or for the very worried father.
  • Issue #44. Just... Issue #44. Dr. Wily makes his move, and what he does, especially to Auto, is just...
    • A particularly dark one. When Wily ransacks the laboratory unattended, he dismantles Auto and stuffs the components in a locker. Which Roll then stumbles upon. It is treated exactly like the horrific murder scene it would otherwise be if Auto couldn't be put back together later.
  • Issue #39. In the future, as Sigma, X, Zero, and Vile are fighting the rampaging Wily Walker, Vile blasts down part of a highways filled with driving civilians on top of the berserk mecha. He rightly gets chewed out for that by Zero and X, who dashes off to rescue as many humans as he can from the falling and crashed cars. While the comic is generally all-ages, and thus restricted, take a good look at the silhouettes inside the vehicles X inspects. These are clearly mangled human corpses which X is clearly unnerved by.


  • In Novas Aventuras De Megaman, Holzenbein specializes in robots. Said robots are made from homeless girls who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with them; they're held in a dark confinement area until it's their turn to be roboticized. Roll, or whatever her name was before Dr. Light saved her, was tricked into thinking that she'd simply be brought back to the park, this time among people who wouldn't smack her face off for playing with their kids. The next time we see her, she's been ripped apart and decapitated, her head (brain now exposed) sitting on a table as Wily talks about how she's the prototype for their newest humanoid computers. It would merely be "Persocoms, but horrible" if it weren't explicitly stated immediately afterward that most of these robots are forced into slavery — either in the Amazon as workers, or the "Suspended Cities" as prostitutes. Later on, we see more victims of this process, one of whom seems to be fully aware that she's de-limbed and floating in a culture capsule.
    • #12's cover and conclusion. Forget the nudity; those wires look rather invasive...Oh, and the gang is now at the mercy of this continuity's version of Proto Man.

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