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Features from KanColle that has yet to be implemented
As the Spear Counterpart of KanColle, there are some mechanics from there that is yet to implemented in Tourabu.
  • Second Remodel (toku ni)
    • Semi-confirmed for the second remodel one, as Higekiri and Hizamaru can be upgraded up to three times.
    • Confirmed as of May 2016 in the form of Kiwame (極) forms.
  • Furnitures and Decorations
    • Semi-confirmed in the form of background changing.
  • Combined Fleet
  • Armor Weakening
  • Event Difficulty Selection
Features from Bungo to Alchemist
  • Dining room
    • Likely jossed; this feature has been axed from BunAl in Jul 2021.
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  • Strolls
  • Letters (from other swords to the attendant)
  • Special double attack dialogues
Map 7 will be set in an historical event in Edo Period
Given how Ikedaya Raid was an historical event during Meiji Restoration, which is the 1st Map in the game, this is inevitable.
  • Additionally, Monoyoshi will be a Rare Random Drop in this map.
    • Confirmed as of May 17, 2016!

The reason Hotarumaru looks so much younger than the other ootachi is due to a downplayed case of Came Back Wrong.
According to legend, he was broken and repaired by fireflies, hence his name. It's possible that he used to have an adult appearance, but after he was repaired he somehow ended up with the appearance of a little boy instead.

Card number 1 will be Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi
After all, the tsurugi class has already been implemented with the release of Hakusan, so this isn't unlikely.
… failing that, card number 1 can be Amenonuboko (yari), Sugari-no-Ontachi (tachi), or any other sword highly important to Japan's image.

The Historical Revisionist's army are mass produced swords with no souls, exchanging things like identity and the ability to think for blind loyalty and raw power. Kebiishi are the same, but they serve as the Time Government's back up plan.
The Touken Danshi have morals and emotions to keep them from going buck wild on anything and everything. They would be loyal to the saniwa either way, but giving them emotions ensures that they don't thoughtlessly kill any civilians that would have no effect on history. The emotions and morals make them flawed however, and in difficult cases where they have to kill innocent people who die according to the history books, they feel great guilt and may one day refuse to follow orders. The Time Government are aware that at any point a danshi could choose to betray them, and as such when the danshi fail they send in their own sword warriors, the Kebiishi, to get the job done. Without emotions, they cannot go rogue, but its those same emotions that could lead to needless mass slaughter, hence why they use the flawed Touken Danshi in the first place.
Suggested future voice actors
Suggested female voice actresses for toudan or minor characters in adaptations, if possible
The game has a Chinese localization. Suggested voice actors if there's ever a plan to dub it into Chinese
  • Ah-Jie
  • Baomu Zhongyang
  • Chen Jiaheng
  • Liu Beichen
  • Liu Jie
  • Qingbo de Jiaxiang
  • Yang Tianxiang

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