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Heartwarming / Stella Glow

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  • Pretty much any one of the times Alto tunes a witch, but mainly Popo's. For most of her life as the Wind Witch, she had been manipulated by a corrupt mayor and also hated by all the citizens, even though she spends most of her time helping the town by fighting off monsters and making wind to help the town's economy. To make up for her "sins", she spends most of her life forgoing her own dream of traveling the world. Saving her and watching her stand up to the mayor once and for all is beautiful. In her ending, Popo and Alto end up fulfilling Popo's dreams and the two of them travel the world together.
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  • Alto is such an All-Loving Hero that in the true ending he decides that if anyone deserves to be saved, it's Eve, and tunes her heart to remove her despair. Later, Eve exults over how wonderful positive emotions feel, telling Marie that she wants to have a beautiful heart and if she'd felt anything like this before she'd have never tried to destroy the world.
  • The true ending. As Eve prepares to stay behind in order to prevent the moon from crashing, she gives the greatest description of why humans sing: to tell the story of the overflowing emotions words cannot. As everyone leaves, she explains that she will be happy as long as Marie is, and that everyone will look upon the moon and smile when they remember her. AS much Tearjerking as it is heartwarming.


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