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Heartwarming / Blue Dragon

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  • After Jiro is reunited with his parents near the end of Disc 1, he notices their bandaged hands. His father tells the story of how they began to dig into the earth where he disappeared, fearing he'd been buried alive. When their tools broke, they resorted to digging with their bare hands. Jiro's moved to tears from this.

  • During the section at the end of Disc 2 with Kluke wearing the electric collar, if you take too long and let the timer run out, a secret cutscene will play where the group realizes the collar is about to go off, and Kluke will run off in a attempt to save the others from the explosion. However, Shu will have none of it, and he runs after her and stops her, telling her he'll be with her until the end. Guy's willing to die just so she won't be alone when it happens. Luckily, the collar doesn't actually explode, but Shu was willing to die with her just so she didn't have to be alone. Though she won't able to use magic for the next while...

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