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Heartwarming / Call of Duty: World at War

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  • The ending of World At War, Dimitri (You) has/have just been shot, then Reznov rushes in with his Russian Machete and cuts down the Nazi responsible. He then picks up Dimitri (You) saying "You can make it my friend, you always survive.", cuts the Nazi flag from the Reichstag and tells you to place the Red Flag up as it is your honour. Reznov tells Dimitri (you) "As long as you live, the Heart of this army can never be broken." Depending on how connected to the story you were, or you started on Veteran first, this can also become a Tearjerking moment. In Black Ops it's then subverted to hell and back by Project Nova
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  • In "Black Cats", despite the fact that Hammerhead was just blown out of the sky by attacking Japanese fighters doesen't deter Booth, and by extension, the rest of the Mantaray crew, from doing what they can to help the beleaguered US fleet off Okinawa. And it pays off too, when they manage to rescue around 5-7 men from their sinking ships.
    Booth: Okay, people, the fleet still needs our help. Anyone wanna back out? [utter silence from the rest of Mantaray's crew] Didn't think so.
  • The Dedication at the start of the Closing Credits.
    Dedicated to the veterans of World War II who sacrificed their lives for the preservation of liberty.

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