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Heartwarming / Love and War

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As its name would suggest, Love and War is often about love, so expect quite a few of these.

Part One:

  • Though Ryan is a little embarrassed by her demonstrativeness, it's hard not to sympathize with Sheila Eramond's pride at the fine young man her son has become.
  • Ryan's joy at hearing that Henrik has made it into King's College definitely counts, especially when the two realize that they will truly miss each other once he's gone. Of course, by the end of the story, Ryan feels betrayed by Henrik's actions during their final battle with Kodenai, and they haven't made it up as of Act II.
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  • Lavie's teddy bear, which she treasures because Ryan won it in a shooting contest when they were kids, and gave it to her.
  • During Lavie and Ryan's quest at Glendale, after the boss battle, Lavie is badly shaken and on the verge of hysteria. Ryan then has the chance to either be gentle with her, or to take a "motivational speaker" approach and snap her out of it. Both of these are quite a refreshing change from Ryan's generally dismissive manner towards Lavie, especially the former:
    Ryan: "You know I'd never let anything happen to my one and only deputy, right?"
    (Cue artwork of a beaming and blushing Lavie.)
  • The entire encounter between Lavie and her grandmother, especially the gift Lavie receives - her late grandfather's cufflinks, a prized family heirloom - from her just at the end.
    Anne Lancaster: "When the time comes, Lavie... give them to the man you're going to marry."
    Lavie: (blushing) "..Thank you."
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  • Though we only learn of it from Anne Lancaster's memories, the romance between Lavie's grandparents is equally heartwarming, in an old-fashioned way.
    Anne Lancaster: "He's still with me, watching over me and protecting me."

Part Two:


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