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  • One of the things that BioWare has done to add some depth to the story is having NPC's send letters to you at some point after certain quests. Some of them are quite touching.
    • For example, as a Republic player on Tatooine, one of the regional missions is to break up a slaving ring and free the slaves. After doing so, the freed slaves send a thank-you letter along with roughly 500 credits that they pooled together, saying that seeing you mowing through the enemy to come to their rescue was the first time in a while that they'd dared to hope.
    • Over on the Imperial side, the story quests on Belsavis have you clear a path through a force of monsters known as the Esh-kha to reach the Dread Masters. Along the way, you encounter the remnants of a Republic squad led by Sergeant Kobbeth, whose wife you can talk to on Tython. If you choose the Light-side and help him fight off attacking Esh-kha and escape, you receive this letter from his wife:
    My husband is Sergeant Kobbeth of the Republic military. He told me an Imperial saved him from those horrible Esh-kha on Belsavis, then spared his life. I told him he should do something to thank you, but he said it would look bad for a Republic soldier to correspond with "the enemy".
    So I'm sending this message on his behalf. I don't consider you "the enemy". In my eyes, you're a hero. We can never repay your act of kindness, but I wanted to send you something to let you know we appreciate everything you did.
  • On Coruscant, one can overhear a bounty hunter talking to a client. The bounty hunter is trying to convince the client to not order the murder of a victim. If you listen to the entire conversation, the victim turns out to be the client's wife, and the client admits that he's overreacting. The hunter presumably gave up a potentially valuable and certainly easy contract because he recognized that the client was not in a good mental state.
  • After doing the main quests on Tatooine (Republic side), a local named Galen Besk asks you to help a bit more (i.e. bonus quests). Despite just hanging around the entrance to the spaceport, he seems to know more about you than he should. When you finish the questline, you get a chance to ask him about how he knows.
    Galen Besk: Some Jedi fight to save worlds. Some fight empires. Some put their lightsabers aside and help in smaller ways.
  • A retrospective one in the "Deceived" trailer: Master Zallow is shown to press a Twi'lek gunslinger against a stone pillar with the Force - only to be engaged by a visibly pissed-off Darth Malgus. We later find out in supplementary materials that the Twi'lek, Eleena Daru, was Malgus' wife. That enraged attack on Master Zallow was essentially a successful attempt by Malgus to save the woman he loved.
  • Any Romance arc for a companion, that first kiss and all the others after it are all heart-warmingly sweet, and shows how much the characters truly love each other.
    • Becomes doubly heartwarming if you play Dark Side, and triply if you're playing a Dark Side Sith; whether Warrior or Inquisitor, the Dark Side Sith is normally cold-blooded, power-hungry, and delights in violence, but that doesn't mean they don't genuinely love their paramour.
  • At the end of the "Hope" trailer, Jace Malcom sombrely stares at his many fallen comrades, Satele standing behind him. His narration states that even with great losses, "we are not alone." He fires a single flare into the air, which are followed by many more throughout the forest. From space, flare light dot the planet, in full view of the incoming Republic fleet. "Not alone" indeed.
  • According to Renalda Agareth, some children believe that a Jedi will appear whenever a child is truly in need.
  • One of the Republic quests in Corellia's Axial Park has you killing Mandalorians. Standard stuff, except the quest is called "Morale Boost" because the Mandos disabled a series of holostatues when they set up shop. The bonus part of the quest requires turning the statues back on and "give the people their heroes back". The statues are of the crew from the first KotOR game, including Revan. Three hundred years later, and people still remember them.
    • A Trooper player character gets an extra dose of warm fuzzies when the questgiver (a Republic soldier) starts feeling better immediately when he learns Havoc Squad is in the area. Turns out your squad has become heroes to the Force-blind Republic troops, because you prove that you don't have to be a Jedi to make a difference.
  • One with a side order of Tear Jerker: Running the Black Talon, your Imperial crew is trying to hunt down a defector. There's this Padawan that can't be older than about 16, trying to get the injured old man to safety. When the party closes in, the kid makes a futile Last Stand against your party just to try and buy the old man a little extra time. Even from the short exchange, you can tell she and the old man are fond of one another, enough to give her life for him without a shred of regret.
    • The Imperial player can also express regret to the Grand Moff over the violence of the mission.
      Imperial Player: There was a lot of blood shed today Kilran, I hope it was worth it.
  • During the Imperial Hoth questline, the local Moff asks you which of the officers, a gung-ho human and thoughtful Chiss, was more crucial to defending the base. He obviously intends to promote whoever it is to replace the now dead colonel. If you pick the Chiss, he will immediately be blown away by gratitude, clearly having expected to be passed over for his race. Making it better, the Moff is aware of the pushback he may receive but unhesitatingly promotes him anyways because his competence warrants it and the rival officer, while clearly a bit let down, offers to help rally the troops behind him. It's a very progressive moment for the very human/Sith-centric empire.
  • On (the Republic version of) Balmorra, there is a certain Sergeant Jolis—when you meet him, he is busy figuring out how to operate a blaster rifle. It soon turns out that he is actually not a trooper but a fighter pilot whose entire squadron was shot down, and he is determined to avenge them (and to take back their fighters' black boxes with important data)—even though he is painfully ill-suited for such type of operation, as his own astromech droid repeatedly points out. It is next to impossible not to commend his bravery.
  • Generally, most companions have at least one special moment (unrelated to their Character Arc) where you can publicly express how much you value them. If that companion is with you at the time, picking that dialogue option leads to a massive Affection gain and a massive d'awwwwww.
  • For Republic-side players on Alderaan, during the "Paladins" sidequest, upon confronting the Wolf Baron, he gives you an ultimatum: either you surrender to him in exchange for the release of his three hundred hostages, or you can attack him at the cost of the hostages. The Light Side option, of course, is to surrender. If you do that, you're imprisoned, but the hostages themselves, after being released, send in a team to spring you loose, so you can take on the Wolf Baron anyway!
  • One with a side of Awesome: At the beginning of the (Solo) fight with Revan, Darth Marr, Grandmaster Satele, Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, Shae Vizla, and even Jakarro show up to help you fight. What really makes this count as Heartwarming is the entrance. Revan tells the player they have nothing, then Darth Marr and the others come in from a dropship and say he's wrong. You have powerful allies, Sith and Jedi alike, from all corners of the galaxy, and Jakarro even referring to you by name with the subtitles enabled. Cue Manly Tears.
  • Romancing Theron with a Republic character earns you a moment where he thanks you for sticking by him, admits you've been a good influence on him, and drops this line:
    Theron: Working with you has made all this madness worthwhile.
  • An Imperial character on Taris can find a side quest where a Sith asks you to protect her poor children. She means the Rakghouls, who have been created by the Sith. She is utterly sincere in this and, though utterly ridiculous, it is rather touching to see one of the otherwise so callous Sith so concerned about other creatures.
  • At the end of Ziost, Imperial players romancing Lana have a chance to flirt with and kiss her, and as she walks off she turns around and tells the player to "Be well, my love." A very sweet scene, and even sweeter when you realize this makes Lana the first SGR in the game to tell the player they love them.
  • A meta example, but after the death of Carrie Fisher, players gathered at House Organa to hold memorial services for the actress. Even moreso, higher-level players were killing the Non Player Characters on Alderaan so the lower-level players could pay tribute; a rare example of the Sith and Jedi working together for a common cause.

    Jedi Knight Storyline 
  • On Tython, the female Jedi Knight can become the honorary sister to a Twi'lek named Ranna, even when doing this is considered a Dark Side option, it is very sweet to see the two interacting.
  • On Nar Shaddaa, convincing Agent Galen to go on living even after he was forcibly turned into a Power Guard. It gets even better when he helps you bring down Lord Sadic.
  • After Kira's past as a Sith comes to light, most Jedi tell her that it's not what she was, but what she chooses to make herself that matters. For example, her Jedi master:
    Kira: You need to know something, and I'd rather you hear it from me. I never told you about my childhood. I'm not who you think I am...
    [Cut while she explains]
    Bela Kiwiiks: So much about you is now clear to me, Kira, but you're wrong about one thing. You are exactly who I think: a strong, capable young woman. One day, you'll be a great Jedi.
  • Doc, who has a pissed-off ex-girlfriend in every port, offhandedly remarks that he's been elbow-deep in medical journals, and discovered the profoundly unnatural trivia that Wookiees spend their multi-hundred-year lifespans mated to a single partner. Later, if you romance him, his hilariously-awkward marriage proposal includes the line "I want us to spend the rest of our lives together, like the Wookiees."
  • If you spared him back on Tython, then after defeating Darth Angral, at various intervals in the main quest you'll receive holo recordings from Bengal Morr with updates on his rehabilitation. From the very first recording, its clear that the hatred and madness that had consumed him in the prologue are now completely gone, and he genuinely seeks to atone for what he did and become a true Jedi once more, and is thankful that you and Orgis gave him this second chance.
  • On Corellia:
    • Seeing Praven and Bengel Morr as devoted followers of the Light, if you have chosen to spare their lives.
    • Redeeming Tol Braga.
  • Early in the storyline, Kira gets captured by some Sith on Ord Mantell. When the Knight show up to save her the leader mocks you for your inclination to "throw your lives away" for the sake of "misplaced duty". One of your responses?
    The Knight: (I care about Kira) This isn't about duty. This is personal.
  • Shadow of Revan's Knight story isn't about great moments of derring-do. It's about boiling what a Jedi is down to its base elements: you help people. You aren't helping soldiers behind enemy lines in a great battle or helping negotiate an important treaty, you're helping ordinary people who are sick and are on a backwater planet and can't get the very simple medicine they need, or fixing storm shields, or clearing away destroyed buildings. Just helping people, making their lives a little bit better in ways they might not even notice.
    Orgus: "No Sith Lords, no ancient evils this time. Just doing a bit of good."
  • T7-01 can be a walking moment of heartwarming for Star Wars fans who, like T7-01, really admire the Jedi Knights and their ideals. He really looks up to the Jedi Knight player character and attempts to emulate the player character's heroic behavior. It's like having an adoring little brother following you around watching you beat the tar out of tyrants and helping those in need.
    • The achievement for defeating 1000 enemies with T7 as your companion is: T7=Honorary Jedi. By that time you feel the little guy has earned it.

    Jedi Consular Storyline 
  • If you bring Lt. Iresso with you into the Healer's Temple on Voss during the main quest line, he'll offer to take your place and let the Mystics siphon his energy instead. Cue him collapsing in pain, but responding to to your voice; if you're romancing him, his sacrifice and your support is particularly sweet.
    • Nadia will do it too, and despite clearly being in a lot of pain, she tells the Consular to let her do this for them if they try to get the Voss to stop the ritual.
  • Nadia Grell's reaction if a male Jedi Consular proposes marriage to her is her jumping and kissing him in what is very similar to The Glomp.
    • Earlier in the romance, out of nowhere, she tells the Consular, in a completely serious, non-sexual way:
    Nadia: You do so much, but no one ever thanks you. The least you deserve is to be appreciated.
    • What's even better is that he's initially caught off-guard, because no one ever does thank him, but then recovers and tells her that he wouldn't be able to do all he does without her support and inspiration.
  • Tharan Cedrax's decision to sacrifice his chance at eternal scientific fame to upgrade Holiday. Especially when Holiday starts worrying about how the upgrade might change her and make her stop loving him, and Tharan just offers gentle reassurance that he'll always be there for her, whether she loves him or not.
  • The light side ending of Act 1. Instead of killing Lord Vivicar, you can use your "shielding technique" to de-possess Parkanas Tark and instantly redeem the Jedi Masters' previous failure to save him on Malachor Three. Usually Dark Lords have to be killed; this is a refreshing and heartwarming change.
  • After completing the first story objective on Corellia, you're contacted by the First Son, who proceeds to monologue at you. You may choose to try to get Master Syo to fight from the inside. If Tharan is with you he will approve of any effort to help his friend, no matter how much he would normally roll his eyes at Jedi mysticism. It's especially heartwarming if you try to remind Syo of his friends, and namedrop Satele, Jaeric and Tharan, at which point the man himself weighs in:
    • It gets even better if you take Tharan with you on the last fight and choose the light side options. Syo is badly wounded and crushingly ashamed of what he has done under the First Son's control, but you and Tharan both reassure him that none of this was his fault, and you are still his friends, no matter what.
    • Heck, just the fact that, as soon as the Consular learns that Syo is the First Son, they can immediately proclaim that they know he's still in there and spend all of their time on Corellia trying to break through the Emperor's control...and, at the very end, have it pay off in the most awesome way, as Syo proclaims that he is a Jedi Master and will not be the Emperor's puppet anymore.
    • During the actual boss fight, Syo will sometimes stop attacking you and heal you to full. The ability that does this? "Will of Syo".
  • Hallow Voice and Lhunu making peace, in the names of their people. It's just one small bow, after looking at each other silently for a few moments, but combined with the music and the cruel backstory the Esh-kha and the Rakata have, it is a very powerful scene.
  • One with a side order of Tear Jerker: When Gaden-Ko, the young Voss Mystic you escort, is having his final test, he is given a vision of his dead grandfather (who died with the rest of Gaden-Ko's family in a Sith ambush). Gaden-Ko rejects The Final Temptation the grandfather offers and has his first true vision, with Grandpa's spirit staying just long enough to say that his family is proud of him for finally becoming a true Mystic.
  • Another one with some Fridge Brilliance and another side of Tear Jerker: Senator Grell's will is read, and there is a last-minute addition; the Last Request to have your Consular train Nadia. Seeing as this guy was so determined to get help for his Force-Sensitive daughter that he was willing to dedicate his life to getting his people and their allies into the Republic, the fact he trusts you to take care of his daughter is humbling indeed.
  • A small, understated moment: at the end of the Consular's class quests, when they return to their ship after going on what many regarded as a suicide mission, Representive Alauni will say in a surprisingly sincere tone that it's good to see them again. Considering how aggressive she was to the Consular at the beginning, it's nice to see her finally melt a little.
  • In the 'Shadow of Revan'' class quest, the Consular will be building his/her own holocron in order to preserve all the knowledge that he/she has collected during her adventures. If the vision from Master O'a during the holocron's construction is anything to go by, it will be taken by Nadia back to Sarkhai after your death, eventually being discovered by another young Jedi after the ultimate fall of the Republic, seeking vengeance against those who destroyed it. If you are a light-sided Consular, you will either teach her to fight without killing, or to heal the war-torn galaxy instead. Meaning that more then three thousand years later, after even the events of the movies, the Consular will still be doing good in making the galaxy a better place.
  • The reunion with Felix and an Outlander Consular is part this and part Tear Jerker. You learn that he went to try and find you, but got captured and handed over to the same Mad Scientist that twisted Vaylin into an Ax-Crazy Psychopathic Manchild. Once back on Odessen, he's just marveling at the sky, after having not seen it in so long. He's Taken A Level In Cynic, since the Republic threw him under the bus and wrote him off as MIA, but he never lost faith in the Consular or their ability to assemble the "last heroes in the galaxy" under their banner.
  • The reunion with Nadia is much happier. She's been on Ossus, helping Master Ghost-Dural rebuild the Jedi, becoming a talented Knight in her own right. However, she's in awe over the Alliance and how an Outlander Consular has built something her father would have been happy to see.

    Trooper Storyline 
  • Fuse. You just gotta feel for the poor guy, traitor as he was. He followed his squadmates for what presumably was a case of the politicians throwing them out the window just because they were a political threat, then on Tatooine he discovers the Imperials were using his expertise to murder innocents in order to field test the bombs that he designed, and by the end of the arc he's asking you to forget about his own life and get the son of a bitch who turned his gear towards it. Saving him and the message he sends later... just touched this Trooper.
  • For a male trooper, if you pursue a romantic relationship with Elara, she'll tell you that you are the only person that supported and treated her with any kind of respect since she defected to the Republic. The two of you will end up getting officially married and talk about one day having children together.
    • Also, during that child conversation, she goes on about how she'll tell them all about your heroics, then adds this:
    Elara: And I'll tell them how you took the stuffy Imperial no one liked and made her the happiest woman in the galaxy.
  • If you defeat M1-4X on Nar Shaddaa with Elara in your party, after the battle, a Republic troop will meet up with you and ask if you need healing. One of the answers is basically "Nah, my Combat Medic keeps me patched up." Cue massive affection gain from a flustered Elara.
  • On Ord Mantell, when you first walked into the command center in Fort Garnik, a private will approach you and you can engage in some small chat with him. He will approach you again later, this time telling you about how his lieutenant is running a black mail racket against his men, but you are the only person he can think of to turn to, since every other NCO and officer in the base is corrupted. You have the option to help out the private and bring this to your superior's attention. If you do so, the next time you leave the Fort, you will be confronted by said lieutenant, who is very angry at you exposing him and openly threaten to arrange an accident when you are out on the field. Sometime later, you will get a message from the private, revealing that that right after your conversation with him, the lieutenant went to the barracks and tried to press gang his men into fragging you. But as the first NCO who actually showed any concern for them in a long time, every single one of the soldiers refused, and finally gathered enough courage to collectively report the lieutenant's behavior to command, resulting in him getting charged with treason and dragged away in front of his cheering men.
  • When you are on Alderaan, you will need to get information from a captured Thul nobleman. He agrees to tell you what you need, in exchange for you extracting his family from Thul territory, so that they will not be executed the moment the Imperials figure out he talked. Upon returning to his cell after rescuing them, the first thing you see is his wife and daughter running up to him and the three of them embracing each other tightly. It is a small touching moment to remind you that even ruthless nobleman that collaborated with the Sith have loved ones.
    • Then if you use your authority as a Republic officer to give him and his family full amnesty for their cooperation, you will later get a message from him that he has purchased a vineyard in the countryside with the intention of living out the rest of his days in peace. With his daughter being so impressed by your heroism that she is considering enlisting in the Republic military.
  • At the end of Act I, General Garza promotes you to Captain and offers to advance one of the troopers under your command (i.e. either Jorgan or Elara) to XO, with a complimentary Rank Up to Lieutenant. Promoting Elara reaffirms your trust in her (superiors' trust being a very scarce resource in her life), while Jorgan started off in the Prologue as a Lieutenant in the first place but was unjustly demoted for something he had very little influence on, so giving him his old rank back bookends Act I very nicely. He almost purrs with satisfaction upon receiving the news, although he does try to hide it.

    Smuggler Storyline 
  • The Smuggler's story is very funny and full of adventure, but one thing that truly shines is how personal the story is. The story is about the Smuggler, sure, you get to make a lot of heroic things, but in the end it still is a story about a freighter captain and his/her crew. That's what's most interesting, the whole crew becomes your family, and the game makes you really attached to Corso, Risha, Akaavi, Bowdaar and Guss, which in turn, each have developed loyalty and caring for you, the rest of the crew and the ship. It's a really heartwarming seeing how close knit the characters become.
  • On Nar Shaddaa, you repeatedly have the option to insult Drooga the Hutt and stand up for Bowdaar's mistreatment at his hands, even though it could risk your business deal with Drooga by doing so. The Smuggler can do so anyway, because it's the right thing to do.
  • Feylara is a former lover of your archenemy Skavak and is going to such crazy lengths to impress him. However, after her plan to kill you fails and her former lover abandons her, she suffers a Villainous Breakdown and starts openly crying in front of you. Feylara is such a Ditz that the reason said plan failed is because she doesn't have a lot of common sense and didn't think too far ahead, so it's safe to say that she has the mentality of a child. So you have a woman, no more mature than, say, a young teenager, crying in front of you because she has been abandoned by the man she thought she loved. It's pretty heartwarming to see that the lightside option is to forgive and spare her while also encouraging her to find a new man.
  • While The Reveal of the class quest on Hoth is a Tear Jerker of the highest order, choosing to go down one path lands the resolution squarely here, if you convince Alilia to take Trick to Tython. You'll get a letter telling you that they're both okay—the Jedi are helping Trick, and Alilia has a job helping others like him.
  • Risha's friendship moment with the Captain, where she says that she would be willing to build a wing in her castle just for the captain visit her, perhaps with even a port where the Smuggler could dock the ship.
  • Guss Tuno is all to aware of what he isn't, and he's surprised that he's found companions like you and the rest of the crew. One of his walking around comments is simply that he's amazed you put up with him.
  • In-universe, performing many of the optional quests as a light-sider qualify as this across classes, but especially the Smuggler. Throughout the Prologue, you're in a race against time to catch up to Skavak and reclaim your ship, then in Chapter 1 you're racing to beat him to Nok Drayen's treasure, and throughout both of these and Chapter 2 you're trying to stay one step ahead of Rogun the Butcher's Bounty Hunters, who have no qualms about killing you. But that does not stop you from helping out others, from assisting in repairing Coruscant to rescuing a little girl's big brother.
    • A good example of this is in Oradam Village on Ord Mantell. There's a man whose daughter has been taken by Republic/Ord Mantellian soldiers, and as such no one will help him for fear of reprisal. The poor man is therefore reduced to begging help from you, a complete stranger that he's only just met. Yet you agree to help him, and a few hours later his daughter is back safe and sound. His wanting everyone to know who you are is understandable.
  • During the romance arc with Risha, she gets a marriage offer from a rich Alderaan noble, and is understandably considering it, as this would give her enough wealth and status to rebuild her empire. The Male Smuggler's attempts to talk her out of it consists almost entirely of Insane Troll Logic...and she goes along with it, turning down all that power because she loves him so much.
  • With your Shadow of Revan quest, the smuggler meets up with Beryl Thorne for a third time to help her with her last big score. It goes badly, but it's still a decent amount of money and if you want you can offer her a job with your burgeoning criminal empire.

    Sith Warrior Storyline 
  • Commander Rylon's whole scene. First, you kill his captain, who is completely loyal to Rylon, then in his final moments discovers that his commander is actually an Imperial Spy. Then, Rylon starts to talk about how he already knew that Baras was going to kill him eventually, and that he would face his death with honor. The last thing he asks of you before the fight is if his son, who you met earlier faced his destiny (that is decided by you) with his chin up.
    • The Light Side route is actually rather heartwarming. While you still are reluctantly forced to end his life, you can admit that you have come to greatly admire him, offer him to grant his last request, tell him that you spared his son's life (or, alternately, if you did kill his son, lie about how he faced his end bravely), before finally letting him to die a soldier's death, with his honor and dignity intact.
  • Proposing to Vette before she has a chance to propose to you has her literallynote  jumping with joy. It's so heartwarmingly cute.
  • Vette's reunion with her old gang on Nar Shaddaa following the "Star of Ryloth" mission.
    • Male Warriors who turn down the flirt option with Taunt get the option to hint at their growing attraction towards Vette, leading to an amusing exchange between the Warrior and Taunt, which Vette remains completely clueless about.
    Warrior: I've already got all the beautiful Twi'lek women I need, thanks.
    Taunt: Oh, you're... I see. *Laughs* Well, good luck cracking that safe!
    Vette: *Oblivious* Am I missing something?
    • The alternative, when playing a female Warrior, is in some ways even better. There is no sexual attraction involved, so it really is a purely emotional bond:
    Warrior: I didn't even know I wanted a little sister until I met Vette.
    Taunt: Only you Vette could find a sweetheart Sith.
  • The Light Side route on Tatooine has the Warrior later receive a message from Sharack Breev, who was inspired by your example to let go of her fear and venture beyond the Forbidden Pass. She eventually came across the home of Master Yonlach. Instead of finding the slaughter she'd expected, she was pleasantly surprised to find the Jedi Master alive and well. They even ended up discussing his bizarre encounter with an unusually kind Sith.
  • Vette is perplexed at why you chose her to be your significant other, pointing out that you're a Sith lord who can get anything you want and she's just a former slave. The Warrior's flirt response leaves her speechless.
    Warrior: You're beautiful, charming, sometimes crazy, and always exciting. What man wouldn't choose you?
  • The later parts of Vette's romance may actually come off as more touching if you don't take the options labelled [Flirt]. (Which tend to be sweet as well, but more assertive in pursuing a relationship.) The Warrior gently urges her to come to a decision about him on her own and she is the one who kisses him. He tells her that he loves her too as soon as she confesses. Finally, in the proposal conversation, when Vette asks him if he loves her:
    Warrior: With my whole heart.
    • If Vette is the one who proposes:
    Vette: So, do you wanna marry me? Yes or no.
    Warrior: Of course I do. You're everything I've ever wanted, Vette. I love you.
    • Considering how the Sith Warrior is easily one of the more brutal characters, even if light side, their sincerity and warmth when talking to her makes everything extra-heartwarming.
  • The Light Side recruitment path of Jaesa. Her description of the Light Side Warrior and how you're so merciful despite being a Sith. Then you have the option to admit it's not easy. The tone of the Warrior says that they pretty much know they're staring death in the face every time they let someone go, but believe it's the right thing to do.
    • Jaesa thanking you for sparing her parents in the light side route. If you formally introduce her to Darth Baras at the end of Act One, he'll tell her that they're on Dromund Kaas and will be pleased to know that she's well.
    • Alternately, just the very fact that it is possible for a Dark Side Warrior to convince Jaesa to remain on the light path instead of corrupting her to the dark side, because they believe it would be a better way for Jaesa. Given how most Sith attempt to turn Jedi to the dark side by manipulation and torture, it is refreshing to see one that believes the dark path isn't always the best option for everyone, and a Jedi can still join a Sith's cause without abandoning the ways of the light side.
  • A Female Warrior and Quinn rebuilding their relationship after the latter's betrayal. He admits that he didn't want to do it, but felt that he had to put duty before love in this case and would completely understand if you didn't want anything to do with him. Instead, she forgives him. A Sith forgives someone!
  • The light side option for Vette's final companion quest. Her sister suggests murdering the Hutt who worked their mother to death. The Warrior, who has pretty much physically or emotionally obliterated all obstacles throughout their storyline, regardless of alignment, tells Vette not to, because doing so would kill her a little inside. Vette agrees immediately.
    Vette: You know my heart even better than I do.
    • She affirms that it was a good decision afterwards, and a Warrior romancing her has the chance to say this:
    Warrior: I wasn't about to let anyone hurt my girl.
    Vette: Your girl. I like that.
  • During the main storyline on Belsavis, the Warrior ends up having to team up with a Jedi. After the quest, you get a choice to either follow the dark side and kill the Jedi, or follow the light side and let him leave. The heartwarming part is if you do, he ends up messaging you later on that he has since returned to the Jedi Academy and has been happily recounting the tale, pointing out that this was the first time in over a millennium a Jedi and Sith worked together peacefully.
  • During the romance with Quinn, a lot of the female Warriors flirts are very forward and emphasize her pursuit, serving to emphasize the Unequal Pairing between them. However, like the Vette example above, avoiding some of them causes the female Warrior to be aware of his boundaries and respect them, letting him know that while she is interested, she doesn't want to cause him discomfort. Considering what most female Sith are like, it's quite touching to see one not so aggressively possessive.
  • Shadow of Revan ends with Darth Marr both expressing concern for the Warrior's well-being in the aftermath of the Emperor's resurrection, and reassuring them of their importance to the Empire.
    Darth Marr: You are of singular importance to our future. The Emperor may have abandoned you, but in my eyes you are ever the Empire's Wrath.

    Sith Inquisitor Storyline 
  • After Lord Zash takes over Khem's body when he interrupts her ritual at the end of chapter 1, among your dialogue options are "Khem Val? Are you still there, my most morose monster?" and "Go away and give me Khem back." (Khem approves +120) Particularly heartwarming in that the Inquisitor is not all that keen on referring to Khem by his name in dialogue.
  • If you pick the right dialogue option when facing Overseer Harkun on Korriban after passing your trials and being made an apprentice, you will genuinely thank him, pointing out that the adversity and struggle the Overseer put in your way allowed you to grow strong and taught you a great deal. After all, strength comes from adversity, and learning strength is the Sith way. Harkun, a racist and classist jerk of the first order, is so shocked and touched that he actually calls you "apprentice" instead of "slave" for the first time, and wishes you good luck, in his own gruff way.
    • Much later, if you mind-trick Harkun instead of killing him, he will appear at the end of Act Three, bowing to you among the rest of your followers.
  • Convincing Andronikos to let go of his desire for revenge against the man who lead the mutiny against him, who until then he'd been obsessively pursuing across several planets, all by uttering four simple words;
    Inquisitor: Was it worth it?
  • When the Inquisitor is given a ship, one of the dialogue options is graciously thanking Zash for it. When you get to the spaceport, the Inquisitor runs over to see the ship and the music is bombastic and happy. For the former slave, this ship represents the freedom you now have and even though you're still following Zash's orders, you can travel the galaxy without being beholden to anyone.
    • the importance of this form of freedom is also emphatized by the fact that Vette (who can still be a slave at that point, depending on your choices) has the same reaction in the Warrior storyline when she first sees the ship.
  • Ashara and the Light Side Inquisitor have several of these moments, as instead of attempting to corrupt her to the Dark Side, they instead become a mentor figure who enlightens her to a larger view of the Force, which encompasses both Light and Dark, something the Jedi often refuse to acknowledge. They even have the option to steer her away from becoming too much like a Sith and even ask her to be their Morality Chain and keep them on the straight and narrow.
    • Towards the end of chapter two, Zash will suggest that the Inquisitor takes an official apprentice from the Korriban Academy for the additional prestige it confers. One possible reaction is "Shove it, I already have an apprentice!" (Ashara approves +120)
    • Likewise, throughout her romance arc with the Inquisitor, he repeatedly respects her wishes to take their relationship slowly, has no traces of his usual snark and display more affection towards her than anyone else in the entire game.
      • Out of all the lines in the romance quest, this one is sure to warm the coldest of hearts.
      Ashara: If you hadn't become Sith, what did you want to be?
      Inquisitor: (A family man) I always thought of owning my own business. Run a shop. Start a family.
      • Early in the arc, he can ask her out on a date. She, having never been on a date before, is nervous, and the Inquisitor can reassure her that she doesn't have to think of it as a date, just an outing between two friends. You don't actually get to see what happens, but when you next talk to her she's bubbling about how much fun she had and how she'd love to go out with you again sometime. All together now: Awwwwwwwww.
      • Even without romance, there is a similar scene where Ashara asks the player to teach her Saback. The whole exchange has a strong 'older sibling - younger sibling' vibe to it.
      • Ashara and the Male!Inquisitor, period.
  • Andronikos Revel's romance with a Female Sith Inquisitor has its own share of heartwarming moments; particularly because he spends so much time trying to establish himself as the most ruthless, heartless, badass criminal to ever live... only to turn into a sweet, doting, fawning boyfriend around the female Inquisitor.
    • When the romance first kicks off, Andronikos gruffly insists that he doesn't want anything too "touchy-feely," nor that'll restrict his freedom... The very next conversation he immediately breaks his own rules by giving her an ornamental sword to hang on her wall.
    • Their first kiss. It's truly heart-melting to see the normally surly, scowling pirate smile so happily while kissing her so tenderly.
    • After their first time together, Andronikos aks, "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" If she coyly responds that he might have mentioned it, his reponse? "Then I'll just have to keep saying it," and pulls her in for a Big Damn Kiss.
    • Their first date. It's surprising enough that Mr "Nothing too touchy-feely" surprises her by inviting her out for a few drink so they can just sit and talk, but his body language during the date is completely adorable, with him leaning his arm against the back of her chair so he can lean in close and practically fawn over her while they talk. It's so understated, but so cute.
    • For their second date, Andronikos offers to fly in a random direction and cut the engines so they drift randomly through space, and enjoy the gorgeous view of the galaxy. He then opens up about some deeply personal philosophies of his, and admits that this is the part in past relationships when he'd want to bail, but then admits he's so happy with her he has nowhere else he'd rather be.
    • The proposal. It's so hilariously blunt: "So, are we getting married, or what?", but so heart-warmingly in character for him. Doubly sweet is their body language. He's holding her from behind to gaze lovingly at the back of her neck while she looks over a map, but after he pops the question she turns to drape her arms over his shoulders and gaze into his eyes, while he wraps his arms around her waist to pull her more closely. Many of her responses are cute as well; from coyly pretending to think about it ([Andronikos Greatly Approves]) to responding that she wants a ring. Which Andronikos has covered—just don't ask him where he got it. Her response to this is perhaps one of the most twistedly sweet lines in the game.
      Female Sith Inquisitor: What girl doesn't dream of the day her lover proposes with a stolen ring? Of course I'll marry you.
    • Finally: The Dreaded Andronikos Revel reveals he wants kids.
  • An Inquisitor can have one with Darth Thanaton, the Big Bad of his/her storyline, of all people. Before the duel at the end of the Kaggath, Thanaton will recite part of the Sith Code. One option is a Shut Up, Hannibal!, where the inquisitor tells him flat out he/she is going enjoy killing him. The others, however, are much less aggressive. One option is to finish the code, prompting him to say, in a voice tinged with regret, "I wish it hadn't come to this." The other has the inquisitor acknowledge him as a Worthy Opponent, and has the inquisitor comment he/she is sorry it has to end this way, to which Thanaton replies, regretfully, "as am I." After coming so far and fighting so often, the two can actually have a form of mutual admiration, which, among Sith, says a lot.
  • One of the first side quests you get involves breaking a captured Jedi out of Korriban. The Sith lord who gives you the quest states that they've successfully brainwashed the Jedi with false classified info, with the aim of him relaying that to the Jedi Council and putting several planets and millions of lives on the line. After befriending the Jedi and helping him retrieve his gear, you can choose the Light Sided option of telling him the truth of why he's so addled, at which point he thanks you and expresses sincere regret that the Jedi hadn't been able to find you before the Sith discovered your Force Sensitivity.
    • What makes is even more heartwarming is that at this point you're at the beginning of the storyline, meaning you're still enduring your trials to become Zash's apprentice while facing Harkun's clear favoritism for Ffon. To many at the Academy, you're just a slave who was fortunate enough to have Force ability. You have no allies, the odds are being stacked against you, and the wrong move could spell your death. And you still choose to warn this Jedi about what the Sith are planning, regardless of the consequences.
      • It should be said that this sidequest is also available for the Sith Warrior. However, it's more heartwarming choosing the light side option as the Inquisitor for the above reasons, since the Sith Warrior comes from a family with enough pull to get them such preferential treatment at the Academy.


    Bounty Hunter Storyline 
  • At one point early on in the story, if you're male, Crysta Markon will flirt with you and ask if your partner, Mako, is your little sister, and then say that she at least can't hold a real man's attention. One response is to say that Mako is the only person in the galaxy you care about, rendering Mako speechless.
    • If you're a female Bounty Hunter, you can say that you feel like you've known Mako for your whole life.
  • After one has earned considerable affection from Mako, she can be pursued as a romance option and married. One such message from her reads "Did you know Czerka Corporation has wedding registries? Well, they do. It was kind of fun to set one up even though no one's going to get us anything on there. Well, almost no one. I saw the best set of shape-conforming blast armor on sale. I think it'll look good on you, so really it's a present for both of us. Love you, big guy."
  • On Hutta, one of your bounty runs is to capture a Republic scientist that your rival kidnapped in order to lure that rival into a trap. Well, you manage to nab your quarry and lie in ambush for the goon. After killing your rival to get the token you need to join the hunt, the scientist is scared out of her mind. she does have a price on her head, after all. Choosing to let her go, Mako hands the lady a holdout blaster and gives her directions on the safest way to the spaceport. Seeing as you and Mako barely have two credits to rub together at this point, it's an Honor Before Reason gesture, but the scientist sends back a letter of gratitude with some credits, relieved that there is some shred of decency left in a Wretched Hive like Hutta.
    • This mission also brings out an option for Mako to be your Morality Pet. You can contemplate aloud the fact that the scientist still has a bounty on her. Mako will protest...and you can say that you won't do anything that makes her uncomfortable, and let the scientist go. This option actually gets you more approval from Mako than just letting her go outright.
  • When facing Reneget Vause in an honourable Duel to the Death on Hoth, the Light Side route has the Hunter make one of the rules that if they should fall in battle, their companion gets to walk away without harm. Considering that the Trandoshan is threatening to eat them if they lose, it's rather touching that the Hunter is more worried about Vause harming their friends than their own safety.
    • Another part of this takes a bit of Fridge Brilliance: if you choose that option, Torian will disapprove -30, which is a bit confusing...until you realize he's not objecting to you asking for him to be spared if you lose, he's objecting to you asking for him to walk away and let you be eaten by a Trandoshan if you lose.
  • On Hoth, not only can you rescue Blizz from certain execution, but the light side option lets you convince the Admiral to have him pardoned of all crimes against the Chiss Ascendency.
    • And if you complete all of his missions, Blizz simply says...
      "Blizz think Blizz home."
  • When playing as a female bounty hunter, Torian can be pursued as your love interest. Right before he ask you hand in marriage near the conclusion of the romance side quest, he will say 'I love you' in Mando'a, and you have the option to respond by tell him the same thing, also using Mando'a. This will gain you a massive boost in affection with him. Watch here.
    • The phrases that the two exchange afterwards are Mandalorian wedding vows.Translated  After reciting them, they are legally married under Mandalorian customs.
    • The scene plays out differently if the bounty hunter refused the offer to become a Mandalorian. Torian instead asks two questions: the first, if she'd raise their children Mandalorian. And if yes, what would she do, purely hypothetically of course, if he was to ask her to marry him. Just as sweet.
  • After the Republic SIS crash your party on Nar Shaddaa, and kill Bloodworthy, Jew'la, and the Defenestrator, if Mako is in your party, she begins to have a moment of grief, pointing out anyone who associates with the hunter tends to end up dead, and worries that she'll be next. The male hunter can reassure her with this line.
  • The Shadow of Revan story shows that even though Crysta and her daughter were very different people—Crysta a bounty hunter who liked the chase, her daughter a freelance cargo pilot (i.e. smuggler) who likes her creature comforts—they still got along very well, and Crysta was willing to put her life on the line for her daughter.
    • When s/he learns that the daughter of his/her old hunt coordinator (who, recall, s/he hasn't seen over the years of Acts 2 and 3 and Rise of the Hutt Cartel) is in trouble, the Bounty Hunter has the option of declaring preemptively that of course they'll help, free of charge.
  • The Bounty Hunter's Great Hunt can, in a weird way, turn out to be a deep well of heartwarming. After Braden (the hunter's sponsor and Mako's mentor/father figure) is killed off by the competition to hobble you, you have the option of playing out the entire Act as a combination of Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Tarro Blood and a tribute to your dead teammates. (Even if you don't, Mako clearly sees it that way and will comment on how she wishes you did.)
  • At the end of the regular storyline, the cutscene shows you the interior of your ship. You can see Blizz and Skadge talking to each other. It is only an instant, but surprisingly touching, considering Blizz's initial reaction to Skadge and Skadge's general contempt for anyone smaller and weaker.

    Imperial Agent Storyline 
  • In act II the Agent is brainwashed/mind-controlled by the Republic SIS. This process implants a Trigger Phrase ('Onomatophobia') in the Agent's mind, which when uttered forces the Agent to comply with SIS orders. After collapsing on your ship as a result of stress, your character comes to in the medbay, with all your companions around you and Doctor Lokin asking if everything is all right. You are given the option to spill the beans about the brainwashing, but no matter what you pick, your character says that everything is fine. This nets a negative approval gain from all members of your crew. It's touching to know that your little band of sociopaths cares about your wellbeing.
  • After gaining enough affection with Kaliyo, she gives you a mission to help her bail a friend out of jail. It turns out that this friend has a bounty on her head that Kaliyo wants to collect on, all due to a perceived slight. If you opt for the LS option and let the girl go, Kaliyo is pissed at you. The only option that doesn't result in a loss of affection is telling her that "You're better than this, Kaliyo." Given she's an Ax-Crazy anarchist who hates authority, the fact that this gets through to her is oddly touching.
  • Kaliyo's final companion quest mission involves the revelation that she's been selling intel on the Empire for months. When you confront her about it, she actually sounds desperate as she tries to plead her case. If you tell her you forgive her:
    Kaliyo: You serious?
    Agent: (cheerfully) We've worked together a long time now. I know what to expect.
    Kaliyo: I think I kinda like the sound of that. (warmly) Come on...let's go home.
    • Alternately, you can tell her that you've dedicated your life to the Empire, and she needs to stop selling them out. Not because you want her to change, or to become a patriot, but because you want to be able to rely on her. At that she deflates and agrees to try—not for the Empire's sake, but for your sake. That alone is a huge step forward for her.
  • When Kaliyo suggests marriage in the only way she can, the agent can agree on the condition that Kaliyo finally admits that she loves him. Cue Kaliyo getting almost adorably flustered before saying she does. Her reassuring return to form immediately afterwards by threatening to do harm unto the agent's person should he tell anyone only adds to the strangely heartwarming nature of the scene.
  • The romance storyline with Vector Hyllus has several such moments. At one point, during a 'private moment' with the female agent, Vector represses the bond to his hive so that they can get some true alone time. Possibly made even more heartwarming if the agent chooses the "This isn't you" response, and accepts him as a Joiner.
    • Later on, the female agent can suggest becoming a Joiner as well. Vector's response is beyond sweet.
    Vector: It would mean giving up everything you are, everything you wish to become. We have no desire to see you do that. We love you. Will you marry us?
  • Vector really does have quite a few heartwarming lines in the romance storyline, in his own Killik-y way:
    Vector: There are patterns in your electric aura that are yours alone. They taste like frost and spices. We will remember them always.
  • Vector gets a lot of these, period. There's his friendship with Lokin, which has the two of them being so reassuringly normal, which is a bit of a feat considering their respective natures. Nevertheless, they plan hiking trips and visits to the opera. At the end of their dialogue based mini-arc, Vector explains the nature of their friendship in a way that resonates with the themes of the Agent's story as a whole: No, he doesn't trust Lokin. Of course, the good doctor always has an angle. But you don't have to trust someone to like them and be their friend.
  • One more for the Killik that requires a bit of knowledge of the setting. See Vector's assurance that "We will remember them always." above? That's literal truth: the nest remembers everything that has ever happened to any of its members. By the time Alderaan was blown up in ANH, the Killik were a distant legend on the planet—they had left a long time ago. So assuming the descendants of Vector's nest are still around somewhere in the galaxy, there really are people who can remember the Agent and their crew, three thousand years later.
  • If you play a Chiss, after completing the Hoth storyline, Aristocra Saganu contacts the agent to declare him or her a merit adoptive of his family. A player familiar with the species will recognize this as a major honor allowing exceptional Chiss to join ruling families, one that will later be given to Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • At the end of the storyline on Voss, the Agent can demand that the Three do him a favour. One of the options you can choose is that they will aid and support your in-laws. Considering the massive conspiracy that is going on, it is a small touch of decency.
  • Meeting Watcher Two/Keeper on Corellia is, if not heartwarming then extremely reassuring, especially since your entire organization has just been disbanded, you were transferred under regular military command who treat you like crap, and basically everyone you could trust so far has been either killed or forbidden from contacting you by the Sith—not to mention that the Keeper herself supposedly had her brain fried by the Star Cabal's trap. In a situation where everything seems to be going to hell and you don't know what to do about it, seeing a familiar and trustworthy face helps a lot.
    • This comes full-circle on the planet Rishi, when the former Minister of Intelligence has managed to get Watcher Two out of Republic custody and requests your help in the last step, eventually sending her off to be deprogrammed and hoping she has a happy life outside of the espionage game. The Agent can even level a form of If You Ever Hurt Her at the conclusion, which will be happily agreed to.
    • After the Corellia class questline, you reunite with Kaliyo, who the agent last saw being dragged off by Sith. Turns out the remnants of Intelligence rescued her, and she stuck around to help you. Upon seeing her again the first thing the male agent can do is stride across the room and give her a Big Damn Kiss.
    Agent: After Lord Razer took you...I didn't know what happened.
    Kaliyo: And you were worried about me? Aww. It's good to see you too, agent.
  • The Shadow of Revan Agent quest at least has the potential to be this (though of course you can be mean about it). The Minister of Intelligence is now "Retired"—which is almost treated as his name in the codex entry—and has decided to do one last good thing before he returns to his quiet retirement (implied to be in Shadow Town, where Watcher X was): he's going to do right by Shara Jenn, the former Watcher Two and Keeper, who's suffering from some residual effects from the Star Cabal's trap and still has her programming even though Intelligence is no more. She was captured by the Republic, and then taken captive by a pirate gang. He enlists your help to free her...not to send her back to whatever intelligence organization springs up, but so she can live in comfort while a team of the best doctors and medtechs in the galaxy try to fix her brain, and afterward have a normal life.
  • Watcher Three is a background character, nowhere as important as Watcher Two/Keeper, but if you pay attention throughout IA storyline, you may notice he’s progressing from timid and easily scared newcomer to confident and proficient team leader. Even sweeter if you pick nice/reassuring dialog options when talking to him.

    Knights of the Fallen Empire 
Warning. Spoilers are unmarked. If you have yet to finish this part and don't wish to be spoiled, turn away now.
  • After the Outlander is freed from their carbonite prison, if they had a Love Interest, they'll find a letter in their mailbox from said Love Interest, written while they were sleeping. All of them are personalized in some way, which is a nice touch, and they fall into either this category or Tear Jerker. The happier ones generally have the same gist: they know you might not ever read what they've written, but they want you to know they haven't forgotten you, and they haven't given up on looking for you, even months—or sometimes years—later. Hnnng.
    • If the Outlander was a Bounty hunter who married Torian, it's especially poignant because he clearly thinks she's dead. The letter was sent out more in the belief that she's watching from the Mandalorian Warrior Heaven afterlife, and yet here it is. Try not to tear up as you read it:
      A Mando knows every mission could be the last. None of us can count on seeing the next sunrise. There's only now. Sometimes we get lucky, and we march together all our lives. Sometimes we only get a single battle. You and I had a few years.
      They were good years.
      You honored me. You saved my life. You loved me better than anyone ever has. I'll repay those debts. I'll carry your memory with me on every hunt I take until the day I die.
      The ones who killed you are invading Imperial space. They think we won't fight back. They're wrong. Mandalore is gathering the clans, and I'm answering his call. 'Ret'urcye mhi'note  doesn't mean goodbye—it means 'Maybe we'll see each other again.' If there's another life beyond this one, I hope we do.
    • Nadia's takes the general heartwarming Up to Eleven and mixes it with awesome. Not only does she have a strong support network to help deal with your absence (heartwarming in itself, considering what she's already been through), but she declares that she can still feel that the Outlander is alive, and that she's not just going to find him, she's going to gather an entire army and find him. She ends the letter with "Stay strong. We will come."
    • Theron’s is rather sweet, as the usually-dour spy displays a surprising amount of optimism that the Outlander is alive and can be rescued someday. He even lapses into Adorkable as he rambles a bit about how he’s not sure what exactly their relationship is, but it’s important to him, and that hope he’ll see the Outlander again is what keeps him going nowadays.
  • Anytime you re-encounter a companion from your class story. Most of them are pretty damn happy to see you're alive.
    • For Jedi Knight, the other individual breaking the Outlander out of carbonite along with Lana is none other than T7-01.
    • For Inquisitor, commending Xalek on how strong in the Force your apprentice has become. When you left, he was but your apprentice. Now, he is a proper Sith Lord, yet still holds a great respect for you.
    • For Agent, meeting Lokin, who considers you an old friend. He's really glad he no longer has to drink in your memory.
    • For Bounty Hunter, meeting Blizz. Not only does he now run a crew of his own, but he says he's never letting a job unfinished, just like [you] taught. A possible reply "Just like I taught" shows all the respect you have for the little guy.
    • For Warrior, meeting Pierce, now Major Pierce, who never doubted that you would return, and, upon being offered a life-threatening place in the Alliance, fighting the Eternal Empire, instead of the cushy job with the Outreach Bureau, answers:
      "There's no place I'd rather be than fighting by your side, my lord."
    • For the Consular, finding out that Qyzen has taken command of Kephess's Warstalkers. After you had a hand in mailing Kephess back to Lady Scorekeeper yourself, it's good to know that that his men now have a worthy leader.
  • When Arcann and Vaylin are talking, he mentions wistfully that he wishes Thexan was still alive so the three of them could rule the Eternal Empire as siblings. Vaylin's response is a soft, sincere "I miss him too".
  • Darth Marr accompanying Satele as a Force Ghost.
  • Theron's return and the fact that he found your old ship to boot.
  • While repairing the Gravestone, you encounter a bunch of refugees on the run from the Eternal Empire. Said refugees are former citizens of Zakuul. The Outlander can chose to not hold that against them and offer passage on the ship, despite undoubtedly having some anger at the Eternal Empire. Doing so gets a big influence boost from Koth, who gratefully thanks you and says you're doing the right thing.
  • Getting Kaliyo to let go of her vendetta against Zakuul in Chapter 10 is very touching, especially when the Outlander is an Agent. They get a whole new speech just for the occasion.
    Agent!Outlander: I've known you a long time. You can be cruel and capricious and vengeful...
    Kaliyo: This isn't cruel. Someone hits you, you hit back!
    Agent!Outlander: ...but you're one of the strongest people I know. You can take a blow. Spite and pettiness are beneath you.
    • For Outlanders who romanced her, getting back together after. She was insistent in her letter that she was way over him, and continues to keep the facade up throughout Chapter 10, but his persistence finally wears her down into admitting, in her own Kaliyo way, that she would like to resume things. Cue Big Damn Kiss.
  • For Troopers? Aric "Grumpy Cat" Jorgan himself is leading an all-new Havoc Squad. Doesn't matter if the Republic is still standing or not - Havoc's still going to fight and he's still going to lead it. All the more awesome seeing as he lost the role in the Trooper story arc due to circumstances beyond his control in the first place.
    • If you romanced Aric as a female trooper, hearing his amazed "Is that really you, sir?" sells the point perfectly, especially after you've read his letter. Though both of you are soldiers and keep it professional in front of the squad, you can at least share a hug.
      Trooper: I'm your wife, not your CO.
      Jorgan: I've been a widower for five years. It's a lot to take in. ... Later, all right? Alone.
  • Sith Warriors meet up with Vette, who is quite happy to see you. If you romanced her, she's very snuggly, grabbing you by the breastplate for a Big Damn Kiss. Twice. If you so choose, you can assure her that you have dreamed about her throughout the five years spent apart and that you are glad she has kept herself safe.
    After all this time, your relationship with Vette remains as loving as ever.
  • For Bounty Hunters, the fact that their entire crew went looking for them. Even the sociopathic and extremely violent Skadge, who Gault refers to as the "angry tumor."
  • When you finally get Gault back to base, he's reunited with Hylo, who jokingly calls him "her worse half." Apparently, they made up after Belsalvis.
  • Chapter 14 reunites the Bounty Hunter with another former squad-mate: Torian.
    • M!Hunter can (if you so choose) greet Torian as warmly as Shepard greets Garrus in ME2; Torian, in turn, refers to the Hunter as "brother" and promises to stick with him this time.
    • In case of a romanced Fem!Hunter, the first thing Torian does is call her "beloved". She responds by grabbing his collar and pulling him in for a Big Damn Kiss. Later, Torian promises to never leave her side again.
  • In Chapter 15, before the big reveal at the end, Agents in particular but the other classes can be surprisingly mournful at SCORPIO's passing, whether that's swearing vengeance against the GEMINI Captain who killed her, or simply admonishing the other members of the command staff to be respectful of her passing.
  • Recruiting Guss as a Force Sensitive. His "master" is a drunken con artist with no more Force talent than a knack for mind tricksat least on the surface; the Voss Mystic implies he can induce Force visions in others, sending him to use Force Persuade to, for free. The Jedi path options don't work, because...Guss. And the Sith options really don't work because...Guss. But convincing him to relax actually works, and he's able to get the job done. You can even remark to the Voss Mystic in charge of the Force Enclave that he's found a third path all his own, without even trying. Considering what a Butt-Monkey Guss tends to be, finding a place where he can be relatively safe and figure out The Force for himself is a wonderful development.
  • Chapter 16: After everything, Senya still wants to save her children...and Arcann, whom she thought was dead, finally responds, protecting her from Vaylin.
    • Also, SCORPIO's motivation. She just wanted her children to be free. That was all. She willingly steps aside and allows Vaylin to take the Throne—so long as she doesn't take the GEMINI Captains' freedom away. An email you receive from Hylo implies that the Captains are making the most of their freedom, traveling the galaxy just for the joy of sightseeing.
  • HK-55 can be a real softie with regard to Z0-0M in The Shroud of Memory bonus chapter. Among others, recommending she be allowed to continue operations and join the Alliance despite having been the actual Shroud because she's literally not that person anymore.
    • The whole quest with HK-55 and Z0-0M can be this on a meta level if you remember Knights of the Old Republic. Remember, HK-47 suffered from a memory block until The Reveal, and assuming a Light Side run of that game, particularly a Light Sided female run, the arc could be seen as an homage to the ex-Dark Lord and her faithful guard droid.
  • Spare the Knights of Zakuul who ambush you on the way to your meeting the the Lady of Sorrows, and one of them sends you an e-mail about how he realizes that, if the Outlander were all the things said about them, he and his partner would have been killed, indicating that he's rethinking the propaganda, and thanks the Outlander for letting him go home to his husband.

    Knights of the Eternal Throne 
Warning. Spoilers are unmarked.
  • Vaylin meeting her deceased brother Thexan on Iokath. According to the codex entry, he was the only family member who regularly visited Vaylin when she was banished to Nathema. He also brought her gifts from all the worlds he has conquered as well. It was all just a simulation however.
    Thexan "I missed you little sister."
  • The interactions between Vette and the Outlander throughout this story, if the latter has romanced the former, are delightful.
  • If you spare Senya in Chapter I. A redeemed Arcann will join the Alliance, grateful for you trying to rescue her. It's also more heartwarming if the player chooses to forgive him despite all the atrocities he has done in the past.
  • If you choose to rescue either Vette or Torian in Chapter VIII, they will send you an email showing their gratitude.
    • Vette's is particularly touching if you, as a Sith Warrior, have romanced her, hearkening back to your first meeting on Korriban and looking forward to the future.
      We've been through a lot together. Seems like an eternity since we first met on Korriban, and the excitement hasn't let up since. I don't say it often enough, but you make it all look easy. Sometimes, I even take you for granted. And then you do something amazing. Like saving my life. Again.
      I know I thanked you on the battlefield, but it didn't seem like enough. I need to tell you how lucky I am to have you in my life.
      I feel bad for Torian - and everyone else who died fighting for the Alliance. I even feel bad for some of Vaylin's people... they can't all be monsters. But I don't like to think about that. I'd rather focus on the future. Our future.
      I can't repay what you've done for me. But as long as I'm at your side, I will try. I know as long as we're together, no matter how bad things get, everything will work out in the end.
      That's what you do. And that's why I love you.
  • On Nathema, you meet the spirit of Lord Dramath who has been imprisoned as a spirit for thousands of years by Vitiate. A light sided player can choose to finally free him from his prison and give him the satisfaction of death.
  • If the Outlander chooses to recruit Shae Vizla, she states that the Mandalorians wants to follow the Outlander and comes to make it official and acknowledges the Outlander as a sibling. Which is notable considering if the Outlander isn't already a fellow Mandalorian, Shae Vizla and the Mandalorians previously viewed the Outlander as an "outsider" but now sees the Outlander as one of their own.
    Shae Vizla: "See you on the battlefield, brother/sister."

    War For Iokath 
  • Despite his betrayal in the past, Malavai Quinn still searched for the Wrath after he/she disappeared. When Minister Lorman wanted the Wrath to stay missing, Quinn refused and was locked up in prison until Darth Acina pardoned him. He remained loyal to the Wrath even if he/she did not forgive him.
    • When asked why he didn't return to the Wrath when they reappeared, Quinn explains that he still feels guilt over the aforementioned betrayal. The Wrath can then assure him that he is forgiven, and invite him into the Alliance, after which, the Wrath can tell Lana and Theron that s/he trusts Quinn completely.
    • Alternately, if romanced, Quinn expresses his concern that the Female Wrath might have fallen out of love with him. If the Female Wrath chooses to resume the romance, she reassures Quinn that she has always loved him and she always will. Later the Female Wrath can tell Lana and Theron that Quinn is a good man and she'll trust him with her life.
  • If Theron's father Jace Malcom gets killed, Theron would become grief stricken by his death. The Outlander can try to comfort him.
    The Outlander: "I know I can't make the pain stop, but I'll be here to help you. Every step of the way."

    The Conspiracy 
  • Early in "The Nathema Conspiracy," Arcann (provided you spared him in Knights of the Eternal Throne) makes a quiet but deeply earnest plea to the Outlander to show the same mercy to Theron that they did to him.
  • Accepting Theron back after the Nathema Conspiracy's conclusion. He's so relieved to not be tossed out.
    • And getting to marry him, if you romanced him.
      • Or Lana, if you romanced her.
  • "Theron Shan is filled with hope for a better future. (2500 Influence)"
  • The Smuggler’s reunion with a romanced Akaavi is among the sweetest the game offers. The way she goes from shock at him being alive to bouncing with joy when he says “I love you” in Mandalorian is immensely touching, especially for someone like her.
  • In "A Traitor Among the Chiss", A Chiss Force user can be reassured by Aristocra Saganu that while Chiss in general consider Force users to be dangerous, the player character is seen as the exception to the rule after everything they've accomplished in the galaxy. And later on if you choose the Dark Side option to kill the traitor, you get a letter from Saganu telling you how proud you've made your people.

    Jedi Under Siege 
  • A meta moment: if you haven't completed all previous story content before starting the new Jedi Under Siege content, certain assumptions are made about your character's decisions based on their faction and class. So, for example, Imperial-side characters are assumed to have killed Senya in Chapter 2 of Eternal Throne and thus killed Arcann rather than recruiting him in Chapter 6. In Chapter 8, if you're Republic you're assumed to have chosen to save Vette; if you're Imperial, you are presumed to have saved Torian—unless, course, you're a Sith Warrior. However, at the end of the Nathema Conspiracy, all characters, regardless of faction and class, are assumed to have saved Theron and welcomed him back to the Alliance. The devs included the option, but seem to think that given the context literally no one would actually kill or exile him...and they're probably mostly right.
  • When the Jedi Knight arrives on Ossus at the start of Jedi Under Siege, what is Doc's reaction? To immediately tell Nadia to cancel the evacuation because with the Knight there they have nothing to worry about. It just shows how much faith he has in the Knight's skills.

  • After almost five years real time (seven years in-game), Kira and Scourge return. Reuniting with Kira is certainly a great moment for anyone who romanced her. In Scourge's case, he's grown to care for the Jedi Knight's crew and whether you go romantic or platonic, it's clear he's come a long way from the remorseless Sith who betrayed Revan and murdered the Exile.
    Knight: The most important part of life is the bonds we form. You finally feel that.
    Scourge: It will take some getting used to, but I'm already beginning to like it.

    Echoes of Oblivion 
  • If alive and taken to Satele's ship, Arcann will reunite with the spirits of Thexan and Vaylin. The reunion with his sister goes as expected considering Vaylin's last moments, but the one with the twin he murdered manages to be both understated and sweet as Thexan shows Arcann forgiveness.
    Arcann: Brother...Sister...I...
    Thexan: (softly) We know, brother.
    • There's also a short cutscene if you romanced him. He confides in you that he's afraid of facing Valkorion again and letting his negative emotions consume him anew. You can reassure him that you'll be there for him, which helps him immensely.
      • And then there's the letter he sends to you afterwards:
        We've been here before. My father, threatening the entire, feeling too powerless to stop him...and you, ridding us all of Valkorion's corruption and giving me the strength to be a better man.
        But this time is different. This time, I am not suffocating on my own self-doubt, struggling with so much uncertainty about who I am, about what I've done...about my feelings for you.
        There is still so much I have to atone for, but that uncertainty I felt before is long gone. This time, for the first time in my life, I have such hope for the future. For our future.
        I love you. There has never been anything else I have been more sure of. And I will do everything I can to show you that, for the rest of my life.
  • Despite having every single reason not to trust him despite his apparent Heel-Face Turn, both Revan and the Exile have no qualms whatsoever with working with Lord Scourge, and Revan has been communicating exclusively with Scourge for several months at least.
  • Theron offering to go with you to save Satele because despite how complicated their relationship is, she is still his mother. And if you sided with the Empire on Iokath - which led to Jace Malcom's death - he declares that he's not going to lose his remaining parent.
  • Assuming he survived the events of Nathema and was allowed to rejoin the Alliance, Satele Shan thanks the player character for giving Theron a home and the feeling of finally belonging somewhere that she herself was unable to provide for him. Non-romanced characters can tell her that he's a trusted friend, and romanced characters can assure her that they'll spend their lives making him happy, at which point her expression softens.
    • You can also choose to tell her that Theron still needs her in his life. And unlike her previous aloofness when it comes to her estranged son, Satele seems to consider the player character's words.
      • In the letter you get from him (which varies on whether you romanced him or not), Theron mentions that he and Satele have started reconnecting while she's settling back in Coruscant. They won't have the perfect mother-son relationship, but they're trying.
    • Prior to this, Satele will also let you know that Darth Marr, Revan and the Exile (and Senya and Arcann, if you killed them in Knights of the Eternal Throne) have become one with the Force. While it's sad that these characters will most likely never be seen again, it's good to know that they've found peace. Especially for Revan and Meetra, who were unable to move on until Tenebrae was defeated forever.
  • Senya (if alive) trying one last time to reach her daughter while trapped in Satele's mindscape. She accepts the full blame of everything that happened to Vaylin, admitting that she should have fought harder to stop Valkorion from locking her away on Nathema. The player character can also apologize to Vaylin, saying they should have found a better way of dealing with her and expressing hope that their regrets can help her find some measure of peace. It says something that Vaylin looks briefly affected by their words.
  • While inside Satele's mindscape, Darth Marr assures the player that Tenebrae has no idea how strong she really is. Considering that the two of them were enemies just a few years ago and Marr grew up revering the Emperor as something close to a god, his faith in her is remarkable.
  • The fact that both Kira and Scourge decide to stay with the Outlander. Prior to this update, many players were worried that either of them would be killed off or leave due to opposing factions (ie, Kira leaving an Imperial-aligned character and Scourge leaving a Republic-aligned one). However, all fears are alleviated as both of them decide to stick around. And in the letters they send (Kira to a Republic character, Scourge to an Imperial), they assure you that the other might be wary of the Outlander's alliance, but will stay with you because they know that you're the best hope the galaxy has.
  • In a way, the implication that Vaylin has come Back from the Dead via Body Surf. Vaylin has lived the worst life imaginable, and Force knows she deserves the chance to experience a peaceful and happy life, although only time will tell if she will use her second chance at life to earn it.

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