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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Issun's Big Damn Heroes moment after Yami electrocutes Amaterasu to near death.
  • The final battle against Yami. You finally regain your former glory, becoming Shiranui, including the awesome wisp things and markings. Even your brush gets a makeover! It just fills you with pride and happiness that you can finally defeat Yami. It also couples with the crowing moment of heartwarming because it turns out Issun hasn't abandoned you. It makes how long the game is even more worthwhile.
    • And this is playing during the fight.
    • Also, if you use specific brush techniques, Queen Himiko, Nagi, the real Rao, and Oki(although he isn't dead) all help you out. Even the dead help you out.
    • A common complaint is that the final boss is entirely too easy, but from a dramatic standpoint it works— from the beginning of the fight Ammy is crippled twice by Yami, seemingly with no one to come to her aid. When all seems lost, it takes the hopes and prayers of everyone Ammy has met and influenced throughout the entire game to get her back to the full strength of a god, something that she was never able to attain in the entirety of the game. She fights against the physical manifestation of darkness armed with the full force of the belief of her beloved people, and she kicks its ass.
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    • Yami gets one when it seems that he's down and out for the count, but in the middle of Amaterasu's victory howl, he gets up, grabs her, and shocks and drains the godly power out of her before transforming into his final form, right before Amaterasu's moment, no less!
  • Think all the bosses (even the Spider Queen) are awesome? Ninetails countered your Celestial Brush, Lechku and Nechku required you to team up with your PAST self and OKI. Oki is a WOLF in this one. Daaang.
  • After receiving Amaterasu's help with cutting off seven of Orochi's heads, just like he'd needed her help to do anything useful throughout the game, Susano tells her that he doesn't need her help for the last one... and proceeds to cleave the final head in half all the way to the base of his neck unaided with his ultimate attack, "Celestial Cleaver" and rescues his girl. Good for him.
    • Even before that, Susano comes and confronts Orochi on his own, and rejects the monster's offer of power. Considering that he spent his time trying to distance himself from his legendary ancestor's reputation, it's a bold step for him. If you mess up your Power Slashes, he always ends up getting attacked by Orochi, tossed around with a black eye and destroyed clothes. Does he back away? Not in a 100 years.
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    • You also get to see his ancestor Nagi in action. Sure, he was just as big of a Butt-Monkey as "Pops", but the constant set-backs didn't deter him from making the same dramatic entry and killing blows on True Orochi.
    • It gets even better in Okamiden. It turns out that Chibiterasu had been helping Susano slash off Orochi's heads too, along with his mother, but he didn't help him deliver the final blow. Later, he goes back 100 years and also helps Nagi slay Orochi, but this time, the game prompts you (as Chibi) to help him deliver the final blow. This means that Susano was able to deliver the final blow to Orochi all on his own, something even his famous ancestor was unable to do (though nobody knows about that, not even Susano himself).
  • A pretty big off-screen one for Susano. Both Ammy and Susano enter the area where Orochi is through the same tunnel. Except, Ammy had to use almost all of her Brush Powers to get through the Moon Cave. Susano's just a guy with a sword, who just happens to be really good with it.
    • On a minor note, at the start of the game, there's a rock behind Susano's house that you would ordinarily need Power Slash 2 for. You can't dent it. But combine your power with Susano's power, and he slices through the thing just as easily as the straw dummies in his yard.
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  • The fight with Nechku. At first, it seems like you're going to take him down, old boss style... but then a familiar theme start to play and Shiranui appears. Nechku attacks Shiranui, who just reflects the projectiles with his own souped-up version of Power Slash. The fight itself is less of a fight and more of a Curbstomp Battle as you watch Shiranui utterly wreck Nechku with his own Celestial Brush techniques.
  • Really, any time Amaterasu uses the Celestial Brush to help somebody accomplish a task that neither of them can do alone. Susano is the biggest instance of receiving that kind of help, but there's also the times when she helps Mr. Orange revive Konohana (the Konohana Shuffle works, just not well enough to fully revive the tree), helping Mr. Cherry purify the trees in the capital city (neither he nor Amaterasu can do it by themselves), helping the dancers in the Dragon Palace reawaken the Mermaid Springs... the fact that Nippon is full of Badass Normals can be easy to overlook at times.

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