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Trivia / Silent Hill: Downpour

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  • Fan Nickname: A couple of monsters developed some fan nicknames, before their real ones were revealed. We have a platinum blond monster with a plastic sheen to it; this one is called Barbie (Real name: Doll). Another one is a monster that is able to speak to Murphy, though always with a snide tone. Because of its monocle and somewhat snooty appearance, it was labeled Aristocrat (Real name: Monocle Man).
    • The Doll is also prone to being called Lady Gaga. The resemblance between the Screamers and Skrillex have not gone unnoticed either.
    • Cop!Murphy, as seen in the "Reversal" ending, is referred to as "Copcake" by some.
  • What Could Have Been: There was a LOT of story cut by order of Tomm Hulett, as well as a few other things that were cut for time due to a release date crunch, such as a boss fight with Monocle Man (which can be seen in earlier trailers), Anne was meant to be a co-op player.
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  • Let's Play: From Two Best Friends Play.


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