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  • The Running Gag of Chibi's nicknames never fails to be funny. It's just the expression that sells the joke. Then even after people know his real name, meet up with other people that different nicknames they still insist on calling him Mutt, Pooch, Squiddy, Dude and Pork Chop.
    • What is even a little funnier is that Kagu's name for Chibi in Japanese literally translated to "useless".
  • While this is an amazing sequel to its predecessor, it unfortunately suffers from Good Bad Translation, causing the characters to sometimes give their lines with a missing word. However, it's still pretty funny especially during the more tense cut scenes.
  • Ammy's name has now apparently been adopted into people's curses or praises.
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  • Something funny is bound to happen whenever "A Real Knee-Slapper" plays.
Game Story
  • Issun talking to Chibi and how surprised he was to see the young wolf. Chibi proceeds to ignore anything Issun says, just like his mother which Issun acknowledges.
  • Sakuya succumbing to Cuteness Proximity when she meets Chibi. You know it's bad when Issun is the one who's remaining on-topic.
  • Kuni's introduction when he falls flat on his face after jumping off a roof.
  • After Kuni and Chibi manage to get some sake for Susano, when Kuni holds it out towards his dad, he immediately snatches it up. He declares that one shouldn't turn down a drink, at least not from his wife and says he'll just have a sip for now. He starts to chug down at least half of the sake until he passes out and begins snoring.
  • The duo manage to find the wheel used to lift the gate and Kuni proceeds to try and turn the lever. Cut to a montage of him struggling to even make the handle budge.
    • Kuni tries to call it quits and receives a dirty glare from Chibi, accompanied by a red arrow. Kuni immediately says that he was joking.
  • When the two arrive at the demon market, Kuni and Chibi are standing in fear for a moment before their bodies disappear with a wipe and show them hiding behind a nearby pillar.
    • The paper masks make another return.
  • Bullhead insisting he's a carp and not a catfish, despite his appereance and what Nanami and Chibi think.
  • Kurow telling the Scholar Lady that she's "magically delicious", all while rubbing his hands together and spewing hearts.
  • Kagu doesn't want anyone to know of her powers. When Chibi sees her using them, she orders him to not tell anyone, and demonstrates what will happen to him if he does... she will shake him violently.
    • She does the same thing to a stagehand shortly afterward. As she shakes him he claims that he can't even remember his name.
    • A Running Gag with Kagu is that she'll complain and get mad at how Chibi often takes too long in rescuing her when she needs to be saved.
  • After saving the theater, one will be in front of the toilet and complain about how long the person inside is taking. Visit even later, and he will soil himself when you talk to him again.
  • Kurow realizing Chibi wasn't paying attention to his story, so Kurow grabs Chibi's face and makes him shake his head up and down in agreement. He does this about two times, and by the second time, Chibi is shown with Cross-Popping Veins.
  • Kurow meeting the Scholar lady and instantaneously getting a crush on her. Even Chibi is shocked at this sudden development and lowers his head in disapproval.
    • Kurow asks her for her name and she replies, "King Fury". Kurow begins to think that is her name, but she answers that she knew who King Fury was.
  • Kurow declares he would find Ben, and the scholar lady has to quietly correct him saying it was "Gen". Kurow laughs and declares, "Same difference." Chibi shakes his head in despair.
  • Kurow spinning his flute like a helicopter when Chibi tosses him into the air.
  • As the two head for the cave, they come across two soldiers panicking over a fire blocking the gate leading to the cave. What's hilarious is how one of the guards screams, "What in the name of sweet Amaterasu...!"
  • This gem from Gen, upon being given a stone slab with an image of a flying saucer on it.
    Ooh, another dubious contraption! I must work on it before I do anything else!
  • Chibi decides to handle computers by slamming on the keyboard repeatedly all while happily wagging his tail.
    • Know what makes it even funnier? It works!
  • "The password guy came by. He said, 'Now, everyone will know THERE'S A BIG DEMON FACE IN THE WAY!!!!'"
  • Once Kurow has retrieved his wings Witch Queen has spotted Kurow and Chibi, so they immediately run away. Kurow catches sight of a cart and says they'll use it as their getaway, cutting to black. You'd think the next scene would show Kurow pushing the cart and Chibi riding it? No, instead Kurow is riding while Chibi hilariously stands up on his hind-legs to push the cart throughout the rest of the level! The jumps Chibi makes don't lessen the hilarity of their situation.
  • The fact that we learn that Benkei's quest to find the 'Living Sword' was the result of an old sailor essentially trolling him.
  • During the chase sequence with Genji, during one of the moments when he's freaking out, he suddenly pops up at the front of the screen and makes a heart at the player, before running off. Or heck, just Genji in general.
    • And when you finally catch up to Genji and Nanami, you are greeted with the sight of Nanami sitting on Genji's back, wailing away at him with her fists and cursing him for dragging her around the way he did.
  • Take Kagu into Mr. Chic's shop after removing the curse. Examine the front counter, which for some reason has a statue where the cashier should be. Her immediate reaction:
    He turned his wife into a tanuki!!
  • After you (once again) restore all the cherry trees in the Commoner's Quarter of Sei-an City to full bloom, Mr. Blossom will tell you that, "This is either the work of a higher power or that big dog from that one time!"
  • The translation has some... odd wordage at times, which can result in accidental use of Inherently Funny Words. For example, Ryo's bestiary entry describes him as being obsessed with "worldly pelf," and the Gashadokuro as an "osseous acclimation of rage." "Pelf" is an archaic word for "wealth" and "osseous" means "made of bone," so the descriptions are still accurate, albeit strange and silly.
  • Once Otohime is summoned and offers to give Kurow and Chibi a ride to the ocean floor, Kurow breaks in cold sweat all the while trying to look like a big cheese with the excuse of staying behind to search for clues on Akuro on his own, until the Captain of the ship teases him asking if he's afraid of wetting his panties. Just the way Kurow tilts his head towards the Captain after that screams "Wow, dude, that is rude!"


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