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  • We first meet Issun...when he jumps out of Sakuya's Gag Boobs. To quote Let's Player Cry:
  • Issun meeting Amaterasu after she awakens from statue form. What was the first thing she does? EAT him. Amaterasu immediately spits Issun out, who is indignantly angry.
    • Even funnier is that talking to the other Poncles reveals that she did that before. A lot.
  • This should be reason enough to talk to people after major story events as often as you can: Talk to Mr. Orange after the festival ends. Old man's got moves.
  • Issun's reaction to several attractive females in the game. From being completely bewildered by Rao's... assets, to his pleasant and unexpected surprise when meeting Kaguya, soon culminating with Queen Himiko; once the camera pans back to Ammy, Issun is no longer on her nose and is now rolling around on the floor in a lovestruck daze. Talk about falling for someone.
  • Speaking of Rao...
    Issun: Oh the wonders of nature! An endless valley between two lofty peaks!
    • When she shows up in the ghost ship, the camera zooms in just a bit into her chest. We then see that they even have the female Ammy hypnotized.
    • It's pretty funny that Issun can fit something as large as the Fox Rods into his tiny pockets, but's even more funny considering that Rao can store that, along with dozens of prayer slips, in her cleavage.
    • More a meta-thing, but when looking through the comments of Rao's theme music on YouTube, plenty of people mention some awkward moments since her music is punctuated with a female voice gasping, sighing, and giggling suggestively.
  • There is a move in battle called "Golden Fury". With it you can "Insult" enemies and get Demon Fangs off them. This move has you Piss on your opponents.
    • what's even better is that you have to pay Onigiri Sensei 100000 Yen to get access to this move. you spend Tons and Tons of money just so you can Piss on people!
  • "SUSANO-STYLE EXPLODING IMPLOSION!" "SUSANO-STYLE SLEEPING MONK: HIDDEN SAKE!" Becomes a Moment of Awesome when he attempts to slay Orochi.
  • Five words: "It takes two to tango." Even the god is ashamed.
    • Speaking of Waka, "Look! The moon! The moon came out!" *ding ding*
      • Even better. If you choose not to advance the dialogue, then Waka will continue to make the little hand motions and nods over and over again. Endlessly.
    • Also when Waka is recapping the story towards the beginning, the camera pans back to Ammy to find that she's asleep.
  • Many of the intro scenes of the celestial brush gods are good doses of awesome, but a few of them duck out of the awesome and turn into this instead, such as Kabegami who is a crowning moment of cute (and gives Issun a very good reason to hate her) and Kasugami with her epic fail at pulling a Matrix.
  • The Paper-Thin Disguise Infiltration with Amaterasu having to infiltrate a demonic compound with a piece of paper stuck to her nose with whatever design you want on it. Can lead to some hilarious results.
    • And you're still wearing it when you confront Orochi, so you get to see eight roaring heads become eight very confused heads.
    • A classic that becomes even funnier thanks to Refuge in Audacity.
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    • And then you later find your brilliant design scribbled across the city by some children. Depending on what you had drawn, it can range from odd to hilarious. Either way, chances are the player will find it very funny, especially since they don't expect it at all.
  • When you are about to go to the final dungeon and before you enter the Ark of Yamato, Issun decides to leave, and reminisces that it all started in the valley of Sakyua's chest. Chugga said it best.
  • Many of the little things you can do with your powers can have hilarious results. See some birds flying in the air, use gust and watch them spinning about. But one that takes the cake is during the Kamiki festival after Orochi's defeat and you find Mr. Bamboo, Nameless Man, and Karude drunk and sitting in a circle. Use waterspout on the Thunderbrew and watch as they pass out in a drunken daze!
    • Track down Susano and Kushi during the same event and you'll get some polite suggestions that perhaps you should go out and enjoy the festival (ahem). Even Issun tells Ammy to take the hint and let them have their privacy.
    • And if you try to raise the sun during the festival, Issun scolds you for being a party-pooper.
  • How Kabegami and Amaterasu bond when they meet — by batting Issun around whilst running off into a field of flowers!
    • Made even more hilarious by the fact that afterwards, Issun is on the floor dazed while Amaterasu and Kabegami talk.
  • If you visit Issun's old room in Ponc'tan, you find pictures of acorns.... and pictures of nude women displaying the parts of their bodies that most resemble acorns. Oh, Issun.
  • It might just be the whiplash, but Orochi's thunder head is just hilarious. Even in the opening cutscene, when an obscured Orochi breaks out, that one head manages to stick out, accidentally knocking into a doorway arch once Orochi begins his rampage.
  • While only the Fire head speaks, the rest of Orochi's heads show independent personalities in battle that can be quite amusing:
    • The Thunder head loses track of you all the time in battle, being confused and absent-minded until you catch its attention by attacking it.
    • The Earth head's main attack is to cause an earthquake by slamming its face into the ground...then promptly knocks itself unconscious. Ow.
    • The Water head floods the entire arena, then dunks its head under the surface and happily hums to itself while musical notes float up beside it. It's actually strangely adorable.
  • While not having a unique behavior, the Light head can come off as unintentionally-silly looking due to its massive gaudy hat with sunshine rays.
  • The dumbstruck way seven of Orochi's heads stare after Susano stabs Orochi's Fire head, with their gazes just following the Fire head as it thrashes in agony.
  • Amaterasu and Issun's behavior during cutscenes can also be highly humorous, such as when Ammy falls into the Spider Woman's lair, unsuccessfully tries to climb onto Orca, tries to paw at Himiko's crystal ball, and when she pats at Issun after the latter gets shocked by Himiko's barrier.
  • In Sei-An City, a thief is stealing objects from citizens. Upon retrieval, Amaterasu holds them in her mouth. The last item is a mask, and she wears it instead. She doesn't look half bad either. Masked Amaterasu
  • This glorious bait-and-switch compliment when you first meet Kemu:
    Kemu: I must say, Issun, you've grown... barely at all since I last saw you.
  • When Nagi and Amaterasu arrive at the Moon Cave entrance, the music becomes serious with the scenery becoming ominously dark as Nagi (disguised as Nami, the female human sacrifice) gets snatched up by one of Orochi's head. The music swells and Ammy goes into defensive mode, ready to fight! ...until Nagi is spat back out of the cave seconds later, complete with a comical jingle.
    Issun: Looks like Orochi can taste the difference between man and maiden.
  • As you first explore Ponc'tan without Issun (who refused to go inside), when Ammy talks to someone notable, the conversation will periodically cut back to her, either for a single bark or for her usual silent idle stance. Most of the Poncles suggest that this devil-may-care attitude is totally in-character for the resident sun goddess.
  • The mythical Mermaid Coin is sold in wide array of shops far and wide for cheap...
  • "Bite" is a common command. This includes large and small animals, and people. For extra hilarity: feed a small animal to get their Praise and make them comfortable/friendly towards Amaterasu, then bite, jump, and release. You can throw any animal smaller than Amaterasu this way, and they will come right on back because you just fed them. Video Game Cruelty Potential at it's finest and most hilarious.
  • As dark as the explanation of where the Ark of Yamato came from is, if you look closely you can see the shadow of a Blockhead. Meaning that, somehow, a Blockhead managed to move around and score at least one kill. Despite being a wall.
  • The Blockhead in Tsuta Ruins demonstrates what a Meaningful Name he has with, "I guard this place so that all shall pass! Er, wait... Make that, none shall pass!"

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