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All spoilers below are unmarked, per Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Video Games
  • Thanks to how the monster AI works in Doom and Doom II, a rare moment of awesome can emerge when you expertly dodge enemy fireballs and rockets and make the demons attack each other.
  • Doom II has several scenarios where inducing monster infighting can get awesome - you can manipulate a Cyberdemon into getting into a brawl with multiple Barons of hell, for example, or, more notably, set a Spider Mastermind against another Cyberdemon in a duel to the death.
  • Whenever you're mowing down hordes of demons. Especially with the chaingun, shotgun, and ESPECIALLY the chainsaw!
  • The corpses of other marines scattered throughout the maps are probably meant to be scary, up until you start seeing them in later areas as well where there's no reason for them to be there often enough. They may have died gruesomely, but odds are someone was badass enough to get as far as you have. You're just the one that outlives them to successfully fight off Hell.
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  • The Marine from Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil has one too. When Maledict/Dr. Betruger, the commanding demon of the hellish forces, demands that the Marine should give him the Artifact, the Marine instead shoves the artifact into his throat, killing him. Whether the Marine dies as well is today unknown.
  • The creation of ORIGWAD, the very first PWAD for the original DOOM. The creator of the WAD, Jeff Bird, had to build every piece of data for the rather simple two-room map by hand using a hexadecimal editor, because this was made before the advent of level editors. While it's not very good in terms of aesthetics or gameplay (its biggest flaw was that there wasn't enough ammo to take care of all of the monsters in the level), this wad laid the groundwork for many, many other wads to come.
  • Brutal DOOM introduces "Rip and Tear!" on the berserk back, allowing you to perform Mortal Kombat-esque executions on enemies from ripping off a sergeant's head to tearing out a Baron of hell's spinal column with the head attached.
    • v18 introduces a new fatality for the sergeant to wrench his shotgun away, stab him with it like a spear, and then blast him into the air with the gun itself.
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    • The same mechanic later made an appearance in DOOM (2016) in the form of Glory Kills, making Brutal DOOM something of an Ascended Fanfic.


  • Say what you will about the Doom movie, but the first-person action sequence near the end of the film was made of all sorts of win.
    • That scene was one of the two things that paid for the ticket, the other being The Rock's line:
    "I was not supposed to die!" *gets dragged away*
  • The Rock bursting through the glass panel and shouting "SEMPER FI, MOTHERFUCKER!"
  • Sarge on Dr. Carmack's "condition" as an extremely decayed zombie:
    Sam: It may even be reversible.
    Sarge: It's irreversible.
    Sarge: Dr. Carmack's condition (long Beat) is irreversible.
    Sarge calmly walks over to Carmack, inserts the barrel of his gun into Carmack's mouth and pulls the trigger.
    Sarge: Because Carmack's condition is that... he's dead.