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The Doomguy is Duke Nukem.
Think about it.

The Doomguy is every video game hero ever.
He's become such a badass that he broke the very laws of space and time, becoming a universal constant, meaning he exists in all universes past, present, future, expired or yet to exist. Every game you play IS a doom game. Ranger? Doomguy. Freeman? Doomguy.

Doom 4 will have you kill Satan while working with the main characters of Doom/Doom 2, Doom 3, and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Jossed. Not only does Satan not appear, but your character is the original Doomguy.
  • Perhaps confirmed after all. It's highly probable that the classic-and-reboot Doomguy is the same as all the other Doomguy iterations (from 3, the novels, the comic book, etc.); and you do actually get to kill Satan in the final DLC of Eternal.

DOOM 4 is a prequel to DOOM 1.
  • It is stated to be an "origin story" and it takes place on Mars, the place that started the whole mess while DOOM 1 takes place on Phobos but that does mean that the marine you play as isn't Doomguy as this marine does go into hell and does take on the Cyberdemon and because the Cyberdemon isn't dead in DOOM 1.....
    • Jossed by Doom Eternal. It's a distant sequel starring the original Doomguy.

The Doom Guy is Gordon Freeman
They both never talk, both have power armor, and both are a One-Man Army. Gordon was called into the UAC for his experience at fighting otherworldly beings in science facilities.
  • Gordon Freeman runs at an average human speed, and he can jump. Doomguy tears around at a superhuman 88mph, and can't jump at all. Gordon crumples when hit by explosives. Doomguy merely looks surprised. They ain't the same dude, dude.
    • He may be a lot older by the time period that DOOM happens, and counting more on his suit than before.
      • The Doom Marine doesn't even wear power armor, he wears titanium body armor that reveals his rock-hard abs. Besides Gordon's and Stan's faces and physiques are quite different

The Doom Guy becomes Khorne
Think about it. Both characters go completely batshit insane when around blood. A single punch from the doomguy can fracture the very fabric of one's body, Some playthroughs of doom use ONLY THEIR FISTS. Hence, it could be concidered that the doomguy literally only took on the forces of hell with his fists ALONE. In Doom 64, he seals himself into hell, All the time in hell probably changed him into some godlike entity hellbent on spewing more blood.
  • If you think about it, Cyberdemons do definitely look a lot like Bloodthirsters.

No, the Doom Guy is a demon.
And then Doomguy was a zombie.
  • No, hold on. Someone take this seriously for a second. Doomguy has been posessed, or transformed, or altered by Hell, but he's just so badass that he hasn't even noticed. And if he had noticed, it wouldn't stop him.
    • In Doom 3, nearly everyone turns into zombies, except Doom Guy, and a hand full of stragglers, despite the fact that Hell had ample opportunity to turn him into one, and even the ghost like things at the beginning don't posses him.
    • Wait, isn't that in the Doom movie? Perhaps they got something right there?
  • This would also make sense in terms of the lore from the newest game. That part about trapping him in a temple matches pretty well with "but the ceiling fell, and they were trapped and unable to kill."

I.M. Meen is behind the invasion of hell, and Scott (the boy from I.M. Meen) is the Doomguy
Note: This has spoilers from Wolfenstein RPG

After Scott escaped I.M. Meen's labyrinth, I.M. Meen swore that he would be back. Eventually, he died and went to Hell, where, with the Harbinger of Doom, they planned revenge on Scott, who is BJ Blazcowicz's grandson. The Harbinger of Doom's powers helped all of I.M. Meen's monsters Take a Level in Badass, thus transforming them all into the Doom monsters we know (Troll=Demon, Spider=Arachnotron, Grim Reaper guy=Revenant, Guardian=Baron of Hell, Red ghost thing=Cacodemon, etc.), and so that they didn't go down in a few punches from a little kid. Scott happened to get a job on Phobos, and I.M. Meen saw it as a perfect time to unleash his new hellish army, which proceeded to zombify all the humans. Unfortunately for him, Scott also Took a Level in Badass and was easily able to defeat the demons, thus foiling I.M. Meen... or so he thought. His anger had turned him into the Icon of Sin, and the demons invaded Earth. Eventually, Scott defeated I.M. Meen for the last time, bringing peace to Earth. Although it does make me wonder what happened to Katie (the girl).

  • Perhaps Katie is the second person on the cover!
  • Wait, Scott is Commander Keen?
  • OP: I thought it was implied that the Doomguy was Bj's grandson.
    • Billy Blaze (a.k.a. Commander Keen) is BJ's grandson. BJ's son Arthur changed his last name from Blazkowicz to Blaze in order to get a job as a TV show host.

Doom Guy is the grandson of Commander Keen
The Blaze/Blazkowicz family moved to Mars after the Vorticons were eliminated. During the UAC teleporter incident, old man Billy Blaze was taken prisoner by the Demon invaders. When the Doom Guy finds his grandfather being tortured by the Cyberdemon incarnation of Hans Grosse, he does the only thing in his power: he delivers a coup de grâce. The spirit of Billy Blaze rewards his grandson by returning him to Earth.
  • The Doom 2 RPG features a playable character named Blazkowicz (who uses the classic Doomguy's face). Probably not canon, but the Doomguy resembles BJ in more ways than one...
  • One of the Wolfenstein mobile games has B.J. Blazkowicz severely wound a Demon by blasting its arm and legs, and said demon swears revenge on his bloodline. Years later, Doom Guy fights the Cyberdemon, which has had cybernetic prosthetics installed.
  • Half-confirmed; Doomguy is actually Keen's son, not grandson.

The abstract level designs aren't abstract at all
After the release of Doom 2, video game levels became drastically more realist, especially their layouts. After playing a game like Half Life 2 or more recent shooters like Uncharted it can be jarring to go back to games like Doom where the levels are more abstract and aren't made to resemble anything real. Switches can reveal massive underground rooms or pits of toxic waste in surreal locations. These levels, though, are they really so abstract? Or is this merely a reflection of how the invading demons bring Hell with them? The levels get more abstract towards the ends of Doom 1 and 2, when the player gets closer to (or actually enters) hell itself, so obviously this abstraction is just part of how hell works.
  • If I remember, Word of God more or less confirms that, that the invasion of Hell itself actually affected the layout of the place. Take the first level, the Hanger. Aside from the handful of secret rooms/switches and the toxic waste leaks (which might've a result to damage to whatever was storing it), it looks somewhat normal. Later levels get increasingly strange, beyond the point where things like structural damage or such could explain the changes. Most likely, all the wierdness of the layouts were a direct or indirect result of the hellish invasion. Which goes nicely with the below guess...
  • This is hinted in-game. The final level of Knee-Deep In The Dead is called Phobos Anomaly. While the early levels on Deimos are normal sounding (Deimos Lab, Containment Area), they go into hellish with Halls of the Damned and Spawning Vats.
  • Well, when the developers made the game they didn't intend the levels to be abstract, but rather sprawling (Which is why they are very large). At the time they assumed that it looked realistic enough, and that's why the levels look as such. The only reason why people consider it abstract is ultimately because now it looks dated by modern standards. Otherwise, the level design makes sense (i.e E 2 M 2).

All those secret stores of weapons and ammo were the result of the invasion.
As has been noted, the invasion had some effect on the layout of the levels. One might wonder why bothered to stash all those handy weapons and other items all over the place, while none of the actual demons can make use of them. It's possible they were intentionally hiding them, to simply prevent the enemy from making use of it all against. This might all explain why all those other space marines were wiped out, while the main character could manage despite being along and armed with only a pistol. In addition to being too tough for hell to contain, he was the only one with the wits or insight to figure out where all those goodies were hidden, while his comrades could only make do with the firepower they had available to them or could retrieve directly from the enemy.
  • Which doesn't explain why if the demons were smart enough to hide the munitions, they didn't simply destroy them outright or (in the case of weapons) damage them beyond repair. A few fireballs from a safe distance would have gotten rid of most of the ammunition, and either heating and twisting the metal or simply smashing it would have gotten rid of the guns.
    • Well, the zombie enemies were able to use some of the weapons, those possibly being whatever they were equipped with before they died. Maybe the demons were saving all that gear in case they felt the need to increase the firepower of their new undead minions? Though that would bring up the question of why they didn't go all out and make use of those weapons in the first place. Though if they did, we'd have to deal with BFG Zombies.
    • Every weapon except the BFG is used by an enemy. The Dummied Out rifle, the shotgun, and the chain gun are all used by zombies. The Rocket Launcher is used by the Cyberdemon, and variations by the Mancubus and Revenant. The plasma rifle is used by the Arachnotrons. The Spider Mastermind also uses a chaingun.
  • During the initial part of the invasion in Doom 3, Sgt. Kelly orders his marines that "If you don't have a clear path back to HQ, stock up on ammo, establish a stronghold, and keep them at bay." Sure enough, a lot of the ammo and supply caches you find are hidden in defensible areas, sometimes guarded by converted marines and Z-Sec.
  • Sandy Petersen mentioned in a Twitter comment (or post) mentioning that the Shotgun found in E 3 M 6: Mt Erebus, surrounded by Imps is a case of environmental storytelling — the demons are worshipping the shotgun on an altar. Perhaps the demons don't destroy the weapons or munitions is because they regard them as unholy artefacts to be preserved and worshipped rather then feared or destroyed.

Doom takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
C'mon, it's got demons on Mars!
  • The hell level in Doom 3 is actually in the eye of terror or the warp itself. Explains the upside-down physics and demons. UAC discovered warp travel.

All of the demons are real people; everything is a hallucination of the character's mind.
Mars is also a hallucination as well.
  • Then we'd better hope he doesn't snap out of it... that court martial is going to be a BITCH.

The Martians in Doom 3 fled to Earth
  • And Doomguy is one of the Hero's descendents. This will explain how Doomguy is so badass. He is a descendent of the Martian badass.

Event Horizon and Doom are in the same universe
"You tunnelled though hell, you seriously didn't think there'd be a price?"

Doom 3 is actually a sequel to Doom and Doom 2
  • An interesting theory that this troper's friend made. Basically, humans on Earth eventually managed to get to Mars and its moons. However, the teleporter accidentally breached Hell, causing an invasion of Mars, its moons, and eventually Earth. The humans had enough technology to make Doomguy a badass, allowing him to defeat the demons (Therefore, the original Doomguy is "the Hero"). This is the events of the original Doom and Doom 2. However, the humans were so devastated by the war with Hell that they were pushed back several centuries. Doom 3 takes place After the End where the descendents eventually go back to Mars, but since they weren't there at the first invasion, they didn't know why they shouldn't recreate the teleporter experiments, and History Repeats. These are the events of Doom 3.
    • The only thing this troper found that his friend didn't take into account was the Soul Cube (Though, judging by the Shout-Out to the original Doom cover on one of the tablets showing the Soul Cube instead of a machinegun, it could just be a Retcon).

DOOM 3 is not a remake or a sequel. DOOM 1 and DOOM 3 are the same invasion fought in different parallel universes
The demons are waging a multi-dimensional war. An infinite number of space marines - sole survivors of their respective parallel universes - are making their way into Hell to fight a multi-dimensional Eldritch Abomination.
  • Funnily enough, modern DOOM lends some credence to the multiverse theory, as it's implied that Doomguy's original Earth is not the same one as the one in 2016/Eternal.
  • And Wolfenstein: Youngblood basically confirmed it by revealing a Wolfenstein multiverse, which lends credence to the idea that all the id Software games take place in a shared multiverse (which handily explains away continuity errors between vastly different game generations). So (for instance) Doom '16 might take place in the reality where Billy Blazkowicz woke up in the Nazi 60s, but Doomguy is from the reality where he killed mecha-Hitler in 1945.

The Cacodemon and Pain Elemental are related to one another in some manner, as well as to Unreal's Gasbag
I mean, they're both floating heads with gigantic mouths that can create things and launch them offensively (fireballs and Lost Souls). Eventually the two species, now inseparable, end up on Na Pali, becoming known as Gasbags - floating heads with a big mouth that can shoot fireballs (like the Cacodemon), but with usable arms at their sides and brown skin (like the Pain Elemental). Furthermore, the largest of these creatures can create smaller ones to help it in battle.

The Doomguy from the Doom comic is Deadpool.
He's Ax-Crazy, conversant with weapons and seemingly can have a conversation with his dialogue boxes. Who else could he be?

Black metal?

Song came out a year after Doom was released, parts of it sound a LOT like E 1 M 9 Hiding the Secrets.

The Lost Mission is a What If?? scenario
Obviously, the fact that the lone Bravo Team member and Dr. Meyers survive the events of Doom 3 directly contradicts the events of Resurrection of Evil. Thus, the only possible explanation is that this story takes place in a different timeline than Resurrection of Evil. This is where the title comes in. This expansion pack is called the "Lost" Mission because in the original timeline, Bravo Team was completely wiped out, and thus, their mission was "lost". This alternate timeline basically shows the mission that would've happened had any member of Bravo Team survive their encounter. The Lost Mission also explains how...

The Exit Teleporter is the reason why the events of Resurrection of Evil take place.
In the original Doom 3, the Soul Cube severed all ties between Hell and Mars, which is why the demons eventually fail. However, in Resurrection of Evil, the forces of Hell not only come back, but leave an Artifact behind to lure in the humans. This would contradict the Soul Cube's actions in Doom 3. The Exis Teleporter explains how the demons got through. The Soul Cube can seal off Hell and Martian portals, which explains why demons didn't invade until humans built teleporters. However, once the humans created their own teleporters, Betruger was able to circumvent the Soul Cube's abilities and trap it in Hell to set off the invasion. This shows that human teleporters aren't affected by the Soul Cube. Thus, the demons used the Exis Teleporter to return back to Mars and remove the Soul Cube, once again allowing them to return to Mars. Thus, the destruction of the Exis Teleporter in the Lost Mission means that in that timeline, Ro E never happened. The Exis Teleporter also explains that...
  • EXCEPT... except that ROE explains that the Artifact was left behind by the demons during the very first invasion of Mars that occurred in the distant past. The Ancient Martians were unable to destroy the artifact, so they sealed it in a chamber - where it was accidentally opened at the beginning of Ro E.

The Exit Teleporter is what allowed the Doom Marine from Ro E to survive.
McNeil says "Welcome Home", not "Welcome to a better place", or "paradise", or any other euphanism for Heaven. This would indicate that the Marine somehow survived and got back. Previously, there was an issue with this WMG because the Marine had no way to return to Mars, considering the teleporter he used had had no opposite teleporter in Hell, which would prevent any return trip. However, the Exis Teleporter solves this. It has been shown to be capable of being activated within Hell (which makes up the plot for the Lost Mission) so the Marine somehow fought his way to that teleporter and escaped back to Mars and then to Earth with Dr. McNeil. The demons also won't be able to follow them, because the teleporters require someone who knows how they work to maintain the portal (which are the roles of Ian Mc Kormic, Dr. Meyes and Dr. McNeil when teleporting the main character. Not having a proper overseer destroys the Delta Teleporter when the Marine came back in Doom 3). The demons, in order to activate the teleporter, required Betruger to maintain the portal (who, at this moment, is kind of dead). They wouldn't be able to operate the teleporter without him, finally fully severing all direct ties between Hell and our universe.
  • I thought the Delta Teleporter was trashed on your return because Betruger summoned some demons to wreck it and attempt strand you in Hell. The solution to the obvious question being, "Because the Soul Cube teleported you back, that's how."

The Commandos in Doom 3 are Nazis.
  • They wear Stahlhelme, and I could swear one of their random quotes sounds like 'Heil'. Bertruger is a Germanic name, and it's very likely there are Nazis in Hell.

The Doomguy is already dead and lives in Hell.
  • The whole backstory is in readme and why should we trust it?.
  • Doomguy can "die" as much as he wants and respawn without weapons. He can't really die.
  • The monsters can't die on "Nightmare".
  • Doom 1,2, Plutonia and TNT looks similar, has 32 levels and similar level structure. It seems unrealistic, so all these games are just an endless Hell's torment for a Doomguy.
  • Technically, the theory could fit. The Mars base have been invaded and brought Hell into our dimension, due to a teleportation accident while they were working on it. Fittingly, you can't stay dead in Hell, so by the time the game starts, the player is, in a way, already dead. So, if he does die, he just gets resurrected. On Nightmare difficulty, this would make sense, since enemies respawn after a while. In the backstory for him, he's seen as a rather brutal person, but still a moral man. In the comic he was sent to Mars after killing a sergeant who ordered him to fire on innocents, as in religion, it's a sin to kill a man. So Doomguy was already doomed to Hell, before the game even started. Thankfully, he can murder his way out.

Every single Doomwad you've ever played is canonical.
  • Every single Doomguy-starring wad you've ever played happened to Doomguy during his infinite war between Doom 64 and '16. Yup, even Pirate Doom, Hell doesn't have to make sense. And no wonder he went somewhat mad, since he was constantly shifting between what appeared to be Earth, Mars, outer space or Hell again.
    • Even better? This means Maximum Doom is canon. Meaning that through the gigantic infinite massacre, the Doomguy's very presence has actually begun warping and ripping apart Hell's very reality. A.K.A.: glitches.

Doomguy is Jesus.
  • No, really. It makes perfect sense! In the Doom Universe, nearly everyone is atheist, and thus does not notice the Rapture. The Battle of Good and Evil starts, and, in case you do not remember, Jesus actually was fighting evil! But, without swords and horses, but Miniguns and BFGS!
    • Eternal josses this rather hard in that Doomguy kills both demons and angels (Maykrs), and not only kills the Khan Maykr (who's basically just Doom's version of Jesus), but in the DLC, he fights and kills Davoth who is both God and Satan! Therefore the more accurate joke would be that Doomguy is atheist.

DOOM takes place in the same universe as Cry of Fear and Afraid of Monsters
  • Think about it
    • AOMDC: Overdose
    • COF: Depression
    • DOOM: Blindness

The "Hell" in the Doom series is actually a plane of Oblivion
  • Since Hell in this series appears to be a separate world all its own in a parallel dimension that was linked by accident to the one that Earth and Mars were in, it's not too hard to imagine that all those monsters that Doomguy fights are rarely seen species of Daedra and they came from one of the realms that happen to match the description of your typical Fire and Brimstone Hell (like Mehrunes Dagon's Deadlands or Peryite's Pits). And as a bonus, Bethesda Softworks worked on Doom 4, and both they and id Software belong to the same company. So a retcon that Doom and The Elder Scrolls are in the same shared...multiverse? wouldn't exactly be too far-fetched at this point.

People from Earth are more affraid of Doomguy than they are of demons themselves.
Once you beat level 11 (Cirlce of death) in Doom II, Doomguy is left alone in the demon infested Earth while the rest of the population is fleeing to safety. We know Earth Control is still contacting him and asking him to deal with the invasion all by himself. Why aren't they sending at least a squad? Why aren't they sending any equipment to have those tasks more easily done? Simple, Earth Control is fetch questing Doomguy to death. A One-Man Army who has, single-handedly, taken out legions of ferocious demons, has been in and out of Hell like it has a revolving door while killing every creature in his path may not be that sane after all(just check out the Doom comicbook). The fact that this same man is the most ferocious warrior alive makes things more frightening. The only solution is to keep him busy on Earth, where death is certain, in the hopes that he's killed and the remaining humans can come home to mop up any other monsters. But Doomguy is such a badass that he ended up in the core of hell, blew Satan's brains out with a rocket launcher and destroyed hell itself.

Goat and Sarge in the movie would of became a Baron of Hell and A Cyberdemon
Goats' name is indicative and also the fact that if you look at his forehead when he ressurects he seems to be growing a horn, and Sarge is the Final Boss of the movie who has the BFG, also if Destroyer was evil he would have became a Spider mastermind (chaingun).

The demons in the 2005 Doom movie really ARE demons, just that they were created by injecting humans with demon DNA.
In other words, the scientists mistakingly thought that the original demons were aliens, so they decided to experiment on prisoners using what they thought was alien DNA. Too bad that it was actually demon DNA, so they brought Hell to earth.

The Icon of Sin was powering Hell back in the day.
Think about it - why else would the Icon be a head on a wall? It was probably integrated into Hell's center, hence the biomechanical look and the fact that its "thrashing limbs" were never seen, meaning its body was probably inside the walls. Only after a hundred years of evolution and architecture changes would the Icon of Sin finally get to roam freely.

Doom 3 is a prequel to Doom 1, and is the direct reason Doomguy even adopted Daisy.
After the trauma experienced due to the invasion of Mars, Doomguy adopted Daisy as an emotional support pet to help him deal with the mental effects of those events.