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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When exploring the ocean floor, you'll come across a small robot trapped under some fallen rocks. Free it and it'll fly off happily, and later will follow you around and help you open doors that have rusted shut.
    • Not quite as heartwarming at Delta, when you have to gain a Tool Chip by killing either your robot buddy or another nearby robot; killing the latter causes the cute little robot to become afraid of you.
  • During the descent near the end, after having abandoned or shut down Alpha!Simon, Catherine talks about her childhood in Taipei, namely going onto the roof of her apartment building and feeling "connected to the world in a way I never had before".
    • And when Simon points out that he would still be alone while inside the ARK, Catherine replies that, even if the others didn't accept the time-traveler, "you'd still have me."
  • Simon and Catherine successfully upload their scans onto the ARK and launch it into space, meaning that, though there are no longer any organic humans on Earth, humanity may still have a future. In The Stinger, you play as the final copy of Simon waking up in the paradise of the ARK. He explores it a little, takes a brief questionnaire, and reunites with Catherine with the backdrop of a massive, futuristic city filled with humans behind them. Finally we see the satellite floating in space, drifting away from the destroyed remains of Earth. It's a tenderly hopeful scene that ends the game on a mostly optimistic note, especially when compared to the pre-credits scene.
    • A meta version is available, since the survey is the same as the one you can take shortly after hearing about the Ark for the first time. Various Lets-players are always negative in the first time they take the survey, but are much more positive after they Earn Their Happy Ending. On the opposite side, giving the same answers for both instances of the survey unlocks part of a password to a special folder in the game files.
  • Sarah safeguarding the ARK, holding out stubbornly in the vain hope someone might still find her and help her launch the ARK into space. She's barely clinging to life, a frail and withered husk of a once healthy, vigorous and rather attractive lady, but she's as determined to guard the ARK as ever, even initially greeting Simon with stern suspicion over his intentions. If the player chooses to help Sarah end her suffering, she doesn't hide getting slightly sentimental afterward. Reminescenting about her early days in her native Greenland, about how heartbroken she is over the loss of her colleagues and never being able to die at home among friends, or self-deprecatingly noting how she didn't even live to thirty... She even thanks Simon for his earlier compliment about her life being as precious as anyone else's, clearly touched by his words. All of this, even though they've known each other only for a few minutes. The entire situation is a huge downer and another narrative gut punch to the player, with Sarah's remark about her age being doubly scary to Simon, also in his late 20s while he was still fully human. Despite this depressing context, the compassion shown by both characters eases it considerably, and makes it one of the gentlest and most memorable scenes in a thematically very dark game.
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  • One of the live action promos consists mostly of Imogen crying while looking at something off screen, while whale song can be heard in the background. She's called away to something, and we get a shot showing what she was looking at. Two whales pressed against each other in the middle of their underwater complex, looking like loved ones embracing.
  • Outside Theta, there's a data buffer available that contains John Strohmeier's speech regarding the ARK Project and Sarang's Continuity theory. It's partly funny, and the delivery makes it a little less sweet, but a few lines in particular can really make one's heart melt.
    Strohmeier: For the fucking love of God or whatever you think is important, don't kill yourself. This place is miserable enough — don't force your friends to clean up your blood. Rest in peace, all of you.

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