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Unmarked spoilers below

  • In Bad Ending #1 of Story of Eastern Wonderland, Reimu is feeling down because she wasn't strong enough. Cue Marisa—enemy only a little bit ago!—show up to try to make her feel better.
  • A meta example. A group of people from famous Touhou remix circles joined together to create this in celebration of ZUN's wedding.
  • Kokoro's ending in Hopeless Masquerade. After learning of emotions through battle, she takes up performing Noh at the Hakurei Shrine. This gives her identity through purpose, and at the end, she even smiles for the very first time. It also throws Reimu a bone by finally getting her visitors and profits.
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  • In the final chapter of Oriental Sacred Place, The Three Fairies of Light fight Reimu with all of their might. After being beaten they tell Reimu and Marisa that the reason they fought Reimu was in order to become friends with her. The fairies having witnessed multiple times that Reimu became friends with her enemies after beating them and thought she would do the same with them. Reimu instantly denies this and tell them off, warning them that she does not wish to have youkai as friends. The Three Fairies leave heartbroken and Marisa warns Reimu that they could well be preparing to leave permanently after that. When Reimu discovers that the 3 Fairies were living near her shrine she decides to say "screw it" and befriends them anyways, much to their joy. Reimu halfheartedly gives the excuse that they live on her property so therefore the Fairies are her property now. Reimu herself would never admit it, but she does on some level appreciate the fact they make things lively for the shrine.
  • In Forbidden Scrollery, more of Shinmyoumaru Sukuna's home life in the Hakurei Shrine is revealed. Rather than living in just a bird cage she has a fully decorated suite to live in. Shinmyoumaru is actually pretty grateful to have Reimu,her former enemy, protecting her, to the point where she makes a matching kimono for her (in size as well). Reimu in turn wears it as an accessory in her bonnet rather than throw it away. This is when it's known that as an inching without the power of the miracle mallet she is actually pretty helpless. It says a lot about how Reimu really is a good person even towards non humans, that she is willing to let one live with her.
    • This is after it was all but spelled out that Reimu is Slave to PR of her job as youkai exterminator, whose reputation is constantly in danger of getting ruined by all those youkai who flock her shrine. The same youkai who flock her shrine for the same reason Shinmyoumaru has such a nice lodging; Reimu's kindness outweighs her reputation, and Dragon God damn it if her reputation isn't important to her life.
    • Though it is in the end of a tense chapter Reimu saying that she is glad that Yukari is behind the recent incident involving Kosuzu as that means Reimu doesn't have to fight her. It shows that even though Reimu acts dismissive towards her, she cares for Kosuzu.
    • The entirety of the final chapter. Kosuzu is saved from the Night Parade scroll while still keeping her humanity. Yukari manages to talk down Reimu and afirms her place, not as Gensokyo's Youkai exterminator, but as Gensokyo's balancer who protects both humans and Youkai. And later during a Youkai party that Kosuzu wakes up with Laser-Guided Amnesia. But instead of just leaving The Masquerade for her in place, Reimu tells Kosuzu all about what happened and about Youkai, to even the objection of Marisa. Instead of reacting in fear Kosuzu is happy learning the truth and accepts the world of Gensokyo and becomes a close ally to the other human protagonists. The epilogue even shows she has interest in facing Reimu in a danmaku battle.
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  • Urban Legend in Limbo has some heartwarming moments, namely with newcomer Sumireko. Not only does she get befriended by Shinmyoumaru and Mokou in their story modes, but at the end of the game, Reimu promises to befriend Sumireko when her dreams inevitably trap her in Gensokyo. Furthermore, Futo and Miko are interested in befriending Mokou (due to Mokou being immortal as well), and it very much seems like Mokou feels the same.
  • From considerably earlier in the series, we have Keine's second appearance in Imperishable Night, complete with a declaration that, "I won't let you touch that human!" The human in question being Mokou, who, as previously mentioned, is immortal. Keine knows this... and chooses to defend her anyway.
  • The finale of Wild and Horned Hermit is a roller coaster of tears, fears, and cheers as Kasen pulls off an impressive Batman Gambit to reseal her severed arm. All to protect Reimu and reinforce her new way of life as a hermit. The former Number Two of the oni has truly turned over a new leaf, despite all fears to the contrary in and out of universe.
    • Reimu can't bring herself to fight Kasen at first, and it's only after she realizes the real Kasen is still on her side that she goes all out, at which point she's so determined that she outright refuses Tenshi's help so she can beat Kasen's arm herself. In the aftermath, after she finds out Kasen survived after all, she's relieved.
  • In Strange Creators of Outer World, Satori Komeiji is the third character reviewer for Subterannean Animism's cast besides Reimu and Marisa. She gives both her pets a 10/10 and says nothing but good things about them, like how Orin hugs her often and how helpful Okuu is. She gives her sister Koishi a 7/10, but that's only because her wandering around the surface causes her to worry too much about her safety.

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