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Memes for Touken Ranbu.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • "じじが来ない" Explanation  due to Mikazuki's extremely low drop rate.
    • "Jiji is a myth/doesn't exist." Related to the above. It's often used in English fandom for any rare sword that a saniwa can't ever seem to get their hands on.
    • In the western fandom, there's referring to Mikazuki Munechika as Jijisus and photoshopping his head onto the likeness of Jesus Christ. This is usually coupled with the Touken Ranbu logo being edited onto a bible and the fanbase jokingly stating that Touken Ranbu is a religion.
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  • 01:30:00 Explanation 
  • "柄まで通ったぞ!"Explanation 
    • For that matter, the infamous "首落ちて死ね!" ("Drop your head and die!") that has come to be associated with Yasusada himself, to the point where the Hanamaru radio show has its own "Drop-your-head-and-die segment".
    • “よきかなよきかな“ Explanation  for Mikazuki Munechika as it started out as a random ingame line stated by the character and essentially ended up becoming his official catch phrase. The fandom often use this as well as his Stageplay and Musical actors respectively in reference to him. Digitarou uses it for the character as well, and it eventually becomes his official in-game catchphrase comes the Ranbu level update.
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    • Anaya.Explanation 
    • Suki da.Explanation 
  • Heshikiri is the Meme King/Meme Lord. Explanation 
  • Splicing Heshikiri using Photoshop. Explanation  Heshikiri memes ahoy!
  • KAKAKA! Explanation 
  • Yagen's legs.
    • Also, Iwatooshi's cleavage, which is drawn and shaded very clearly in his Internal Affairs sprite, not to mention his awakening pose, which gained him the Fan Nickname 'Iwatits/Iwatitties'
    • Shinano, Yagen's brother, is also noted for his long, slender legs. It doesn't help that he wears a pair of garters that highlight this.
    • And the grand prize winner goes to Sengo Muramasa, whose design inspired all sorts of positive reception for his long and muscular legs.
  • ODOROITAKA?! Explanation 
  • "Pedophile Akashi", due to his attachment towards Hotarumaru.
    • Another reason to this meme is that to this date, swords from Rai clan are currently comprised of him, Hotarumaru, and Aizen. Akashi is the only one that doesn't have childlike look.
    • Also due to his uncanny resemblance to Saruhiko Fushimi from K, some part of the fandom likes to shoo him out from Tourabu by saying 'Please go back to K Project!'
      • The dub staff might have known about this - they cast Micah Solusod, who's known to sound a lot like Johnny Yong Bosch, and his performance does sound a lot like Fushimi.
    • Also from the Rai School, Aizen has received the same treatment due to him being compared to Naruko Shoukichi from Yowamushi Pedal. It doesn't help that their looks and energetic personalities are very similar. Like in this post
  • Nihongou's scabbard looks like a feather duster, and the way he dresses makes many players called him "Mr Janitor" . Or have his spear used like a feather duster.
    • Putting the three yari together as Janitors.
  • Horse Poops. Explanation 
  • Fans really love to joke about Mitsutada confusing Monoyoshi Sadamune as Taikogane Sadamune, who he calls "Sada-chan".
    • Related to above, joking about Mitsutada being unhappy with the similar name issue (either because he dislikes Monoyoshi for not being the Sadamune he expected or he's sad about Sada-chan not coming home)
  • Cute and Psycho /Faux Affably Evil/ Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon Monoyoshi. It was implied Ieyasu carried him during the Siege of Osaka Castle, thus witness how the castle got burned and the swords of Toyotomi clan in it, thus leading fans to depict him as a kid with Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon who would talk about the incident with a smile on his face and cheerful tone, just to spit on the face of those who got burned in the incident (namely, Ichigo and Namazuo).
    • Also due to his uncanny resemblance to Slaine Troyard from Aldnoah.Zero (not to mention that both are voiced by Kensho Ono), some part of the fandom likes to shoo him out from Tourabu by saying 'Please go back to Aldnoah Zero!'
  • NO-OokanehiraExplanation 
    • This meme can also apply to Mitsutada, just replace 'Ookanehira' with 'Sada-chan' (Taikogane Sadamune). As of June 22, 2016 however, this variant became a Discredited Meme (cue fanarts of Mitsutadda flailing in happiness)
    • As of December 19th, 2016, the reveal of the actual Ookanehira has turned NO-Ookanehira into YESkanehira. (And cue fanarts of Uguisumaru losing it.)
  • Gotou as a rocker. Or with Yu-Gi-Oh! . Or with Cardfight!! Vanguard. Or people saying he's actually a character from those series because of his Multicolored Anime Hair reminds them that usually card games animes have characters with such weird hair.
  • What if Higekiri and Onigiri met?Explanation 
  • Dategumi Explanation  are often depicted as Comic Trio. Tsurumaru is the schemer, Shokudaikiri is the follower, when Ookurikara is the powerless one. Similarly, Ice Royal Milk Tea Explanation  can also seen as the Four-Man Band, with Tsurumaru is the pervert, still leading, Ichigo is the Only Sane Man, Kousetsu as The Smart Guy and Uguisumaru as the Butt-Monkey because of the above no-Ookanehira. Helps that Uguisumaru is a Cloud Cuckoolander to begin with.
  • Some part of the fandom couldn't help but notice Shinano having a similar hair and eye color as Suou Tsukasa that they'd have both of them together to see Tsukasa reacting to his "doppleganger".
  • It didn't take long after Houchou was revealed for the fandom to run with his opening line about liking sweets and married women. He quickly became a Memetic Molester Kid-anova who Likes Older Women. He also got depicted going after swords who most frequently get treated as being wife-like in fanon, such as Horikawa, or with the similarly-named and motherly Hoshou whenever there's a KanColle crossover.
  • I want to give these Kiwame tantous a hug (and a blanket) when they're hurt. Explanation 
  • Who cares about the Heavenly Swords?note 
  • The Tenka Goken ( Save for Juzumaru, sometimes ) bullying Ookanehira for not being a Tenka Goken. note 
  • "You must understand. Muramasa isn't a bad person!" note 
    • huhuhu Explanation 
    • It's also become a meme on twitter to draw other sword boys, or characters from different series who share Sengo's voice actor, dressed in Sengo's outfit.
  • Heshikill Hasebe note 
  • Depicting Mochichika ( the various verions of the mochimochi mascot version of Mikazuki Munechika ) in humorous scenarios with the Touken Danshi has become so popular that it could be said that Mochichika has developed a fanbase of his own. It's the most popular mochimochi mascot to the point where even Doujinshi of it exist. In a similar vein, some of the mochimochi mascots of the other Touken Danshi get this treatment as well with their respective Touken Danshi counterpart, making it an ongoing meme anytime a new mochimochi mascot gets released, though its too a lesser degree than mochichika.
  • The fact Chouson Can't Hold His Liquor, which soon spawns a slew of fanarts depicting him in various states of drunkenness.

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