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Heartwarming / Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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Like brother, like sister.
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

In General

  • Crash is back!
  • Naughty Dog is notorious for falling under Only the Creator Does It Right territory and hated pretty much anything Crash-related after their tenure, with the justified exception of Twinsanity. But, according to the N. Sane Trilogy's producer, Naughty Dog execs are very pleased with the turnout.
    Kara Massie: Through Sony, Naughty Dog has seen and played the games at a few different stages. And we’ve had feedback from them, and overwhelming it’s been positive. They’re very, very impressed, and quite touched, that we’re doing right by their original games.
    • And if that's not enough, Naughty Dog even allowed their logo to pop up at certain points in the remake, showing that they at least like the remake enough to give Vicarious Visions permission to do that. Sadly, that only applies to the PlayStation 4 version, though that's more likely to do with Sony's ownership of Naughty dog than anything. Still, nice that at least one version has nods to them.
  • Coco hacks into the Time Twister from Warped and gains the ability to go back and forth among the games, becoming fully playable for the first time in the series history (excluding Mind Over Mutant). Why? She wants to help her brother in the earlier adventures.
  • That Coco, despite being a techno wiz with an IQ of 164, revels in mimicking her crazy brother's antics throughout the game is nothing short of adorable. She is Crash's sister after all.
    • If you let Coco idle in the Warp Room in Warped while playing as Crash, she'll dance with him if he starts doing his Crash Dance idle animation. She also displays similar levels of excitement when finishing a level, doing her dance like Crash in 2 and having her own "Ta-da!" animation similar to Crash's in 1.
  • The start up intro where PS1!Crash peers in to wave at the player, as if to say "Hey, everyone! Great to see you again!"
    • And in addition to that, you get to hear Cortex greeting you upon startup just like the original games, actually sounding happy to be doing so. If you've ever liked Cortex's voice from Twinsanity, hearing his enthusiasm in the game's intro will make you squee in excitement.
    Cortex: "Activision presents: a smashing blast from the past! Developed by Vicarious Visions... It's Crash Bandicoot!
  • One of the idle animations involves Crash and Aku Aku playing catch with a wumpa fruit. Seeing the two bonding together is a sight to behold. note 
  • The official Crash Bandicoot Twitter giving a hardy "Welcome back, old friend" to Spyro for his HD compilation being announced is nothing short of adorable.
    • Plus, they're gonna re-enable the Konami Code that originally allowed people who got Crash 3 to play a Spyro demo. Doing so now plays the trailer for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.


Crash Bandicoot (1996)

  • Fans have been wondering for a long time if the Dummied Out levels were going to be added into the game. At least one has been confirmed, added by developers at the request of the fans: Stormy Ascent.
  • The ending to Crash 1 in this version: The first thing that Tawna does upon seeing Crash is picking him up, and hugging him extremely tightly, as if it's her way of saying "I missed you," or "I was so worried about you." When she does put him down, she watches the sunset with him, while pulling him close to her. Awwwww.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

  • Coco's death animation for falling off of Pura in the China levels has been updated. Instead of passing out and falling on her head to a sad Pura's looks, she simply gets dazed until Pura conveniently lands on her lap, and gives her an affectionate lick on the face. Goes to show that even when they fail, they'll still have each other's backs.
  • Coco, while just a static idle character in the hub world of the original Warped, now reacts to whatever her brother is doing, often in a rather adorable way. She laughs whenever he goofs around and even joins in doing the Crash Dance with her brother.
  • While far from being a sympathetic character, Uka Uka looks adorable When He Smiles in earnest gratitude for Cortex accidentally freeing him in the game's opening.
  • "Future Tense" is an homage to a test level for the original Crash, redesigned and fully fleshed-out for a unique, if brutal, experience.


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