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Doom 3 and DOOM (2016) have their own pages here and here, respectively.


  • The infamous Nightmare! difficulty wasn't in the original release of the game. People who beat it actually started complaining to Id that Ultra-Violence was It's Easy, So It Sucks! for the hardest difficulty, so the devs took them up on their challenge on patches and future re-releases with a difficulty that isn't even remotely fair.
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  • The DOOM Wiki's page on the Doomguy had this little gem:
    "The introduction of "jump" and "duck" controls in source ports such as ZDoom and Skulltag, although not canon, seem to quash the widespread rumours of the 1990s that the Doom marine was a paraplegic transporting himself by a rocket -powered wheelchair."
  • While seeing demons fight among themselves, due to one party's bad aim hitting another, is amusing on its own, it takes the humor Up to Eleven when a demon manages to hurt itself. If a demon manages to blow up a barrel, injuring itself in the process, it becomes both the victim and the attacker. The result? The demon attacks itself until it dies.
  • The official Hand Wave for demons infighting with each other is just that "Hell is chaotic". Simple, but somehow the most believable theory you could think up.

Doom 2

  • From the ending of Doom II:
    The invasion is over. Earth is saved. Hell is a wreck. You wonder where bad folks will go when they die, now.
  • MAP20 of Doom II, Gotcha!, becomes this in retrospect- the demons deployed their two most powerful monsters in the same spot, thinking it a foolproof plan. If Doomguy plays his cards right, they'll end up... fighting each other. An earlier map, Tricks and Traps, allows you to pull off something similar by tricking a Cyberdemon into shooting a horde of Barons of Hell, who will promptly gang up to return fire on it.
  • The Xbox 360 Arcade port of Doom II has achievements that quote the Doom comic, including "You Have Huge Guts" for killing a Cyberdemon with your fists.
  • The manuals for both games have some amusing stuff in them, but this line from the description of the Arachnotron is a prime bit of snark:
    "It seems unfair somehow that you're not the only one in Hell with a plasma gun."
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  • The fact that Doomguy willingly went to Hell to go on a murderous rampage to avenge his pet rabbit is equal parts awesome and hilarious.
  • "Club Doom", a secret level from the Playstation port. It starts out like every other level in the PSX port, with the player in a dark enclosed space while a menacing drone plays in the background. Then you enter the nightclub and are greeted with strobe lights while hardcore techno plays in the background. There are even Revenants in go-go cages!

The Film

  • During the first-person sequence, Reaper takes a blind corner and comes face to face with a possessed researcher who starts to gloat with an Evil Laugh. Reaper puts the muzzle of his weapon under the guy's chin and calmly blows his face off in mid-laugh before moving along.
  • After Sarge uses the BFG on a monster, he reacts with "holy shit!" in a way only Dwayne Johnson can.

The tie-in comic

  • The comic book in its entirety. Special mentions go to:
    • "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Imp! You're stupid! And you're gonna be stupid and dead!"
    • "Imps? Zombies? You think you can get me?!? (Thinks to himself) Wait. Maybe they don't think. (Starts yelling) Well I do! And I think you're dead! Dead! Dead! DEAD!"
    • "Rip and tear! Rip and tear your guts! You are huge! That means you have HUGE GUTS! RIP AND TEAR! Oooh, here comes the night train! Choo choo CHA-BOOGIE!"
    • "Knock knock who's there? ME! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME"
    • "Aah! Chainsaw! The Great Communicator!"
    • "Now I'm RADIOACTIVE! That can't be good!"
    • "Mine eyes can but weep as they bear witness to the majesty...The BFG 9000!"
  • Meta. This summary about the comic written by Doomworld.

The pinball adaptation

  • In the Doom games, you've killed and gibbed hordes of demons with an array of death-dealing weapons...but it's quite hard not to laugh at the idea of killing them with a tiny, freaking ball of steel! Especially when you can hear their humorous groans of agony and see numbers popping up showing how many points you scored per hit.
    You might find yourself saying, "In Doom Pinball, demons are trapped in a table with you! Flip and tear, until it is done!"
  • When you accomplish something significant, like beating a mission, you can see the Doom Slayer dancing on the left side of the table. Consider how you don't get to see this in the original source material because it's played in first person.
  • The UAC facility address may say some funny things that you can only hear in the pinball adaptation - like "Ball temperature critical" when the ball is heated up by the reactor meltdown and turned into a deadly weapon that can crush drop targets, or "I am not a supply drone" when you nudge the table.
  • During the climatic showdown against the Cyberdemon you've worked hard to get to, you'd probably wonder how would it be so that the Cyberdemon sounds a little like Cookie Monster every time you damage him.

Game Mods

  • The Rickroller, a re-skinned chainsaw that not only deals ridiculously high damage and has a incredibly long reach, but also plays that infamous Rick Astley song.
  • One visual glitch is that, regardless of where on the image an enemy's weapon is, its attack emerges from its midriff. This resulted in unintended humor in the "Ultimate Simpsons" Doom mod, where the Cyberdemon is Mr. Burns... and his rockets fires out from his crotch.
  • TheCraftyTitan's Doom Hack... better known as Yukkuri Doom, in which everything runs on Rule of Funny and the Yukkuris are in no short supply. note  Oh, and the rocket launcher is replaced with RAWKET LAWNCHAIR literally. Check it out in action here.
  • Russian Overkill gives the player an array of game breakingly-powerful weapons, items which can casually give the player hundreds or thousands of HP in health and 100% damage reduction armor, and allows you to launch several flavors of nuclear weapon into your foes. What do they get? Health multipliers and slightly less powerups if you're feeling generous. Even the notorious nuts.wad (and it's sequels, Nuts 2 and 3) becomes a joke with the absurdly overpowered arsenal you have available to you. Some highlights of your very extensive arsenal include:
    • A character who can launch explosive, homing CRT monitors. Or drop a certain highly-explosive donkey statuenote .
    • A character who can Sparta kick hard enough to one-shot a Cyberdemon.
    • A replacement for the invulnerability sphere that makes you scream at the top of your lungs while heavy metal blares in the background.
    • A quadruple barreled hunting shotgun with an alternate fire that lets your character wield four of them at once. The extreme recoil sends you soaring across the arena.
    • An automatic shotgun that can spit out a cloud of empty shell casings.
    • An automatic shotgun that can launch a giant, bouncing shell casing that spews hundreds of normal sized shell casings in all directions to the tune of 1812 Overture, and can be further upgraded by a shotgun-grade damage booster.
    • The most powerful weapon of all is a portable beacon which drops a Hindenburg-sized (and shaped) nuke that falls to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries before exploding with enough power to potentially wipe out entire maps. Even the above-mentioned nuts.wad, with over 10,000 monsters, will have upwards of 8,000 of them killed in one blast if used right.
      • Naturally, the player is not immune to their own ordinance and they quickly become a greater threat to themselves than the enemies ever were. Appropriately, the message that's outputted when you die this way is "[Player] outsmarted [himself/herself/themself]."
  • Based on a rather infamous manipulation of the cover art, we get the performance art masterpiece that is: DooD Everything is mirrored down the vertical middle of itself. The monsters, your character's model, the weapons, individual map textures... even the map itself was redesigned to work after being mirrored.
  • The politically-incorrect /pol/.wad made by some imageboard users has a lot of blackly amusing details in its design. For example, there are 'dark' versions of the Barons of Hell that turn into buckets of fried KFC when slain, Wolfenstein 3D Nazi guards are used in one portion of the map, one of the enemies is basically Shrek, and a number of irreverent soundbites were added. By far the most absurd and surreal part? The climax of the custom level, colloquially known as The Happening. Having collected all the keycards, you return to the main chamber and hit the main switch. You will be immediately bombarded with the song 'Navras' by Juno Reactor, while the walls open up to reveal image macros of Ron Paul in his memetic incarnation of Doom Paul and you get besieged by several Ron Paul-ized Icons of Sin spawning demons into the room. After a long space of time wherein you have to survive the barrage of demons, the exit will eventually be revealed.
  • If you thought that /pol/.wad was controversial, we also have TrumpDoom which features Donald Trump as main character, but not as a Villain Protagonist, but rather, a Hero Protagonist, where you have to fight Bernie Sanders, and yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton, because they let aliens to invade earth with their help, and now Donald have to stop them before is too late. In your way you will encounter peculiar enemies, like Bernie soldiers (which are reskins from the SS Soldiers) or black imps, even the normal imps are redisigned, AS ILLEGAL MEXICANS!. The Funny Moment can be the weapon of the trump glove which every time you fire he says "YOU'RE FIRED"
  • Too scared to play Ghouls Forest 3? Don't worry, we have a rather amusing parody of it known as Gool's Forest 3. This mod replaces all the enemies with sitcom characters such as Elliot Reid (Replaces Jitterskull and shouts "Hey, slut!" while moving) and Dwight Schrute (Replaces Yurei, with the disturbing popups replaced to pump some Nightmare Retardant Fuel). What's rather amusing is that the creepy ambient is replaced with Luigi's Mansion soundtrack!
  • Text To Doom includes all the sound effects being replaced with verbalized text-to-speech equivalents. The sheer deadpan nature of it as Microsoft Sam says everything in a detached, monotonous British accent, combined with new monster alert and death sounds just makes for a great deal of hilarity. And then there's what happens when the player manages to pick up any of the Sphere powerups...
  • Doot! Someone wearing a Darth Vader mask had a brilliant spark and tried turning an electric trumpet into a controller, and then used it to play Doom (the note buttons act as arrow keys, blowing the horn fires your weapon). The resulting dooting of demons is both creatively impressive and amusing.
    • On a similar, more in-game note, there's a mini-mod that goes by the game of The Might Doot, which replaces the BFG with an electric trumpet, allowing you to ""serenade"" your enemies to death!



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