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Tiere bis unters Dach (Animals Up To The Rafters) is a German public television series that started in 2010.

Greta Hansen, animal lover and daughter of a veternarian, initially has misgivings when her family moves from the big city of Hamburg to the fictional village of Waldau in the Black Forest. However, she quickly settles in and makes a name for herself rescuing local animals in need.

The show takes an Animal of the Week format, with each episode centering around either an animal in need that Greta decides to save, or a dangerous animal that causes trouble. In season 3, Greta's newly introduced cousin Nellie becomes the new main character. Starting in season 4, there's a bigger focus on multi-episode plot arcs, and the animals often take a backseat to the human driven conflicts.


This Series Provides Examples Of:

  • Cellphones Are Useless: In one episode, Chiara's phone runs out of battery, Celine admits that she's too poor to have a phone, and Greta's phone breaks, all in quick succession. Naturally, they get trapped in an abandoned mine. In a later episode, Kim and Constanze both leave their phones behind when they secretly go out horse riding.
  • Changing of the Guard: Zigzagged. The first two seasons center around Greta , her sister Lilie, and her friends. At the beginning of season 3, Greta realizes that she's gotten too old for adventures, and her younger cousin Nellie moves in and becomes the new main character, while the previous child cast pretty much disappears. In season 4, the now teenaged Greta and Lilie once again become prominent recurring characters, and Greta's old friend Celine also shows up from time to time, though Nellie is still the main character.
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  • Christmas Episode: Subverted at the end of season 5. Christmas preparations are shown in several episodes, but the actual celebration happens entirely offscreen. However, it is followed by a New Year's Eve episode.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Greta and Nellie. Constanze and Kim exploit this to play a prank on Nellie by faking photos of an abused pony.
  • Every Episode Ending: Up until season 6, every episode ended with Greta or Nellie (or in one case Pauline) turning to the camera and smiling, followed by a freeze frame.
  • Free-Range Children: The kids go pretty much anywhere they want in Waldau and the surrounding forests and farms. In one case, they even go over to a neighboring town to investigate a suspected pet-napping ring. The parents never seem to worry except when someone actually ends up in danger.
  • Hair-Trigger Avalanche: In the season 5 finale, an avalanche is triggered by the noise of a gunshot.
  • Little Dead Riding Hood: "Der Wolf kommt" is an episode long homage to Little Red Riding Hood, with Lilie wearing red while walking to school alone through the forest at the same time there's a dangerous wolf on the loose. Naturally they come face to face, but the wolf doesn't attack her.
  • Kid Detective: There are several episodes where the kids went up against actual criminals, as well as one where they snoop around a facility that they mistakenly believe to be kidnapping pets.
  • Parental Abandonment: Jan is placed with a foster family because his father got a job in another city hundreds of miles away and leaves him alone for weeks at a time.
  • Put on a Bus: Annette Hansen has been in Hamburg caring for her mother since the end of season 4. It is later stated that she got into a fight with Phillip, and hence doesn't want to come back.

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