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Heartwarming / Doom

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  • Pixel, the plush Cacodemon. Awwww. You know you want to hug it.
  • When Doomguy isn't a badass, what little you're told of him is this. One of the instruction manuals stated that you were sent to Mars because you assaulted a superior officer who ordered his platoon to open fire on civilians.
  • The plot of the fourth and final episode of The Ultimate Doom : "Thy Flesh Consumed" while Doomguy was killing the legions of demons deployed by the Spider Mastermind before they can take over earth, he has another motive for doing this: to avenge his pet rabbit Daisy.
    • A painting of Doomguy (Now known as Doom Slayer) holding Daisy can be seen in Doom Eternal. The Marine also wrote a book "My Best Friend, Daisy".