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Nightmare Fuel / MediEvil

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Humorous as the original game is, it still involves battling undead/demonic enemies in various horror settings.

  • The Hilltop Mausoleum. It becomes obvious that you're resurrecting the boss to fight (including setting its heart on fire) it long before you end up in the boss fight, and the creature is made of stained glass.
  • The Scarecrow Fields level, for the reasons both mentioned in its title:
    • Special mention goes to the scarecrows, which have a deep Evil Laugh, and attack you relentlessly either by spinning or by siccing a murder of crows from within their coats.
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    • The titular fields have something in them that will immediately kill you like Bottomless Pit if you set as much as a foot in it. It really ups the scare factor of that level.
  • The Ant Caves level. Accessed by talking to the witch in the Enchanted Earth level, Dan gets shrunk down to insect size and has to wander into an anthill to find amber for her. Sounds simple, right? WRONG. The ant tunnels are pitch black, with only the light from some friendly sprites floating above you, and it's incredibly easy to get lost. At many times you can hear the ants scurrying around in the walls, before they crawl out and attack you. Then there's the boss of the level, the Ant Queen. Her only attacks are summoning an endless supply of soldier ants, spitting acid, or rearing up and screaming, making rocks fall from the ceiling. The kicker? At the start of the level, you find a book (likely placed there by the fairies you have to rescue) that explicitly states that the nearby magical gateway was put there to keep something from getting out. And according to Word of God, this level was deliberately designed to be a silly version of an Alien movie. A silly version of one of the most frightening movies of all time.
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  • The Sleeping Village level. The first half of the stage is populated with all the townsfolk turned insane due to Zarok's black magic. Which includes the children. A chunk of Dan's time will be spent running from axe-wielding, constantly-giggling girls.
  • Pools of The Ancient Dead. The name is pretty ominous already, but then you find the level consists mostly of roofs of the flooded city. And to get out of there, you must collect the souls of the dead for The Grim Reaper hanging there for him to take you on his boat. Yikes. The fact it qualifies as That One Level for many does not help.
  • The Inside The Asylum level has the madmen running wild and Laughing Mad as they try to attack you.
  • The large headless zombies which are basically the Elite Mook of the normal zombies. They are faster, stronger and definitely more aggressive than the slow and dimwitted ones ad sometimes you may take longer to kill them. The worst part is when you have to face a large mass of this kind of monsters in The Asylum level.
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  • Wulfrum Hall in the second game is infested with vampires, who are immune to all attacks except exposure to sunlight. Pushing their coffins into sunlight to destroy them has them burst out, wreathed in flames and will violently chase Dan around, shrieking horribly before finally succumbing. There's also little girl vampires running around in the level, who cannot be hurt at all.
  • The simple fact that the hero of the series is a skeleton. Usually, skeletons are the bad guy's Mooks. What would have happened if some well-intentioned wanna-be hero mistook Dan for the enemy?

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