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Chibiterasu is the result of the imbalance of light and darkness.
In Okamiden, some new brush gods are created, and this is explained by that when Yami was defeated, light and darkness became imbalanced and some brush gods were erased, but new ones were created. Since Amaterasu rose to the power of Shiranui during the defeat of Yami, she was impossible to erase, yet a new brush god was still created: Chibiterasu.
  • The New Brush Gods are children of the old ones, but some new ones which have never shown before appears. As for Chibi Ushiwaka may have foreseen the need to send a God to fight out the remnants of Yami's darkness that were unleashed on his defeat, but since Ammy was busy he may have proposed she creates a child of her own and to split her Brush Gods in lite portions for her son to use, while he would work on a Vessel of Light to contain the remnant of darkness.

Shiranui was mistaken for Ninetails.
Ninetails can shapeshift, as seen in the second arc of Okami. It killed Rao and took her form, but only killed her because leaving her alive would ruin its ruse. It's plausible that it would be working with or alongside Orochi to choose the sacrifices. Messing with the Kamiki villager's heads and Shiranui's plans were just an added bonus. It had always been working for Yami, the Ruler of Darkness, but helped Orochi out for kicks since they were both demons.
  • Shiranui just happened to appear whenever a new sacrificial maiden was chosen, which screwed with people's mind and made them believe Shiranui was Orochi's demon sent to check on the sacrificial maiden. So it was just an unfortunate timing of his.

Ammy's "past self" is her future self who has traveled back in time.
Amaterasu has no memories of any of the stuff that "happened" to her past self. And her past self dies; that should've paradoxed out her present self. Since Ammy's still there to finish the game, that wasn't her past self who died. No, the white wolf who makes the Heroic Sacrifice to save the player is Amaterasu from the future, who came to the past to insure that her old self would succeed.
  • Except we knew that Ammy had died in the past right from the beginning, she just Came Back From The Dead.
    • Or Ammy could be Ammy and Shiranui could be Shiranui. A hint for that lies in the fact she was revived from a statue, which was placed in front of Konohana and Izanagi's statue.

Yami ultimately wins at the end
Since Yami is the god of technology, the industrial revolution meant that beings like Ammy will never return to their full power, while Yami will very likely get stronger. However, it may be an example of Dark Is Not Evil, depending on whether one believes the Science Is Bad message at the end is true.
  • Also, the Sequel Hook at the end suggests that Ammy took a UFO with Waka to clean out the Celestial Plain, possibly never to return.
  • Here's how I see it, Yami didn't win, humans moved on to making the technology, eventually creating it without Yami, but Yami didn't get his way, he didn't take over the world, so he tries to manipulate those who have evil in their hearts to misuse technology to try and make a second coming.
    • In fact, it could be the opposite; the destruction of Yami freed technology from his power, leaving it in the hands of humanity for good or ill.

The moral of the game is a caution against overreliance on anything, rather than just Science Is Bad
The Moon People are characterized as a technologically advanced race, yet aren't explicitly identified as villans (Waka's more of a Trickster Mentor at worst, and Kaguya is a textbook Oujo). Their worst act- bringing the youkai to Earth in the first place-happened by accident: Waka forgot to check what was actually ON the Ark before mounting a rescue of the Celestial Plains. For all we know, the Moon People were just going to launch it into the void. Waka's Tao Troopers work to do good in the world, and have no problems using tech to do so (look at all the computers in their base). The old inventor in Seian City tinkering with precursor tech is a perfectly amiable guy; heck, helping him fix the clock tower BOOSTS Amaterasu's holy powers in the form of upgrading her lightning powers. There's just too many examples of good tech users to justify saying that science is completely bad. Just as Issun warns about relying too much on the gods for help, Yami's appearance an almost fetal creature in an unholy mech suit warns about going too far in the opposite direction: becoming too reliant on one's own works and losing faith in spiritual aspects like hope, mercy, and compassion. Unfortunately, the game designers failed to properly clarify this aspect of the aesop.
  • So the game's moral isn't that 'resolve' thing or 'it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, as long as you try'. Wait, that only came up at the very end of the game.
  • Maybe it's warning against the use of Spiral Energy?

The universe is connected to Viewtiful Joe.
After Yami was defeated, technology moved on it's own, he eventually got sealed in a movie, the people who did this thought that movies would never catch on, but when they did, they desperately tried hiding what they now called the "Black Film", which eventually made its way into the hands of Jet Black.

The entire timeline is one big Stable Time Loop.
Building on the 'Shiranui is Ammy's future, not past self' idea at the top of the page, it's completely possible that some time after Amaterasu arrived at the Celestial Plane, at the peak of her power, she went back in time to save herself from the Twin Demons, sustaining a fatal injury while doing so, before using the last of her strength to save Nagi from Orochi. After dying, Amaterasu is turned to stone (In a similar way to how people in the cursed zones do too) and forms the statue that Sakuya brings back to life as the game begins.
  • This Troper wrote the earlier WMG, and this is exactly what he meant.

Okami is actually in an alternate Timeline to the Mega Man series.
Where Waka is actually Zero, and Yami was the final creation of Dr. Wily, well, the mech anyway...

The series takes place in a world where the robots went amuck, but humans survived and decided to revert to the past so nothing like that would ever happen again, but, with Duo, there was proof that there were alien races out there...

  • I'm more of the opinion that the Dr. Light and Dr. Wily are from the Moon Tribe.

Waka can use Brush Techniques.
He cured the tree somewhere, who's to say he doesn't have the ability?
  • He doesn't use them against Ammy, though... probably because he's deliberately holding back against her.
    • Who's to say he knows all of the Brush Techniques? It took Issun his whole life to master Rejuvination, and about a year to "master" Bloom. Waka's lived more than two hundred years, but even he would only be able to master a few Brush Techniques during that time. Plus, some are stronger or more complicated than others.

Ninetails is a Celestial Being in exile.
He's given new power after his constellation is drawn, and is the only boss who can draw on canvas. His brush technique is duplication. He moved the Island by re-drawing it somewhere else on a whim, which is why it was impossible to find. It also explains how he duplicated a copy of Rao to get back the Fox Rods, and why Rao never runs out of prayer slips during the sunken ship. He was banished for being too powerful/malicious, after all, he could duplicate any of the other gods' techniques (including Amaterasu's).

  • Its heavily implied that anyone can use the brush techniques if they practice enough. The only power unique to Ninetails is the cancelling power, the one which nullifies Ammy's attempts to draw on canvas. Therefore, if anything, Ninetails would probably be the Nullification God.

    • Chibi learns this "cancelling" power later on in the game when fighting Akuro...

  • Ninetails tricked Ammy into giving him a bit of her own power, possibly learning from how Himiko tricked Ninetails into consuming the Knowledge Orb, along with her soul, in order to gain enough power to be able to find the Oni Island.

The universe is connected to Persona 4.
Yami is actually another creation/aspect of Izanami like Ameno-sagiri based on the perceived desires of the Moon Tribe and/or humanity.

Okamiden will have a re-telling of the Rabbit of Inaba story
Considering all the references to other Japanese stories in the first game, I'd be shocked and saddened if they didn't.
  • Given, according to the developers, the rabbit was only named Inaba after the director, therefore making the relation to the Hare (yes, hare) of Inaba a fortunate coincidence, I certainly hope the next game involves at least one line of crocodiles over a body of water.

Yami returns in Okamiden as something of a Anti Anti Christ
Specifically, Yami will be encountered by the heroes at some point in his Fishbowl form rather than his Mecha form, weakened from being beaten by Ammy. The heroes not recognizing Yami for what it is, they take it in as a sort of Team Pet. After bonding with it, the revelation of their fishy being the God of Darkness will come, leading to a sad moment for both the heroes and Yami, who by this point will have become part of a Nakama and actually doesn't want to destroy the world, but ultimately You Can't Fight Fate and once again might end up becoming the Final Boss (or perhaps helping out in the end in a sort of Yin-Yang Bomb with Chibi).

Okami is a retelling of Humanities' first contact with Chaos from Warhammer 40000
Basically the Ark of Yamato was an interstellar cargo-ship carrying a Chaos artifact (Yami), and upon landing on Earth the artifact opened a portal to the warp and released various demons onto Earth. Eventually they were driven back into the warp, and the Chaos artifact was destroyed. The original story changed after centuries of storytelling and The Chaos Gods were replaced by other characters, mainly:
  • Nurgle= Blight (Both have heaps of Body Horror and both spread sickness and infection)
  • Tzeentch= Lord Ninetails (Fit the role of The Chessmaster)
  • Khorne= Crimson Helm (According to Lore, Crimson Helm was born from Orochi's distilled BLOOD, THINK ABOUT IT!)
  • Slaanesh= Spider Queen (The Spider Queen IS based on the Prostitute Spider from Japanese Mythology, other then that I have nothing)

Amaterasu is Haruhi Suzumiya
Eccentric and a Reality Warper. What do you expect?

Chibiterasu will be crowned Emperor
Historically, the Imperial Family of Japan has claimed descent from the goddess Amaterasu, something backed up by Japanese mythology. Plus, the image of a kingdom crowning a puppy as emperor is hilarious.

Yami is still around to this day
You know him as Dr. Keith Fetus.

Issun is a Time Lord
All of those times you fail a timed mission, and then — blink.. back to normal with Issun scolding you for your carelessness? He did it. Issun simply jumps you back in time a few seconds to try again. And how does he carry all those posters and leaflets? Obviously it's because his pockets are bigger on the inside.

Besides, I think Tropers are contractually required to have one of these on every WMG page.

  • He probably got it from Ishaku, who can create cracks in time in Okamiden.

  • Disproved by the end of Okami, where it reveals Issun is telling a story, but he too is prone to mistakes of his own. Who is to say the same does not happen in Okamiden?

Yami is a Reaper
Yami is the Reaper that helped jump-start the technological evolution of mankind, therefore causing the diminishing belief of deities.

Chibiterasu's father is Waka.
At the end of Okami, Waka and Ammy left for the Celestial Plain together, and obviously have history, even though Ammy doesn't remember it due to being reincarnated. It's entirely possible that Ammy could have a human form on the Celestial Plain, and that her memories could return as well. Waka calls her "my dear" and "baby" and waited over 200 years for her to return, which shows he cares about her. Plus, Ammy acted VERY happy to see Waka at the end after his "sacrifice".

So when they return to the Celestial Plain, they get some alone time (*Nudge, nudge, wink wink*) and Ammy ends up pregnant. Then Chibi is born and somehow goes to Earth, where he is forced to assume wolf form (*hasn't played Okamiden, so has no idea why Chibi is on Earth in the first place*). And since Chibi seems more like a young child than a baby, time on the Celestial Plain could possibly pass faster than on Earth. And Chibiterasu might not be his real name, since if this Troper is correct, Chibiterasu is just Issun's name for him, like Shiranui was the villagers' name for past Ammy. And it also seems plausible for Chibi to be only half-god, since not only is he much weaker than Ammy, but he also lacks many of her pretty swirlies.


Plus, even if Chibi's father is officially revealed, I find Okamiden's canon a little iffy, what with the whole "Shiranui was really male and Ammy's father" deal, so this Troper is sticking with Waka as Ammy's baby-daddy since AmmyxWaka is my Okami OTP.

  • Well, Ōkamiden didn't answer much of anything about Chibi's parentage (it did raise those questions about the whole Shiranui/Ammy reincarnation thing, but that's neither here nor there). The only mention given to it is at the beginning, where Issun says something along the lines of, "Wait, you're Ammy's kid!? Then who did she...? Never mind, it's not my business." and then nobody makes anything of it. For the rest of the game. So either Ammy is a Truly Single Parent, or...
  • Ewwwwwwww......
  • It should be noted that in Eastern mythology, like in Japanese/Chinese/Korean myths, interspecies pairings/matings like this are very common, and not stigmatizing or that surprising. Heck, Princess Fuse and the Canine Warriors in the game, are based on the real-life story of Pan Hu the Dog God. In the real myth, the Canine Warriors are her children that she had with her dog husband. The animals in the equation are always not 'just' animals, but at least sentient and special spiritual creatures. Considering Amaterasu is the Sun Goddess and Waka's some kind of advanced alien, it's not really that farfetched and would actually fit the tone of the game.
  • Consider this: in Japanese Myth, Amaterasu was "born" out of Izanagi's left eye when he washed his face to cleanse himself. Susanoo from his nose and Tsukiyomi from his right eye. Who is to say Ammy didn't simply decided to draw herself on a scroll and suddenly the pup jumped out of the scroll?

Chibiterasu's father is Wolf Link from Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess.
I can't be the only one to have thought about this.
  • That would be the talk of Ages for these Seasons.

Compare how the Brush Gods of Okami (especially Chibiterasu from Ōkamiden)) look and QB.
  • Very No.
    • A rogue evil sunovabitch brush god, maybe.
      • Actually, he could be the God of the Moon Tribe. I mean, he is from an Alien Race where they're trying to prevent the heat death of the universe through the energy of humans. Not too far from the Moon Tribe's own methods of getting rid of their demons by putting them on an Ark as a Trojan Gift to the Celestials. Plus, he looks like a bunny so it fits with the whole Moon Rabbit thing.
      • Or he could be Ninetails, seeing as the Japanese name for Ninetails is "Kyubi"...

The Big Bad of the next Okami game will be Amatsu-Mikaboshi.
As god of evil and the stars, Amatsu-Mikaboshi is fundamentally opposed to Amaterasu, who is associated with good and the sun. With the Celestial Plain emptied, Amatsu-Mikaboshi has taken it over with the intent of returning the world back to the primordial darkness. Instead covering the world in darkness like Yami, he intends to destroy it completely.
  • He would also have a brush, with techniques similar to Ammy's but more destructive. For example, his 'wind' brush stroke summons a hurricane, and his 'fireburst' brush stroke creates a volcano.
    • Somewhat Jossed, but Akuro is probably as close as we're gonna get to Amatsu Mikaboshi.
      • The next next game, I meant.
  • I'm pretty sure Yami is supposed to be an Expy of Amatsu-Mikaboshi already. He is considered the Ultimate Evil in both the first game and the sequel after all. However, Yami could be a piece of Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and the theoretical Okami 2 (not Okamiden) could have him as villain after all. Ammy will need a major power boost to face him though.
    • Maybe Chibi will fight along side her and they become a Badass Family?
    • While Yami is a Japanese word, it does not seem to be a kami in of itself. (Similar to Kamehameha being the last king of Hawaii but having unrelated Japanese meanings), Yami might not be related to Amatsu-Mikaboshi but a foreign figure who invaded Amaterasu's realm and was ingrained in Nippon's consciousness. If Yami is what causes Amatsu-Mikaboshi to rise in power then he might also be needed to get Amastu-Mikaboshi under control. Amaterasu has the brush gods and the sun but everything else in the known sea of stars could fall to Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Amaterasu might accidentally revive Yami through his constellation, when trying to work up enough star power to match Amatsu-Mikaboshi's. So she fights Yami and takes his powers the way he tried to take hers. She then vanquishes other evil foreigners that coincidentally match up with Japanese words to stop their wickedness and use their power against Amatsu-Mikaboshi (and unwittingly gain foreign praise).

Yami is an ordinary fish turned vengeful god!
  • For one, Yami appears to be what looks like some sort of fish in a bowl under that huge, mechanical suit. Next, consider that you're only interaction with fish throughout the whole game otherwise is by catching them and selling them to the nearest item shop leaving the shopkeeper to do whatever they may please with them (most likely eat them). You even feed fish to some of the other animals you encounter in the game. Who's to say that fish your feeding to the appropriate animals wasn't originally that whopper you caught and afterwards retrieved Yumigami from? Hell, the brush god of water isn't even a fish. It's a snake!
    • Are you for eel? Can't you t'eel' an 'eel' from a snake?! Okay, I'm done making puns. My theory is that Yami was the Moon Tribe's attempt in creating a God, which went terribly wrong (maybe they made him in the dark side of the Moon?) and then he went Mother Brain on them.

Tama originally was a pirate named Usopp before settling down and changing his name.
Am I the only one who thought they looked and acted exactly the same? They both are obsessed with making fireworks / explosives, they both wear a funky looking hat with goggles, they both are tan... The only difference is the lack of a long nose, but NOBODY in this game seems to have one, sans Susano.

The world of Okami and Okamiden and Asura's Wrath are a part of the same universe
The Moon Tribe are the precursors of the Shinkoku Trastrium civilization, the Demons that Yami let loose on the world are the original Gohma from Asura's Wrath and Chakravartin created both Yami, Akuro, and the demons turned Gohma and ended the reign of the Japanese pantheon with his power, and gave the technology the Moon Tribe left behind to the Shinkoku Race.]]

The reason Ammy only uses two weapons at a time is very simple.
Imagine it like this: She has two weapons, a primary weapon and a sub, along with her brush. Her main weapon is the one she's actually wielding - hence why she throws the reflectors, slashes with the glaives, or whips with the rosaries. The secondary weapon, however, is floating around her and moves to her will, hence why the reflectors act as shields, the glaives have a wider strike, and the rosaries can be shot like bullets. The reason she doesn't have a third is because that spot is reserved for her Brush (in human form, it would be in her off hand).

So technically she could use three weapons at once, but she wouldn't be able to use her Brush powers while doing so. And since her brush powers are her preferred weapon, she wouldn't give that up. (And yes, I did explain it like if she were human. In wolf form, it's simply: Primary = mouth, Sub = floating, brush = tail, hence why she can't use any others).

Ninetails is what happens when one of the Oina Tribe is possessed by a demon.
Both wear masks and can go between their human and canine forms. However, obviously, Ninetails has much more powerful than the average Oina.
  • But he came out of the Ark of Yamato. And instead of possessing, he consumed the life force of his victims (like in one of the many versions of Tamamo-no-Mae) and used spells to change forms. The mask might be just his attempt to mimic the face of Gods.


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