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Naming Duel Law
Duel between youkai are cause for fear that the small land of Gensokyo may collapse.
However, if youkai are unable to fight, their power will gradually vanish.
Therefore, I propose the following contract to allow duels.
That youkai can easily cause disasters.
That humans can easily resolve disasters.
That deciding victors solely based on strength is unacceptable.
That there is nothing superior to elegance and thought.
Give a name and a meaning to the elegance of each duel.
The number of naming duels to be fought must be announced beforehand. Relying on stamina and repeating an attack is not allowed.
Do not use meaningless attacks. Meaning is equivalent to power.
If you are defeated in a naming duel, acknowledge the loss even if you have remaining strength. If victorious against a human, you may not kill them.
Write down the name of the duel on paper like a contract. With that, all of the aforementioned regulations become absolute. That paper will be called a "spell card."
For more specific details on the duel process, discuss with the shrine maiden later.
Draft of Spell Card Rules

"If you can't give an eye for an eye, then you're not qualified to be a god."
— Suwako Moriya, Wild and Horned Hermit

"Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me."
— Aya Shameimaru, Forbidden Scrollery

"Touhou really is the internet's universal solvent."

“No one shall be able to drive us from the wonderland that ZUN created for us”
— ChaosAngel, The Poltergeist Mansion

"The Touhou Project is a series of danmaku shmups where there is more than meets the eye. Like Transformers, but cooler. Nothing is cooler than giant robots? Well, let me inform you that there are giant robots in Touhou. ZUN is prepared for everything."

"Loli-tastic melodies like this are what I'm best at, so I had a lot of fun composing this."

"This [Hakurei] barrier kept the outside world's common sense outside, leaving what lacked common sense inside, in Gensokyo."

Dream divertisement, a memory of a world of morning mist in an illusionary world.
This present transient world, puts it on crumbling sand.
A fabricated dream, its history of an ancient mystic world.
The shining Sun, casts over a vanishing town.

Is it an illusion, or a castle on sand?
Till daybreak, this dream is, a butterfly dream.

Dream divertisement, with the conspicuous color of an illusionary scarlet mansion.
This present transient world, puts it on a cold-hearted stone.
Daydream's, its fairy tale of an ancient beautiful capital.
The shining Sun, casts over an impurifying town.
Innocent Treasures

"If Gensokyo is a bar, then Yukari is the bouncer. She lets some outsiders in, and if they start breaking the bar, then out they go. Whereas if the Lunar Capital was a bar, then the door is just always locked and the party never stops. Except for when some jerks kicked down the door and broke in and started causing a ruckus. Boy howdy was that a fiasco.

And then there was the time that someone who was all angry at the Lunar Capital Bar because they did of bit of hazing that went too far, and someone got hurt. Still, setting fire to the Bar in return? Maybe a little much. Most of them staggered out onto the street... some say they were getting ready to roll into another bar and take it over, but thankfully the one who stayed behind and a few other concerned citizens noticed the fire and put it out before it got out of hand.

And man, this 'Hell' Bar used to be all awesome and stuff until the cops came and clamped down on it. I mean, it's -ok- now I guess. It's not like the cops are bad folk, and they drink as much as anyone else. It's just not the same.

So everyone's still able to keep drinking at their bar."
Antimatter 625, on the political ideologies of the major factions in Gensoukyou.

Changing the key up a half-step has kind of a bad reputation as a trick that songwriters pull to be able to stretch out a song withouth having to write any new musicals but here it's part of the arrangement working together with all of the musical ideas at play and it makes a very tangible contribution to the effect that this part of the piece was going for.
8-bit Music Theory, talking about key changes in Touhou music and more specifically here in Hartmann Youkai Girl

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