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Heartwarming / Dragalia Lost

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As per Administravia rule, all spoilers will be unmarked!

Main Story

  • Notte reveals to Brunhilda in an extra story node that she was taken into care by Zethia after getting literally punted out into their palace's field by a dragon who doesn't accept that faeries are their distant descendant.
  • Even though Emile is a massive jerk, Euden refuses to take his life when commanded by Jupiter as part of a test from the dragon, referring to Emile's (yet unrevealed) past that he doesn't deserve. Euden then back talks the freaking Lightwyrm into submission.


  • Main crux of A Wish to the Winds event: Lowen decided to offer himself as a Human Sacrifice to Garuda knowing that the poor dragon just wants a friend. Also, Louise finally can let go of her overprotective tendencies on her brother somewhat.


  • The “As the Snow Flies” wyrmprint you earn during the Resplendent Refrain event tells a story of Elias, Pia and Mr. Mouse building a snow-Maritimus, then considering making a snow mouse.
  • The “Prince of Dragonyule” has Cleo making Euden a Saint Starfall (Santa Claus) outfit and the two go to bring gifts to all the boys and girls.
  • "Promises in the Rain" features Xainfried cradling Fydon and Felyx, and in the accompanied story, he promises them that rain always stops eventually. Sure enough, the refined version has the weather clear up.

Adventurer Stories

  • There's something adorable about the fact that Ranzal's first thought as to who he can rely on for new, proper armor is Malka.
  • Fjorm offering some bread to two poor children in the first part of her story, as she felt they'll need it more than she does.

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