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  • All of Faith and Bigby's interactions are rife with this, which hammers her death home even further.
    • Bigby can give Faith money after his fight with Woodsman. It's the first of the big moral choices in Episode 1, and currently almost 90% of players have emptied their pockets for Faith.
    • "You're not as bad as everyone says you are..."
  • Bigby and Colin's conversation in episode 1 can become this if the player treats him well, showing that the two genuinely are friends, even if Bigby was a bastard to Colin back in the Homeland.
    Bigby: It wasn't murder; I was hungry.
    Colin: Well, I'm hungry now. You don't see me tearing the meat off your bones.
    Bigby: But you would if you could.
    Colin: (pause) Probably.
  • Snow White comforting Toad's son and asking to see his insect collection.
    • And after the scene began looking like Toad was abusing his son, which wouldn't be too hard to believe at this point, it turns out the reason he's being so shifty is because his son would be killed if he talked to Bigby.
  • If you speak calmly to the Woodsman, he admits that he's finally ready to bury the hatchet with Bigby, and says he's tired of fighting. Bigby can agree with him.
    • If you were supportive of Woody throughout the game, he and Bigby smacking around the Jersey Devil can lead to them sharing a smoke and a friendly "See you around."
      • Bigby can even inquire if Woody is going to be OK since the hooker he loved is dead and her family and friends hate him.
  • For all his anger issues and frustration with the establishment, Grendel really does care about his friends. In Episode 2, he's genuinely protective of Holly, and refuses to leave her alone with Bigby, even if it means crossing the guy who utterly demolished him not twelve hours earlier. He doesn't leave the Trip Trap until Holly asks him to go.
  • Bigby can express his relief that Snow is alive. It's awkward yet sweet.
    • And vice versa.
  • In Episode 2, after questioning Toad's son, Bigby can tell him proudly that he did good.
    TJ will remember that.
  • Bigby can stand up for Nerissa, saving her from further abuse at the hands of her boss.
    She will remember that.
  • On a meta-level with the "choices statistics" at the end of Episode 2, very few of the players picked the "asshole choices" (as opposed to episode 1, where some of the choices were more ambiguous). At the time of this writing, the majority of Episode 2 players chose not to torment the suspect (62%), to comfort Crane about Snow's death rather than accuse him of not caring about her (65%), to let Snow come with them to Trip Tap (91%), to not hit Georgie (77%), and to not hit Beast a second time while he was down (81%). It's sort of a "restored my faith in humanity" moment.
    • A little ambiguous with Crane considering his feelings for Snow White.
  • If you bring Snow with you at the Trip Trap, she will comfort Holly about her sister's death and give her her sister's brooch.
  • The beginning of Episode 2 has the moments with Crane which portray him as someone who deep down really did care for Snow White and has a Hidden Heart of Gold ... until you find out that he's linked to the murders, and has a stalker crush on Snow.
  • During the investigation at the Trip Trap (if chosen) during Episode 3, Bigby can use it as an excuse to check up on how Holly and Gren are doing after the Tweedles shot them, having a mild heart-to-heart with a nigh-comatose Holly in which he tells her he wants to see Lily get the justice she deserves. With as much as Holly has been through to that point, it's touching to hear her even say "I'll take it". If the player instead opts to say he's doing it for Faith, she smiles and commends him on being honest with her (since Bigby never met her sister to begin with).
    • Earlier in that same scene, you can also choose to have Bigby drink a toast to Lily and Faith's memory with Grendel and The Woodsman, the former of whom is actually nice to Bigby for a change. Granted, he's mixing alcohol with enchanted painkillers at the time, but still, the mere fact that Gren is willing at all to share a drink with the same guy he was fighting with just two nights ago (and who may or may not have ripped his arm off) speaks volumes in itself.
  • Offering Flycatcher his job at the Woodlands back.
    • On a meta level, over 97 percent of players choosing this option. It's one of the most unanimous decisions in Telltale history.
    • Over 80% chose not to interrupt Snow's eulogy for Lily, too.
    • 85% chose not to send Colin to the Farm (even if it's where he ends up in the comic later on).
    • 98.5% of players as of February 2015 also chose to give TJ's goodbye present to Snow as well. Nobody could be that heartless.
  • The situation itself is far from touchy-feely, but Woody coming to Bigby's aid in his fight against the Jersey Devil, is pretty heartwarming, considering their usual hostility.
  • Bigby's relationship with Colin can be this in Episode 4. He's obviously concerned that Bigby was nearly killed by Bloody Mary, and even after Snow demands he be sent back to the Farm, Bigby can refuse to do so, stating that "he wouldn't do that to his friend."
  • Beast Hulking Out over his wife is heartwarming in its own way, since they're still Happily Married and they both share Undying Loyalty over each other.
  • In game, Tim (of A Christmas Carol fame) thanks Bigby for not calling him "Tiny Tim" (since he's an adult now.)
    • Also, allowing Tim to do his job instead of rushing ahead to confront the Crooked Man.
  • During episode 5 right before Colin is sent to the farm he'll ask Bigby for a smoke. If the player wants to they can give him their whole pack, which is enough to mend their friendship even if Bigby and Colin haven't been getting along too well over the past few episodes. Note that, of course, this scene only happens in the first place if you didn't choose not to send him to the farm in the first place.
  • Vivian's decision to set the girls free from the curse of their ribbons by removing hers, dying in the process. Doubles as a major tearjerker.
  • During The Crooked Man's trial, if you chose mainly "good" options (didn't beat the tar out of Beast and Gren, gave Aunty Greenleaf a job etc), then the citizens rally behind you against him and his manipulations.
    • Should you choose to employ Aunty Greenleaf and imprison the Crooked Man, Bigby will see her in the epilogue, looking actually happy.
  • At the start of the epilogue, Bigby walks past Gren, who is actually happy to see the sheriff for once.
  • Nerissa/Faith telling Bigby that he actually made Fabletown a better place. She does this even if you haven't actually made a lot of "better" choices.
  • A strange one would be if Bigby kills The Crooked Man before the trial, if the player chooses to leave the courtroom then Bigby will call out on all the citizens actions and how they complain to Bigby and Snow despite how much the pair try to help (in his words "we've been through hell trying to keep you all safe and to make you all fucking happy but all you do is complain, so fuck this!"). It's somewhat heartwarming and tearjerking at the same time because he finally stands up for himself and makes his own decision but it's tearjerking for Bigby as this is how the story has effected him.
  • If you manage to play your cards accordingly, Bigby's interactions with children in the game can become this. For example, when TJ has to testify for finding Lily's missing body dumped in the river, you can be very gentle with him, and tell him proudly at the end that he did good, which is then prompted by a message saying "TJ will remember that". Or when meeting Rachel, you can try to make her comfortable by playfully teasing her, and she will do it back. Tease. The. Big. Bad. Wolf. Yep, gives you all the right fuzzies.

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