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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • The weird premise alone is funny enough. Well, before the game goes into Cerebus Syndrome, that is.
  • The purification battle music. It's kind of funny and upbeat in a way and it doesn't fit the dark undertone that the game has. The boss battle music on the other hand...
  • For Meta funny, this game has a Wikipedia article. Its description of the Batter's quest to "purify" the Zones links to the Eternal Oblivion page. Talk about a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment...way to snark, Wikipedia.

Zone 0

  • After finishing the puzzles in Zone 0, you end up in a room with... a dish of cat food. The Judge is delighted and starts eating it.
    Judge: crunch nom nom crunch

Zone 1


Zone 2

  • The Judge getting distracted by an advertisement for cat food.
  • The grand prize to the balloon game is a necktie. What's even funnier is that using this "grand prize" you make all Elsens think you're one of them.
    • There's also the balloon game's disclaimer as "not for the faint of heart" due to the loud noises. This gets even better when you win, get back to the lobby, and all the Elsens there are completely losing their shit due to the balloon's popping.
    • Then it gets even more surreal when you consider what may possibly be the Batter's true form.
  • The photos of The Batter riding the rollercoaster. And everyone is fooled by the Photo of Zacharie, even Zacharie himself. That, in turn, manages to convince the workers at the park that you know their boss, and lead you to a place full of unique items if you show them the photo.
    • Batter is also surprisingly adamant about taking the front seat.
    • Funnily enough, if you sell the photos to Zacharie, the Photo of You is only worth 10 Dollars, while the Photo of Zacharie is worth 500.
  • The 'new' rollercoaster in Zone 2... is a bunch of chairs affixed to the ground. And, as paranoid as the Zone 2 Elsens are, they're still scared to death and scream that it's too radical for them.
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  • The Batter's reaction when Japhet reveals that he's been using Valerie's body as a vessel. The Judge is shocked into silence, and the Batter?
    The Batter: Whatever.
  • The Batter can find a book in the library titled "How to become a super combat master of the universe in 5 lessons." It's the only book in the library he won't read, because he doesn't have time for this.
    • There's also a book titled "Explanations." You're only allowed to read the table of contents.
    • Some pages have practically unreadable content. Manage to understand them and you'll learn some lore of the game's world. The odd thing is that, in the original version, one page is actually Mortis Ghost talking nonsense to the reader!
      "[...] bla bla bla, [...] with impact [...] the release at prices of [...] BioShock, it looks terrific. Pandas, horses and other dolphins are really lame animals, don't you think? I think so. Anyways, how are you?"
  • The 'Whale' enemy that randomly appears in Zone 2. No, it's not even a ghost whale. It's a perfectly ordinary one.
    • Doubly so when you consider that you can encounter him in the CELLAR OF THE MALL as well as the OUTSIDE of the library's upper stages.
  • When you buy a book page from an Elsen, he says this:
    "The fear of getting a paper cut is gone...
    I will never fear."
  • In the time based mission in Zone 2, one Elsen tells you that "[he]'ll tell you everything". You get the option to interrogate him about safe codes, and if you choose the last question, you get this gem:
    The Batter: Will there be an OFF sequel?
    Elsen: What... are you talking about?

Zone 3

  • Zacharie's pathetic disguise as The Judge, and The Batter immediately recognizing him. You can tell Zacharie is disappointed.
    Zacharie: Meow.
  • In Zone 3, Zacharie starts throwing exposition at you because he knows you need the info to proceed with the game. The problem is, you had already heard that same explanation a minute ago by accident. His surprised, somewhat frustrated reaction over being cut off is priceless.
  • In the middle of the otherwise horrifying Zone 3, one of the doors you can open has a brick wall behind it. When you revisit that corridor while it's purified, though, you'll find that door to be the only openable one that leads to a bat.
  • After the general horror fest that is Zone 3, you are treated to a chase scene with Enoch... which is accompanied by cheerful, suddenly out of place music.
    • Enoch's battle sprite during this scene just looks so cheerful. And that's not mentioning some of the earlier translation's rather odd choices for words:
      The Batter: This big bacon's beefier than I expected.
    • The updated version is pretty funny, too, because the batter actually curses. After spending the whole game talking like a dramatic preacher, being completely deadpan and stoic, or both, it's oddly funny to hear him just nonchalantly drop this line:
      The Batter: Damn, this lardass is beefier than expected.
  • Inside the furnaces of Zone 3, you get this gem:
    Elsen: Where... did you come from?
    The Batter: I am the Batter, and I jumped down the chimney.
    Elsen: Ah.

The Room and Endings

  • The Batter's opinion on the comic book he finds in Hugo's room. Slightly funnier if you consider the fact that the villain is a baseball player.
  • While the battle with The Queen is nerve-wracking, to say the least (What with lines like "I am gravely disappointed" and "You don't even know his first name") there is one line that stands out.
  • The final battle is nigh. The Judge asks you to abandon the Batter and stand with him. If he succeeds in convincing you, the Batter's plans are shot to shit, and he will waste no time following them into the grave. Everything the Batter stands for hinges on him giving a persuasive argument as to why you should remain on his side. And what great speech does he give you to convince you to see things through to the end?
    The Batter: Don't do that.
  • The secret ending. Which shows an alien spaceship with monkey aliens thanking the player for helping them have a place to build their robot army and combat other aliens]]. It comes completely out of nowhere and is hard not to laugh at.

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