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  • Nakigitsune attempting to befriend Kogitsunemaru. Okay, his fox did most of the talk and Kogitsunemaru was creeped out instead, but it was nice to see the antisocial uchigatana to give a try.
    Kogitsunemaru: "W-what's up with you?"
    Nakigitsune's fox: "Oh! I'm so sorry, Kogitsunemaru-sama, Nakigitsune seems to have taken an interest in you."
    Kogitsunemaru: "I see. Let's get along as fellow foxes... By the way, can't you talk without using that fox?"
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  • Yasusada accepting that You Can't Fight Fate and refusing to change the past, which will lead to Okita Souji's death. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
    "Okita-kun's destiny can't be changed. I won't let it be changed... not by anyone!"
  • When Kiyomitsu and Yasusada reach the Ikedaya Inn, which is the place where Kiyomitsu was broken and subsequently discarded in the past. Of course Yasusada is worried about him, but Kiyomitsu brushes off his concerns, because he feels more confident now, unlike the time when he was with Okita.
    "Yeah, I get it. But you know, compared to the last time I was here alone with that person, this time the situation feels a lot more comfortable."
    • Considering Kiyomitsu's abandonment issues, it can be interpreted that even though he gets damaged during the fight, he knows the Saniwa won't discard him.
    • Also, considering that most recollections are about the swords getting uncomfortable with reaching a traumatic place (Ichigo, Namazuo) or angsting about the death of their previous owners (Kanesada, Yasusada, Imanotsurugi), this is a heartwarming moment.
  • Most of the First Anniversary Lines. It's nice to see most the swords congratulating the Saniwa for accompanying them for one year. From the friendlier ones to the depressed ones and even the antisocial Ookurikara.
  • The fact that all the swords get Character Development after their Kiwame training. On their journey, they visit their previous masters, which give them the strength to evolve. They're not only stronger, they also warmed up to the Saniwa.
    • Imanotsurugi gets a mention because his Kiwame training throws a curveball and reveals that he as a sword, had never existed. Even when he comes to this realization, he understands that his rightful place is by the Saniwa's side, who made him real.
    • Also Fudou is able to come to terms with his past and is able to see Nobunaga once again. When he's back he's sober, cleaner and now he acknowledges the Saniwa as his new master. Aww.
  • The recollections titled Navagraha and the Bamboo Sparrow's Relationship are filled with heartwarming moments, helped by being one of the few actual linear small stories in-game so far. Among its best moments are:
    • Mitsutada telling Sayo that he wishes to see him smile wide enough to show teeth, and adding that while the best thing about having a human body is that he can cook, the next best thing is he can pat Sayo's head. If that doesn't warm the player's heart, nothing will.
    • The very friendship between Kasen and Sayo, who belonged to the same household for a while. Kasen affectionately calls Sayo "O-Sayo" and worries when he is gloomy; Sayo for his part seems to not take him entirely seriously but does take some of his teachings about elegance to heart, knows him enough to realize that Kasen is actually quite a shy person, and out of worry, tries to get him to make up with Ookurikara when both don't get along by cooking them both some food, with Mitsutada's help.
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    • Sayo laughing out loud when Tsurumaru gives both him and Mitsutada a scare.
  • Shizukagata's character page has a doodle of him happily playing with Honebami and Namazuo. He really does love his brethren.
  • When Yoshimitsu talks to Ichigo Hitofuri during their recollection, the former expresses his doubts abut being considered part of the Awataguchi family due to his weapon type, his estrangement, and his peculiar way of speaking. Ichigo dispels each and every one of them when brought up, assuring him that he'll always be considered a brother no matter the differences between them.

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