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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The final boss fight, Ammy has just had all of her powers destroyed by Yami, and it looks like all is lost... Suddenly Issun's voice calls out, and he's telling everyone about Ammy and her exploits. Suddenly, everyone prays, and their combined passion finally restores Ammy to her full glory. Also TRIPLES as a Moment of Awesome, and Tear Jerker.
  • Amaterasu jumping up on Waka and licking his face after the final boss fight. Positively adorable, and shows that Sun Goddess or not, Ammy's a Big Friendly Dog at heart.
    • Their last tango was pretty cute, too.
  • Being on the Ark of Yamato and talking to the spirits of the slain Celestials, who are awed and overjoyed at seeing their goddess return after such a long time. While it's tearjerking in that they can't join her back to the Celestial Plain, the respect and love they have for Okami Amaterasu is palpable, and it's a big reminder of the benevolent goddess Amaterasu really is, despite her Cloud Cuckoo Lander ways.
  • When you use Veil of Mist during the final battle with Yami, Queen Himiko's spirit appears to give you some health, effectively helping Amaterasu out twice after her own death. That's a lot of devotion.
    • Nagi, the real Rao, and Oki(even though he's not dead), all help out if you use the corresponding brush techniques as well.
  • Oki finally realizes he's been going about making Kutone shine the wrong way when Shiranui takes a fatal attack in Oki's stead. The way Shiranui manages to lift his head long enough to lick Oki's hand is so touching, as if saying, 'It's okay, at least now you know better'.
  • Urashima and his wife joyfully embracing after Amaterasu gives him the box she got in the water dragon's garden. The original tale of Urashimataro has him visiting the Dragon palace and returning to the surface only to find he's been gone for a hundred years, but in the game he and his wife get a happier ending.
    • What makes it extra heartwarming is that they meet at first with her being a old woman while he stayed young in the Dragon Palace. When you give him the box, he instantly ages up to her age. He is overjoyed and hugs his wife about being properly back with her again. The soundtrack even changes to a bittersweet tune when this happens.
  • While Ammy visits the Ponc'tan village, quite a few Poncles commented 'Strange, we usually understand animals but I have no idea what you are thinking.' When Ammy leaves and meets Issun outside the village, what did he say? 'You want to go to the Spirit Gate right? You are so easy to read." Talking about True Companions.
    • Ishaku, too, despite being very old, weak-eyed and have not seen Ammy for a century, immediately regnonizes her and understands everything she needs. "Ignoring me huh? This is the Ammy I know".
  • After Amaterasu gets her powers back thanks to the people of Nippon, the constellations appear again one by one. The first one that appears is Kabegami. Considering how Amaterasu and Kabegami played together upon reuniting after 100 years, that fact is pretty touching. It’s also sweet that she’s the first one to show even though she’s been alone at the top of a tower for a long time, and isn’t even actually part of the main Zodiac.
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  • The paintings during the credits: Otohime holding her newborn baby with her guards cooing over them both, Issun hanging out with the Satomi Warriors, Lika and Oki fighting monsters and Kushi and Susano’s child training with his own little sword.

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