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Drinking Game / Doom

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Classic Doom (Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Doom 64 etc):

  • Take a shot for every time you die. Make it a shot if you never saved at any point during the level, and have to start over with just a pistol (originals) or from an autosave (source ports).
  • Finish your drink if you reach E2M8 and don't have a plasma rifle. You're going to need it.
  • Take a shot if you finish a level with 100% kills, items, and secrets. Make it two shots if the time is under par.
  • If playing in Nightmare! difficulty or in Doom II, finish your drink if the end-of-level tally shows over 100% monsters killed.
  • In co-op, take a shot any time you Telefrag a fellow player.
  • Finish your drink if you kill off a baron of hell, cyberdemon, or spider mastermind with the fists or chainsaw.
  • Take a drink anytime a baron of hell or other major enemy is killed due to infighting.
    • Take a sip instead if you're in Doom II's MAP08: Tricks and Traps.
  • Take a sip each time you find a silver door behind you upon entering a new map, even if the level takes a place in Hell.
    • Take a shot instead if something different (or not at all) is used in its place.
    • Finish the drink if the door has a secret or a monster closet hidden behind it.
  • Take a sip every time grabbing an item or entering a room reveals enemies.
  • Take a drink if an archvile revives an enemy that was especially difficult to kill.
  • Take a drink if you get blasted by an Arch-Vile's hitscan flame attack.
    • Take a shot instead if you're in The Plutonia Experiment's MAP11: Hunted.
  • Take a shot if getting blasted by an archvile sends you flying somewhere advantagious. Make it double if doing so skips part of the level.
  • If using source ports, finish your drink anytime you commit Sequence Breaking by jumping or crouching.
    • Down the bottle if you kill the Icon of Sin using mouselook.
  • In The Plutonia Experiment, take a drink if you complete level 32, "Go 2 It". Heck, do it if you find the secret levels in the first place, since once in level 31, "Cyberden", the only exit leads right to "Go 2 It". You earned it.
  • In TNT: Evilution, take two shots if you beat level 32 in single-player without an essential key.
  • Take a shot for finding the Unmaker in Doom 64, as well as finding any of the Demon Keys. Down your drink if you find all 3 Demon Keys with the Unmaker.
  • When binging different gameplay mods, take a shot every time you see something from the Realm667 Repository. You won't last long. DO NOT TRY THIS with randomizer type mods — you won't get to half the first level!

Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil:

  • Take a small sip for every jumpscare. Make it a shot if it actually surprises you.
  • Take a drink everytime Betruger starts taunting you.
  • Take a drink for every cutscene introducing an enemy. Finish your drink if they get a cutscene AFTER you've already encountered that enemy.
  • Take a drink if you lose all your weapons. Add an extra for every BFG round lost in this manner.
  • Take a drink if you kill a tentacle commando with the chainsaw.
  • Take a shot if you manage to provoke monster infighting.
  • Take a drink for every hell knight, archvile, or other major enemy killed using the Soul Cube or the Artifact's berserk effect.
  • In Doom 3, finish your drink if the NPC with a lantern dies.
  • Take a shot if you die while switching from the flashlight to a weapon.

Doom (2016):

  • Take a drink for every UAC log entry or talking hologram you encounter that contains flagrant disregard for human life, satanic references, or references to experimenting with demons. Make it a small one, you won't last long.
  • Take a drink for every hell knight or tougher enemy killed via the chainsaw or berserk powerup.
  • Take a short drink when you blow one of the Argent Energy filters.
  • Don't take a drink when you're at Samuel Hayden's office. It's a break you'll be thankful for taking. But do take a tiny sip if you try shooting Hayden.
  • Take a drink every time you spot a reference to the older games. Make it a shot if they reference the Doom alpha versions or unfinished ideas from the first game's development.
  • Take a drink the first time you encounter a given glory kill. Before long you'll be too drunk to remember which ones you've already seen.
  • Take a shot if an enemy pulls a Finishing Move of its own on you.
  • Finish your drink when you defeat a boss. Fill up your cup entirely and take a victory chug if it's the Spider Mastermind.
  • If replaying the game, finish your drink if not having a certain weapon upgrade or rune that you've gotten used to gets you killed.

Doom Eternal

  • Take a shot for every time you die against an enemy (a sip for Fodder enemies, a shot for Heavy enemies, and an entire drink for Super-Heavy enemies)
    • Take a drink if you die trying to approach a stunned enemy for a Glory Kill.
    • Down your drink if you die to either an Arch-Vile or Marauder.
  • Take a sip or shot for accidentally punching Praetor Suit Token ghosts or Slayer Gates.
  • Take a sip for every time you shoot a Frag Grenade or Sticky Bomb into a Cacodemon's mouth to stun it.
    • Take a shot instead if the shot misses.
  • Take a sip for every time you shoot off the weak points of Revenants, Arachnotrons, or Mancubi with the Precision Bolt.
    • Take a shot instead if you miss.
  • Down your drink if you do all of the Slayer Gates successfully.
  • When you get to a boss's second phase, drink half and save the rest for when you win. Refill if you lose.
    • Drink a whole cup twice for the Icon of Sin.
  • Take a shot if you use the Crucible on the Arch-Vile or Tyrant.
    • Take another shot if another demon gets hit instead.
  • At Urdak, fill your cup to the brim and chug a third of it each of the three times Samuel Hayden warns you that "the Icon of Sin is growing stronger the longer he is on Earth".
  • If you are playing Ultra Nightmare, make it to Icon Of Sin, and then die, down your bottle and end the drinking game in shame.
    • If you somehow managed to complete the game on Ultra Nightmare without dying once, start drinking all the alcohol in your house. Call a hospital and have them ready first.

The Comic:

  • Take a drink whenever something happens that breaks with in-game logic.
  • Take a drink everytime Doomguy's face looks particularly Off-Model. You won't last long.
  • Take a drink everytime ripping and tearing is mentioned.
  • Finish your drink when the night train comes. note 
  • Take a drink everytime Doomguy gets a bigger gun.
  • Finish your drink if something Doomguy says actually makes perfect sense.