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Heartwarming / Silent Hill: Downpour

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • One of the side quests has you taking stolen items and returning them to their rightful places, in certain rooms in the apartment complex you'll hear noises in the background related to the person whose items were stolen and once you return the items the noises you hear will become happier(I.E. when you return a child's piggy bank, the children's crying will change to playful laughter, when you return a soldier's war medal, the gunfire and explosions will change to a heroic war theme) which feels pretty good.
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  • The "Forgiveness" and "Truth and Justice" endings. Murphy and Anne come to peace with each other and give each other a hug.
  • The Surprise ending. Let this video show you.
  • The conversation Murphy has with the manifestation of Charlie after killing the Bogeyman.
    Charlie: "You killed the Bogeyman!"
    Murphy: "Doesn't matter; it didn't bring you back. Nothing can bring you back."
  • What makes it especially touching is that it's not just what Charlie would have said to him if he could, it is essentially the town telling Murphy this, absolving him after all it put him through to finally confront his demons.
  • Murphy being unable to kill Coleridge and Coleridge's last words to him when Sewell does it instead, caring about him even in death. "Murphy… run!"
  • Murphy as the Bogeyman deciding to spare Anne. Slowly dropping his hammer and walking away from her, as she watches in disbelief of his mercy.
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  • Murphy and Anne sharing a vision of what really happened, coming to terms with the truth, and embracing one another in the Forgiveness and Truth And Justice endings.
    Murphy: "I'm sorry Frank."
    Anne: "It wasn't you."
    Murphy: "It was my fault he died."
    Anne: "Pendleton..."
    Murphy: "I'm so sorry."
    Anne: "...I forgive you."

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