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Funny / Silent Hill: Downpour

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Surprise ending, while not incredibly hilarious, can bring out a chuckle.
  • As disturbing as he/it is, Monocle Man saying, "Did you enjoy the ride, Murphy?" is weirdly funny because of the sarcasm and because it comes right the hell out of nowhere. You wouldn't expect something like that from a Silent Hill monster.
    • Also, the fact that this hideous disembodied Nightmare Face is wearing a monocle. I say!
    • He's even funnier if you've seen Cassandra from Doctor Who. You can't help but picture him saying "Moisturize me, Murphy!"
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  • The cardboard Bogeyman. Complete with little cardboard sound-effect bubbles when he swings his hammer.
  • When you're digging up Silent Hill artifacts, at some point you come across a little UFO. Murphy quips, "Abduction, huh? That's one way out of here, I guess..."
  • The Prisoner Juggernaut unwittingly demonstrating its vulnerability to electricity. And gravity.
  • During the final boss, Murphy runs along a catwalk lined with cells. Each of the white cells contains a Wall Body who blocks your progress for a bit. There are enough that you get used to it, then you approach the last one. It opens and... nothing pops out. No Wall Body. He's in the very next cell you pass. While not hilarious, it'll catch you off guard, and might even make you laugh.
    • If you look into the cell of a Wall Body that has just retracted in, you'll see it spin around like a coin. It's pretty surreal.
  • Murphy's reaction to seeing the only non-enemy Doll lying in a chair:
    "Looks like someone has... specific taste in entertainment..."
  • In the Devil's Pit Diner, there is a menu on the wall that reads:
    MONDAY - Meat
    TUESDAY - Meat
    WEDNESDAY - Meat
    THURSDAY - Meat
    FRIDAY - Boiled meat
    SATURDAY - Rain
    SUNDAY - Fog

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