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Video Games

  • After Jiro is reunited with his parents near the end of Disc 1, he notices their bandaged hands. His father tells the story of how they began to dig into the earth where he disappeared, fearing he'd been buried alive. When their tools broke, they resorted to digging with their bare hands. Jiro's moved to tears from this.
  • During the section at the end of Disc 2 with Kluke wearing the electric collar, if you take too long and let the timer run out, a secret cutscene will play where the group realizes the collar is about to go off, and Kluke will run off in a attempt to save the others from the explosion. However, Shu will have none of it, and he runs after her and stops her, telling her he'll be with her until the end. Guy's willing to die just so she won't be alone when it happens. Luckily, the collar doesn't actually explode, but Shu was willing to die with her just so she didn't have to be alone. Though she won't able to use magic for the next while...

Anime Series

  • Episode 2, Kluke is nothing but supportive of Shu throughout the episode. So, when he Zola and Jiro prepare to leave the village. The next morning, Kluke happily decides to tag along.
  • Episode 4, once they realize their interrogation of Marumaro is getting them nowhere. While the kids want to do something nasty to him, for his rude behavior. Zola simply smiles and cuts the ropes holding the little Devee, allowing him to leave.
  • Episode 6, when Shu and the other companions are sitting around talking about Bouquet (who happens to be invisibly spying on the group so she can learn how to repay their previous kindness towards her). Zola seems to at least pick up on Bouquet's presence. At one point, she even appears to be trying to help Bouquet. When she asks Shu what Bouquet could do to repay him.
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  • Episode 8, Shu and company gain audience with the King of Jibral after the defeat of Salinas. While very different from the game, the anime's version of King Jibral is a Reasonable Authority Figure. Even granting all of the kid's more ridiculous requests as a reward for their help.
    King Jibral: I've heard all about your impressive accomplishments. And I would like to thank you for restoring normalcy to our land. You've brought a sense of safety to our citizens. On behalf of my people, I extend my gratitude to you.
  • Episode 9, after Shu and company set sail, they discover Bouquet had secretly boarded the ship. Then Kluke and Bouquet get into an argument on whether or not Bouquet should be aloud to stay or not. Later, after helping to defeat the seal-like monster that tried to kill Kluke. Bouquet is officially welcomed into the group.
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  • Episode 10, a minor moment. Kluke taking the time to thank Minotaur for helping her get across the the vast ravine.
  • Episode 11, Blue Dragon reassuring Shu after General Logi claims that he and his shadow don't trust each other.
    Blue Dragon: Just believe! Whatever happens, believe in yourself Shu!
  • Episode 12, while still looking for the group. Shu runs into a mysterious man with a motorcycle who saves him from an ambush by Schneider. The two become friends. Though the man leaves soon after their meeting. As it turns out, the man is actually, Lt. Dragnov of Gran Kingdom. Who, being an honorable man, interfered with Schneider's ambush on the ground that it was not an honorable tactic. Later Shu meets up with Lt. Dragnov again, during a battle. Soon Shu and the lieutenant release their Shadows and fight. But just as Shu and Dragnov's shadow's are locked in battle. Schneider uses his own shadow to snipe Dragonov, killing him. While also a massive Tear Jerker, the fact that even as he lay dying, Dragnov told Shu not to be sad, because death was something all warriors knowingly face was very moving.
    Dragonov: No crying now. We're in battle. Sometimes warriors get hurt, okay?
    Shu: Right sir! In battle, no crying!
  • Episode 14, the reason Kluke is able to awaken her own shadow powers? She wanted to protect Zola from Nene and his shadow, Chimera.
  • Episode 15, Kluke finally awaking from her coma near the end of the episode.
  • Episode 16, Shu summoning Blue Dragon to get some answers. While also trying to befriend the grumpy shadow-beast. Though that goes... about as well as can be expected.
    • Shu's explanation to Zola, after she tries to scold him for fighting the Gran Kingdom forces attack Logic city. Revealing to the enemy that he and the others are still alive.
    Shu: I have to fight! What good's the power, if I can't use it to help people!?
  • Episode 17, Shu giving all the money he'd earned from killing the Gigarex, to the orphan's he'd seen previously in the episode.
  • Episode 19, after a few episodes of being unable to summon Phoenix. Mostly due to her lack of confidence. The episode ends with Kluke regaining her Shadow and her faith in herself.
  • Episode 24, the Captain of the Norg proving himself to be a true Father to His Men. First, by rushing to rescue his men from the Obacks nest. He even goes so far as to try and dissuade Homeron from helping him.
    Norg Captain: Alright Homeron, your free to go now.
    Homeron: What do you mean?
    Norg Captain: I'm going to save them no matter what it takes. I can't ask you to take this risk.
    Homeron: Hey, I've come this far, haven't I?
    Norg Captain: And I thank you, but you have friends that are counting on you too, isn't that right?
    Norg Captain: Yes.
    Homeron: It's okay, we each have our loyalties and I get that. Good luck, friend.
    • Homeron however, argues that it wouldn't be right to leave the captain to face the Obacks alone.
    Homeron: Wait, my friends need me. But Shu would never forgive me if I abandoned you.
  • Episode 26, a moment for Logi of all people. Upon hearing that Bishop, Todd, and even Cynthia have fallen. Instead of deriding them for not retreating when told, as his advisor does. Logi instead argues that they should all be commended for fighting so bravely till the very end.

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