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Heartwarming / Prey (2017)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Despite being ostensibly presented as the villain of the game by January, much of Alex's interactions with the player fall somewhere between heartwarming and tearjearking; it's abundantly clear he still cares about Morgan, even after the numerous memory wipes and personality drift has rendered them unrecognizable from the sibling he once looked up to.
    • At the start of the game, you may get the impression that Alex is one of those typical Corrupt Corporate Executive villains who is only putting on a friendly facade when interacting with you. Cues the Psychotronic section where the heartwarming revelation hits you like a train: he is completely genuine. You get a dialogue cue after walking into an area expecting it to be January giving you guidance, but it turns out to be Alex instead. He doesn't call to mock or to talk you out of your plan. He's calling to show you how to best proceed through the area. Even though he knows you are working against him, Alex would rather potentially jeopardize his plan to help you make it through than letting you die in there. It's at this point that many players will realize that Alex may not be the villain of the story and is a genuinely caring brother even if you are not on his side.
      Alex: ... do that and maybe you will live long enough for me to see your face again.
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  • Should you choose to reveal what happened to your former lover's father, she'll understandably be pissed off at you. However, some time later, she'll call to let you know that she understands that you're a different person from the one who killed her father, and will forgive you to some extent.
  • During The Stinger, if you've done your best to help the surviving crew off the station, the Operators' recounting your actions in the simulation comes with glowing praise all around. None of it was real, but that doesn't mean it didn't matter.
  • Also from The Stinger, having the player choose to take Alex's hand. Alex's entire plan of creating a huge simulation and seeing if a Typhon can see humans as more than just a means of survival was nothing but a wild shot in the dark. And it succeeded. Earth may have a chance of improving for humanity again, even if it may never be able to go back to the way it was before the Typhon invaded.
    • Also note how the Typhon mimics a human hand when taking Alex's. Whether this is a subconscious case of Humanity Ensues, or deliberately altering its appearance so as to put Alex at ease, it's still sweet either way.
    • And while the original Morgan might be dead, the last line of the game shows Alex treating the player like they're family when you take his hand.
      Alex: "We're gonna shake things up, like old times."
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  • Joan Winslow from the Mooncrash DLC named one of her specially designed turrets after her boyfriend because it was so intelligent. It's one of the randomly named turrets you can summon.