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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Main Story

  • Notte reveals to Brunhilda in an extra story node that she was taken into care by Zethia after getting literally punted out into their palace's field by a dragon who doesn't accept that faeries are their distant descendant.
  • Even though Emile is a massive jerk, Euden refuses to take his life when commanded by Jupiter as part of a test from the dragon, referring to Emile's (yet unrevealed) past that he doesn't deserve. Euden then back talks the freaking Lightwyrm into submission.
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  • Euden and his friends finally find an ally within his family in the form of Chelle in Chapter 9, considering that Euden previously had hope of getting Leonidas to join his cause the previous chapter. This Hope Spot would fade, however, come Chapter 10 when Chelle joins the other brothers against the Prince. Then it gets reignited in Chapter 11 when Chelle shows she still plans on helping Euden in her own way.
  • Valyx giving us a rather surprising Pet the Dog moment in chapter 13 interlude as once he finishes tending to the physically and mentally wrecked Sole Survivor of the scouting party. He has him sent home to be further treated without a moment's hesitation.
  • The interlude of Chapter 14 revealed that Leonidas of all people has developed genuine respect and concern for Euden, asking Chelle to watch over Euden and even calling him his brother despite knowing they aren't actually related. Contrast this to his first appearance where Leonidas was condescending towards Euden and barely even acknowledged his existence.
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  • Chapter 15's interlude shows how close-knit the bonds are between the adventurers. Zena and Cleo were trying to figure out the halidom's secret that allowed Zena to transport the main cast back. When all hope seems lost as Marty, Pietro, and Renelle's efforts were fruitless, Nicolas offers a hint to a possible secret area. When it reveals a magical locked door, Vida comes in to open it up. The result of the endeavor is a mana-infused jewel left by Alberius, which gives Cleo some fond memories of her former king.


  • Main crux of A Wish to the Winds event: Lowen decided to offer himself as a Human Sacrifice to Garuda knowing that the poor dragon just wants a friend. Also, Louise finally can let go of her overprotective tendencies on her brother somewhat.
  • After competing to win the egg hunt in "The Hunt for Harmony", Luca, Laranoa, and Sylas decide to give all their eggs to Fleur with Simurgh giving her a ride back to the village so she can win the contest and get her wish to leave the village to pursue her dream of studying human art.
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  • Flames of Reflection: When Ramona, Rena, and Renee win the Golden Anvil, their competition rival Lazry congratulates them for their hard-earned win. She even invites them to next year's competition, which Ramona quickly accepts.
  • The One Year Anniversary has special lines for each and every character who's in the game, including the Fire Emblem heroes as well!
  • Audric's love for Euden is still obvious in his event lines and actions. Despite everything, his son still means the world to him.
    • Honestly, all of Audric's/Aurelius' moments with Euden becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight when it is revealed that the Prince was Adopted into Royalty. Audric/Aurelius doesn't care if he's his own blood or not, he will ALWAYS see him as his son no matter what.
  • Monster Hunter: Primal Crisis: Vanessa was really smitten with the Felyne companion, to the point where she will go into the space between the worlds—which held Fatalis—to save him.
  • The 1.5 Anniversary Splash Screen has Euden cuddling with the Mini versions of the Greatwyrms.
    • An official art piece has Audric hugging Mini Zodi. Especially poignant since he's a de-aged Aurelius from another timeline.
  • "Wagabond Pupper", the 2020 April Fool's event, is literally just about a puppy wandering into the Halidom and being cute. Not only did the cast find the doggo adorable, so did the fanbase. To the point where fans are asking Cygames to keep the dog around permanently.
    • Those prayers would be answered once the event ended and confirms the puppy's return as a later update. Turns out the event was a teaser for a brand new animal companion mechanic!
  • "Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties" has Mym's attempt at calming a rampaging Tiki, who fears that she's all alone now that imperials slew dragons in front of her. What managed to snap Tiki out of it? Mym asking Tiki about her friends from her world, and Tiki remembering them...including "Mar-Mar". Mym then tells Tiki that she too has friends she cares about, including her darling prince.
  • "Nadine and Linnea's United Front"
    • The human couple who adopted the sylvan child, despite Linnea's warning that the child will outlive everyone in the village, want to raise her with happiness anyways.
    • Linnea's disdain towards humans softened after remembering Nadine's remark about making happy memories so she won't feel rain in her heart. The story ends with the two girls setting up a commemorative picture of their time together.


  • The “As the Snow Flies” wyrmprint you earn during the Resplendent Refrain event tells a story of Elias, Pia and Mr. Mouse building a snow-Maritimus, then considering making a snow mouse.
  • The “Prince of Dragonyule” has Cleo making Euden a Saint Starfall (Santa Claus) outfit and the two go to bring gifts to all the boys and girls.
  • "Promises in the Rain" features Xainfried cradling Fydon and Felyx, and in the accompanied story, he promises them that rain always stops eventually. Sure enough, the refined version has the weather clear up.
  • "Twinfold Bonds" features Elisanne and Alex. In the basic version, they're children posing back-to-back with floral crowns. In the refined version, they're their adult selves, still back-to-back, but looking back at each other sweetly.
  • The bonding between the main cast and the visiting Fire Emblem cast goes full force on two event wyrmprints for "Kindred Ties".
    • "A New Look" has Ranzal and Chrom bond with each other, along with Sharena and Elisanne in the refined version. In both scenes, the parties try on each other's outfits.
    • "Welcome to the Halidom" has Notte give a tour of the Halidom to Peony and Tiki. The refined version has the guest characters hanging out with a Snow Drake and a Moon Drake. Note the gifts Tiki and Peony had on hand: a Floral Circlet and a vial of Mana Essence, which are the two drakes' respective favorites.

Adventurer Stories

  • There's something adorable about the fact that Ranzal's first thought for who he can rely on for new, proper armor is Malka.
  • Fjorm offering some bread to two poor children in the first part of her story, as she felt they'll need it more than she does.

Dragalia Life Comic

  • While quite a few strips are adorable, one particular comic stands out. #129 involves Mym sneaking into Euden's room before he returns, and sleeping on his bed, in an attempt to sleep in the same bed as him. She ends up falling asleep. Instead of waking her up and chasing her out, Euden decides to put some sheets on her so she doesn't get cold, and goes to sleep in Ranzal's room as not to disturb her. And speaking of which, Ranzal is a total bro and lets Euden sleep in his bed.

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